Nail painting for beginners: creating unique "paintings" on their hands

Art nails painting is one of thethe most fashionable and rapidly developing types of aesthetic cosmetology. That, in general, is not surprising, because well-groomed nails, decorated with an unusual pattern, perfectly complement the image of any modern fashionista.

To maintain an excellent appearanceIt is necessary to resort periodically to the services of professionals. But, unfortunately, not every woman can afford to visit a beauty salon every week. Lack of financial means, free time or just a desire to take care of yourself compels lovely ladies to learn and comprehend nails painting for beginners.

Benefit, modern materials and technologiesoffer a fairly wide range of ways to decorate the nails. One of the most popular and simplest types of nail art is painting a nail needle. This technique is based on stretching the lacquer, so that you get unusual and very beautiful patterns.

To create a nail painting for beginners withUsing needles, you do not need to own any special drawing techniques or have on hand professional tools and special equipment. Only a few contrasting varnishes, an ordinary needle and a creative approach to work will be needed.

Before you start creating a picture, you should bringThe nails are in order: file, give the desired shape, and remove the cuticle. You can pamper the handles of the bath with flavored oils. Just remember that you can saw and cut only dry nails, but to remove the cuticle better after the skin is properly steam. When all the care procedures have been completed, the nail plates should be degreased - wiped with a cotton swab dipped in a liquid to remove varnish. This is necessary in order to lacquer lay down more smoothly, not "bubbled" and in the future kept.

Nail painting for beginners with a needleit is recommended to start with the use of a minimum number of varnishes. It is important to choose for the picture contrasting shades, for example, such as red, white and black. Initially, the nail is covered with the main color, then immediately additional points are added pointwise (one on top of the other). After that, the points are stretched by a needle. It is very important to perform all the actions as soon as possible, not letting the paint dry, since the pattern can only come out on the "wet" surface. Also, do not be afraid to apply large drops of lacquer. Than the points will be "fatter", the transition from color to color will turn out more beautiful and smooth.

Another, no less interesting and nice techniquenail art is a watercolor painting of nails. To create it, you need brushes, a few varnishes and ordinary water colors. To create a beautiful drawing, you should first practice a little on paper. After the colors are picked up and the pattern is honed, you can safely proceed to create small pictures on the nails. Drawings can be any - from the simplest abstractions to complex landscape elements. The complexity of the pattern depends solely on the imagination and skill of its author.

Nail painting for beginners in watercolorit is necessary to begin with the application of the main varnish. Only after it has dried, you can start creating a pattern. Since the watercolor paint is water-soluble, ready-made drawings will need to be covered with a special fixing agent or with a conventional clear varnish.

Also girls who are just beginning to comprehendthe art of decorating nails, you should pay attention to dry glitter or colored sand. Design using these tools is performed as follows: a certain area of ​​the nail is covered with a colorless varnish, then glitters or sand are applied, surpluses are removed, the edges of the pattern are trimmed and then everything is covered with a fixing agent. Most often, for the creation of such a nail art, geometric figures (strips, triangles, circles) are taken as a basis.

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