Knitting pattern of stitched knitting needles with explanations and notation

Palatine is a kind of cloak covering the back andshoulders. The length of the tippet varies from 1.5 to 2.5 m. Such a scarf can completely cover the shoulders and back or, if the length allows, several times turns around the body. Hand knitting of stoles with knitting needles, the scheme and description of which is carefully disassembled, is an exciting lesson for a knitter.

Palette «Openwork»

The knitting pattern of the tippet with knitting needles is simple and understandable. The pattern is formed due to the alternation of simple loops - facial, purl, nakida, tied loops together. The pattern is formed from a small rapport, which is convenient for calculating the width of the stole. To make it bigger, repeating repeats (10-15) is repeated, a narrower scarf is obtained by applying up to 10 rapports in knitting.


  • l.p. - the front loop;
  • i.p. - reverse loop;
  • n. - nakid;
  • 3 vm. - The three loops are tied together with a face loop with a slope to the left.

The last form is knitted like this: one loop is removed unrooted, the next two are tied together for the front walls. Then stretch the formed loop through the removed.

Knitting Pattern Knitting Pattern

The loops in the asterisks make up the rapport of 6 loops.

Description order:

  • 1 - edge, * 3 hp, н., 3 вм., Н. *, Ип ;;
  • 2 - all the loops are purl;
  • 3 - edge, * н., 3 вм., Н., 3 л.п., н., 3 вм., Н. *, Ип ;;
  • 4 - all purl.

Tippet "Aerial"

This is an interesting knitting scheme for stoles with knitting needles andeasy enough. The scarf, connected by this pattern, turns out to be gentle and airy. For knitting it is recommended to choose mohair, thin wool or angora. Fluffy thread perfectly fits this pattern - it will create the impression of frosty frost on the branches of trees. The work is strictly according to the drawing. The knitting pattern of the tippet with knitting needles is quite laborious. If you follow the pattern correctly, you will have a beautiful, gentle pattern.

knitting stitching patterns and description


  • vertical dash - front loop;
  • horizontal dash - purl;
  • the letter "l" with a plate to the left - 2 loops, tied together with a face loop with a slope to the left;
  • the letter "l" with a plate to the right - 2 loops, tied together by a face loop with a slope to the right side;
  • circumference - crocheted.

Tippet "Light"

Unusual air circuitry of knitting stitchesknitting needles to learn the pattern of "leaves". This pattern is excellent for knitting light and delicate items - scarves, capes, blouses for the warm season. The pattern is gentle, airy. A large number of mantles, which alternate with the loops of the front and back mating, form a weave of symbolic leaves on the branches of the yarn. This pattern looks good in performance from cotton yarn or kidmohera. These yarns are elastic and are well suited for knitting an openwork stole.


  • horizontal line - reverse loop;
  • circumference - cape;
  • "Bird" - edge loop;
  • inclined letter "l" with a dash on the right side - reduction of one loop by tying 2 loops along with a slope to the right side;
  • a bundle of 3 sticks directed downwards - reduction of 2 loops, while 3 loops are simultaneously fastened together with the front;
  • a wide bird - the reduction of 2 loops, is tied 3 together by a loop of the wrong side.

knitting with knitting needles and shawls

Knitting with knitting needles of shawls and stoles, whose patternsdescribed above, is not difficult. However, beginners knitters are not recommended to immediately take on complex patterns. First you can practice knitting large items on simple schemes. The pattern "putank" is good: the first row is tied by alternating the front and back loops, the purse is sewn exactly the way - where the front one is knit the purl, where the purl is the front one.

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