How to make bracelets from beads yourself

Perhaps, such an accessory, as a bracelet, isThe most universal of all ornaments created from beads. Rings are too miniature, and beginners often find it difficult to cope with them. Necklaces and pendants require experience and at least minimal skills in beading. But bracelets from beads, with their own hands weave which is quite simple - this is just what the beginners need to learn different techniques.

how to make bracelets from beads

Peculiarities of weaving bracelets

In the creation of the bracelet the main is some kind ofone main repeating motif. In a parallel weaving, it can be a flower, a circle, a rhombus. The right color solution enriches the product even with the most basic technique. Let us consider in more detail how to make bracelets from beads.

beaded bracelets with your own hands

The technique of "plait"

The essence of "braids" is that 9 threads,on which the beads are strung, to unite in one harmonious pattern and to receive a beautiful product. Before weaving a bracelet from beads, it is necessary to stock up a thin, but strong fishing line or a special wire; beads (for the first time it is desirable that they are the same size); according to the map of the combination of colors to choose the desired range.

how to weave bracelet from beads

Process description

  1. Take 9 pieces of wire (approximately 40 cm, the length can be adjusted in the course of work, focusing on the size of the wrist).
  2. Attach the edges of all threads with one knot.
  3. It will be convenient to work with this blank further,if you attach it to some basis with a regular pin. For example, pin to a pillow or a special board for needlework. This technique is very practical in all cases, because you can make bracelets from beads for a long time. It is convenient if it can be left in a fixed form during a break.
  4. For each three strings we sew beads of the same color. For example: on the first three threads we put on green beads; further - yellow; on the last - blue. In the end do not forget to fix them with knots, so that the product does not fall apart.
    parallel weaving technique
  5. The most important stage is braiding the braids from the workpiece. The braid should be dense, threads - distributed straight and evenly. In the end, attach the accessories.

How to make bracelets from beads, using the technique of parallel weaving

This is a very common method of weaving. The first, from which begin to master more complex variants after a single thread. The process of weaving such jewelry is not so complicated, but very exciting.

Description of the main actions

Choose 3 colors for the product. For example, red, yellow and black. And also prepare a wire, a fishing line or a strong nylon thread.

So, weaving:

  1. In the first row there is one black bead.
  2. In the second row there are two red beads.
  3. In the third - three beads together: red around the edges, in the middle - yellow.
  4. In the fourth - again 2 red.
  5. In the fifth row - one bead - black.
    braiding technology

Flower set

As a result, you should have one itemin the form of a flower. Of the many such repeating one after another, leitmotifs create a bracelet of the right length. Moreover, in this technique, you can create and decoration around your neck. Get a great set. Knowing how to make bracelets from beads, dare and decorate yourself with bright colors!

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