Pearl pattern. Knitting needles to knit a beautiful pattern

One of the most popular knitters patterns,performed by knitting needles, is "pearl". The structure of the canvas, designed by him, resembles small pebbles, which explains, in fact, the origin of his name. Many needlewomen learn this pattern by other names - "rice", "putank 1x1". In this article, we will discuss ways to knit such a pattern, let's talk about which products can apply this motif.

pearl pattern knitting

Learning to knit a pearl pattern with knitting needles (small pebbles)

For a sample of this pattern, type an even number of loops on the spokes. We knit a small pearl pattern with knitting needles as described.

1 row. Remove the first edge loop. Then knit like this: 1 face loop, 1 purl. Repeat this sequence until the end of the series. The last loop in all rows is made by purl. This contributes to the fact that the edge of the product will be even.

2 row. Remove the edge loop. Next, knit over the front purl, and over the purl - facial. Carry out in this order until the end of the row.

3 row and all the odd knit as the 1st, and all pairs of rows follow the description of the 2nd row.

The name is the same, the effect is different. Option number 2

From the following description, you will learn how to performa large pearl pattern with knitting needles. The canvas, designed by him, has a more pronounced structure, knitted "pebbles" are oblong. You can make sure of this yourself by looking at the photo.

large pearl pattern with knitting needles

We type the loops on the knitting needles and knit the first row oninstructions. The description uses the notation "asterisks" (*). This means that the sequence of execution of the loops, which is indicated between these icons, should be repeated to the end of the series. So, we learn to knit a pearl pattern with knitting needles (large).

1 row: edge (remove), * 1 eyelet, 1 purl *.

2 row: edge, * the front loop knits, over the purl - the purl. While the picture looks like an elastic 1x1. Next comes the change.

3 row: Edge, * over the front loop is performed the back, over the back of the front *. The telescope shifts with respect to the previous row.

4 row: edge, * the front loop knits, and the purl over the purl. In the next row, the pattern repeats from the 1st row.

Pearl (semi-English) elastic: beautiful and original

This version of the pattern is used to design cuffs on products. This elastic looks interesting and elegant. How to tie a pearl pattern with spokes of this species? Study the description.

To complete the sample, dial 10 loops.

1 row: edge, * 1 front, 1 purl *, make the last loop purl.

2 row: edge, * the wrong loop of the previous row, remove not tied, making over it a napkin, the next loop (front) tie the front *.

3 row: edge, face hinges perform facial, tying them together with the tops of the previous row. Remove the original loops without tying them, while doing the outfits.

All the even rows are knitted according to the description of the 2nd row, and the odd ones are the same as the 3rd row.

how to knit a pearl pattern with knitting needles

Where to apply?

You learned three ways of how to knit a pearlpattern knitting. The canvases made by these drawings have a smooth and dense structure. "Rice", he is "braid", he is also a "pearl", looks good in such products as sweaters, sweaters, scarves, hats, coats. Whatever thing you knit, this pattern will give it extra beauty and originality.

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