A few tips on how to make a doll house for yourself

Modern children do not suffer from lacktoys. The boys are full of robots and machines, and the girls have all kinds of dolls and, of course, all the accessories and clothes that are attached to them. But all these toys need to be kept somewhere. Keep them in a box, of course, uncomfortable. And this is where the problems begin: for a doll, a dwelling is needed. And since this pleasure is very expensive, many parents of girls are wondering how to make a doll house for themselves.

how to make a doll house for yourself


First and foremost, it is important to consider, from whatmaterial will be manufactured in the future structure. The best option - to build a house for dolls of cardboard and plywood. This is simple, and most acceptable on money. To think out a heavier design simply does not make sense, because she will be in the girl's room, and there rarely is much free space for such a voluminous toy.


Understanding how to make a house for dolls hishands, it is worthwhile to think about the height of the structure. One-story house is not very practical and convenient, because there is not much room for it. And the dolls need a bedroom, and a hall, and a bathroom, and a wardrobe, and sometimes even an attic. Ideal is the option of a three-story house - there will certainly fit everything, for which only the imagination will suffice.

game houses for dolls


Thinking over how to make a doll househands, it is important not to forget about the windows and doors. A variant is possible, when the house looks as if in a section, then the openings can be quite small, because the dolls will not need to pass through them. Other situation, if the house is a small copy of this building: it has four walls and a roof. In this case, the dolls have to "make their way" through the doors, so it's best to make them the appropriate size.

Interior finish

Solving the question "how to make a doll househands ", it is very important to think about everything to the smallest detail so that it can look like a real one.In addition to furniture, which will be discussed a little later, you can make a staircase for climbing to the second or third floor, a fireplace, balcony, standing on which the doll can listen to the serenaded beloved.

a house for dolls from cardboard


Playhouses for dolls should also befilled with different household utensils. Buy the entire interior will be simply uninteresting, it's another thing - do it yourself. So, a doll's sofa or a bed can be built from a usual kitchen sponge, covered with a cloth. Cabinet and chest of drawers - from matchboxes. You can make several floors, which will store books or various trivia. Hang the curtains on the windows. Decorate the room is also a picture - clippings from magazines or postcards. As an TV, the old rectangular alarm clock fits well, the torch will be a voluntar, covered with a cloth. If you try, you can also make a few pots with flowers, for which the doll will look after. Chairs can be bought (such furniture is not too expensive), but if you decide to do everything yourself, you can use a designer or matchboxes, a bit of foam rubber and beautiful pieces of fabric to cover chairs or padded stools. Bathroom design is also quite simple: here as a building material suitable plastic boxes. Use a foil for the mirror. In general, if you connect the imagination, you can come up with a lot of different options for decoration and decoration of this house.

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