Wrong loop in knitting with knitting needles

Knitting with knitting needles is old and longalready widespread type of needlework. Products connected with their own hands, have always been relevant. With the help of knitting needles, it is possible to knit items for children's, women's and men's wardrobes. Such clothes have a unique and original appearance. Now knitting is more important than ever, and again has become fashionable. They are engaged not only grandmothers and mature women, but also very young people who are still learning about the technique of knitting and how to master it.


You can learn to knit even yourself whenhelp special literature, which is actually purchased in an ordinary bookstore. The basis of knitting is the front loop and the back loop, with the help of which it becomes possible to create even the most intricate and complex patterns. Show maximum patience and perseverance, and then you can master all the subtleties of hand knitting.

Traditional purl loop

Known for all knittersThe traditional purl loop has its meaning in the following operations. First remove the edge loop, and place the main working thread in front of the left knitting needle on top of your index finger. The right one, enter the very first loop from right to left. Capture the main working thread, thread the thread and pull it into the loop. Your purl loop is ready. The most spectacular patterns that can be obtained when knitting with a purl loop, is a pearl pattern, a handkerchief pattern, a purlinae. You will have to use the technique of loosing the wrong loops all the time. Virtually no pattern can not do without them, because they are present in the most simple and complex patterns at the same time.

Wrong crossed loop

back crossed loop

Another kind of loop is the reverse crosseda loop. It is also necessary to learn how to knit to master this technique of needlework. We take and on the left spoke we start working thread. The right needle is introduced smoothly from the left to the right. We try to grab the working thread firmly with a neat movement in the direction from us and pull out a new loop. If we knit the wrong crossed hinges, in this case all facial loops must also be crossed with crossed loops.

About Knitting

knitting technique

When you master the basics of knitting, a purl loopand facial will always be used by you to create wonderful woolen and cotton products. After all, you can connect not only the outer clothing, but even the summer bathing suits for women and girls. This is especially fashionable this season. Leaving a swimsuit does not take much time, and the effect will be simply stunning: the increased attention of others around you is assured. Such a swimsuit can be decorated with hand embroidery or thermal applique.

Very important are knitted products madewith their own hands, for preschool children. Soft wool booties are convenient for kids. In the patterns of such products, the back loop is especially relevant. With her help, many children's things are knit from wool, mixed threads or natural cotton yarn.

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