How to make a bouquet with your own hands from toys?

Bouquet of soft toys ... It sounds strange, but, thenot less, this direction in the field of souvenirs and gifts is very popular today. Why not? Every girl, girl, woman would be very pleased to receive, with or without it, a beautiful bouquet of soft toys. Such a gift can be done on your own. In this article we will tell you how to make a bouquet with your own hands from toys. Look, read, learn!

bouquet with own hands from toys

Making bouquets of soft toys requirespreliminary preparation. You need to decide which plush heroes will be the basis of the product, and prepare them. Soft pendant toys are very suitable. They are small in size, therefore, they can be placed in a bouquet a lot. Also you can use homemade figurines of hares, bears, pupae as the main characters of the composition. They can be tied, sewed or piled out of wool. The bouquet can consist of 2-3 toys of standard size (12-15 cm in height), which are sold in each children's store. Note that you can include in the composition both absolutely identical figures, and different.

To make a bouquet with your own hands from toys,you need materials such as a piece of thick polystyrene, a tube for making a handle (you can use a cardboard base from food foil or film), floristic wire, wrapping paper or a beautiful cloth flap, corrugated paper, ornaments.

Bouquet with own hands from toys: execution of a basis

From the foam it is necessary to cut out the cone, the diameterthe lower part of which should correspond to the circumference of the cardboard tube. Spread this end with a hot pistol or glue "Dragon", "Titan". Attach to the tube-handle. When this workpiece dries, tighten it with a cloth or wrapping paper, fixing with a construction stapler. Next, each toy in the area of ​​the legs pierce a piece of floristic wire, the ends of which twist among themselves and stick into the foam base. Alternatively, to perform a bouquet with your own hands of toys, instead of wire, you can use long bamboo skewers.

making bouquets of soft toys
Decoration of a composition

The next stage of making a plush bouquetis its decorative design. The space between toys can be filled with flowers. And they can be natural or artificial, made of chocolates or balloons-sausages. Handle and the whole bouquet should be wrapped with corrugated paper or decorative mesh. The bouquet is made by own hands from toys. He is ready to please himself the culprit of the celebration.

How to make original bouquets of toys? Some more useful information

Instead of a cardboard tube it is possible as a basisfor a bouquet use a basket, a cardboard box or a flower pot. Zadekorit their fabric, paper, lace, put inside the foam, and then fasten the toys as described above.

For the whole composition to look like a single whole,Choose toys and decorative elements in a combination of tones and proportions. For example, toys that are different in size do not look very good in one composition. It is better to take different things, but about the same size.

original bouquets of toys

For each toy you can put on a kind of skirt of wrapping paper. This will give strength and additional volume to the product.

Original bouquets of toys, made by themselves, will be wonderful gifts for your children and friends. Let your handiwork bring joy to others!

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