How to make crafts for dolls "Monster High" with their own hands?

Recently, dolls "Monster High" stand out among toys for girls. These characters are also heroes of a whole series of books, cartoons that are so popular among girls all over the world.

Like any other doll, these also needthat they had their own house, their own room, their own furniture. We will try to make crafts for dolls. A photo of different things is presented below. There are many variants of similar products. We chose a few.


So, how to make crafts for dolls? Like any doll, "Monster High" has many outfits. Therefore, you simply need a wardrobe. To produce it you will need:

  • white cardboard - 1 sheet;
  • colored paper (red and black) - 2 sheets;
  • drawing accessories;
  • scissors;
  • glue.

On a sheet of cardboard we measure 2 cm above and below,We draw a line, on it we lay off 6 cm on each side, we also draw lines. Through vertical lines from the top we draw a line at a distance of 4 cm. On it from the center to the edges we lay 3 cm.

Crafts for dolls Monster High himself

Then connect this point to the bottom and top points on this vertical line. We erase all the auxiliary strokes on the sides, we plan the places for gluing the shelves and the strip for gluing.

Now we'll prepare the cabinet doors. To do this, draw a hexagon similar to the first. The bands for gluing will be only on the side. Then divide the hexagon in half. Next, draw the sides, the upper part of the cabinet and the bottom also with the gluing strips. It remains to cut the details along the planned lines and glue.

Before you glue the doors, you must first"set" shelves. On the doors we fix two ribbons, which will act as a lock. Now the cabinet needs to be decorated: inside it is glued with black paper, and outside - with red paper.

If desired, you can use stickers onwhich depicts the characters of the cartoon, or make their own drawings. Here is the wardrobe for the "Monster High" doll. Crafts, photos of which can be seen in our article, are very diverse. Therefore, we will not limit ourselves to only a wardrobe.

handmade dolls pictures

High chair

How to create handmade items for the "Monster High" dolls? Let's look at the example of a highchair. Now we'll make it for the doll. For its manufacture it is necessary to prepare:

  • sticks of ice cream;
  • a piece of wood;
  • sticks for legs and back;
  • joiner's and drawing accessories.

It will also require white paint and a sticker "Black Rose".

Sandpaper, we grind a piece of wood. Next, note the holes for the legs and insert the sticks, pretreating them with a nest. On the other hand, we make two holes for the backrest, insert the sticks from the ice cream, glue it. We paint a chair with white paint, and when it dries, stick a rose.

dolls monster hai crafts photo


What else can you make crafts for dolls "Monster High" with their own hands? Now we will make a bed and bed linen.

For the craft we prepare:

  • fabric (black and pink);
  • black lace;
  • black beads;
  • sintepon;
  • cardboard;
  • a cardboard box;
  • sewing accessories.

First of the cardboard we cut out the workpiece for the back, we tighten it with a pink cloth, we decorate it with beads. Now we will make a pillow: we sew from a pink fabric a pillowcase, we fill with a sintepon, we sew.

We proceed to make the bed: we wrap the box with a pink cloth. Then on the sides we sew lace, top is stuffed with a little sintepon. After we pull the fabric from below, fix it, attach the backrest.

From pink fabric we sew a veil, we fill it with a little sintepon, we sew it up, we adorn it with lace at our discretion. The sleeping place for the toy is ready.

how to make crafts for dolls


What else can you do handmade items for the "Monster High" dolls? For example, an armchair. For work we take:

  • fleece in different colors;
  • sintepon;
  • thread;
  • cardboard;
  • sewing accessories;
  • glue;
  • plastic ball;
  • white beads.

First, the ball is divided into two parts. We take one part, put the sintepon inside. At the top we cover with green cloth, inside - pink. The junction site is decorated with beads. From the cardboard we cut out a circle, we tighten it with a green cloth, we adorn the edge with a green thread. We connect parts of the chair, decorate the place of the joint.

That's all, crafts for dolls "Monster High" with their own hands are ready. You can use them during games with friends.


Now you know how to make crafts for dolls,photo of some of the items we provided to you. Such products, collected from improvised funds with their own hands, are very popular. The connection of these dolls with the other world requires the appropriate design of everything that is associated with them. Therefore, all crafts will be quite real, if you decorate them with small skulls, coffins, black roses.

"School of monsters," so translates the name of the dolls,will allow the child to plunge into the world of good "horror films", where mysticism rules and a certain mystery. This is a new modern world of a child of the 21st century. The characters of this school are eccentric and have many admirers. With them the child embarks on incredible, mystical journeys. In addition, the external pallor and quirkiness does not detract from the kindness and compassion of these characters. Therefore, these dolls are in great demand among girls.

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