Banks in Ukraine: deposits (deposits)

The sphere of rendering banking services is quite goodis developed in Ukraine. It is represented by a large number of different financial institutions. On the market there are both private small organizations and international banking giants.

The financial policy that they conduct in thethe country is affected by many factors: market development, the level of customer activity, the economic situation in the country, the regulatory policy of the National Bank of Ukraine (NBU) and, of course, the political component.

banks in ukraine deposits

Then we will talk about deposit offers, which are made by various banks in Ukraine.

Deposits - a way to save money

Despite the relatively high interestrates that banks offer on deposits, they really do not allow them to earn money. The volatile economic situation, which is manifested by growing inflation and depreciation of the national currency, has a detrimental effect on the savings of ordinary people.

Even a fee of 20% per annum is notallows you to receive real income, which would affect the welfare of the client. Therefore, such deposits in Ukrainian banks can be called a way of preserving the value of capital. After all, it allows you to save money from the impact of inflation and other negative economic factors.

Deposits that are available to individuals

As mentioned earlier, banks in Ukraine,deposits of which will be considered below, there are different sizes. This also affects their proposals for deposits. For example, small financial institutions are interested in attracting as much money as possible and are ready to pay on deposits an order of magnitude greater than system banks.

deposits in banks of ukraine

In the meantime, international financial groups enjoy their reputation and reliability, offering their clients deposits with low rates.

Banks of Ukraine, whose deposits are popular, are willing to pay differently for this or that type of deposit. In order to understand this, we will analyze the types of deposits according to the following criteria:

  • account currency;
  • urgency;
  • possibility of replenishment or the right to partial withdrawal;
  • method of payment of interest;
  • programs for certain categories of citizens;
  • individual offers.

Basically, banks offer to open a deposit in one and three currencies: the hryvnia, the US dollar, the euro.

Immediately worth noting that for the last twothere are much lower interest rates than deposits in the national currency. And often there is a difference between the premium on deposits in hryvnia and other currency signs more than 3 times.


According to the validity period, deposits in banks of Ukraine are divided into urgent and unlimited. The latter are often similar to ordinary current accounts, however interest is charged on the balance of cash.

Rates on deposits in banks of Ukraine of this typerather low and are at the level of 3-7 percent, if the account is opened in the hryvnia. In foreign currency, such proposals are difficult to find, since they are not popular among customers. The main reason for this situation can be called a low reward for placing money - about 1-2% per annum are offered by banks in Ukraine.

Deposits are different and, if possible, withdrawals or replenishments. The same is true of replenishment of the account.

The bank is more interested in having customersopened deposit accounts for a long period without the possibility of withdrawal, placing a large amount of money. In such circumstances, he is able to use the money in the most profitable way.

This expresses the proposals of financial institutions for such deposits: 18-24% in UAH.

The Ukrainian banks offer an order of magnitude less benefits to customers who opened an account with the possibility of replenishment: about 15-18% per annum.

 rates on deposits in banks of ukraine

Serious differences in the level of accrued intereston deposits with capitalization and without it. The ability to increase the body of the deposit, as well as carry out a monthly transfer of interest to the card account is available in almost all types of deposits. So this option can only be considered as a way to make the bank's services more convenient for customers.

Not available to all

There are also such deposits, whichit is possible only under certain conditions. For example, these are pension deposits. They can be issued only if the client comes with a pension certificate.

Similar proposals exist for other categories of citizens: sailors, students, etc.

To say that such proposalsconsiderably differ from the standard, it is impossible. But often in such cases, some advantages and bonuses are available. For example, a pensioner wants to place a deposit. He will be automatically offered to open a pension card, for which he can receive both interest on the deposit and pension payments. Since banks such a deal is profitable, they are ready to pay extra. The size of the bonus to the deposit rate can reach 1-2% of the base.

Personal offers

If you are a VIP-client, then you canto count on individual conditions for deposits. If you need an answer to the question about which deposits in banks of Ukraine are the most profitable, then it is in such proposals that you should look for it.

The urgency of such deposits is much shorter, usually up to 31 calendar days, but the rate is pleasantly pleasing. It can exceed the base by several points.

rating of deposits of Ukrainian banks

In Ukraine, most of the banks are ready to make similar offers to their customers when placing the amount in UAH equivalent to USD 20 thousand and more.

Situation to date

To date, you can make the following rating of deposits of Ukrainian banks, based on the current proposals of financial institutions for deposits:

  1. "Postal" (Fidobank) - 29%.

  2. "Monthly" (Bank Trust) - 26%.

  3. "Urgent Plus" (Privatbank) - 24%.

  4. "Classic urgent" (Ukrsotsbank) - 20.75%.

  5. "New Year" (Ukreximbank) - 20.16%.

You can see that small financialinstitutions offer significantly higher interest on deposits. On the one hand, banks in Ukraine, whose deposits are indicated above, attract many customers in this way.

what deposits in banks of ukraine

On the other hand, it can also speak of a strongshortage of money supply to cover accounts payable. In this case, the bank can work either at the margins of profitability, or at a loss, which is a short way to bankruptcy.

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