LCD "Linkor": description, progress, comments

Buying an apartment is a serious test. It is necessary to investigate a huge amount of information to choose the suitable developer for yourself. A construction company must have an impeccable reputation. There is always a risk of losing your savings. Therefore, it is important to take a responsible approach to the selection of a suitable project. The role is played by everything: the location of the object, the current course of construction, the availability of all permits, the planned layout of apartments, the presence or absence of finishes, the cost of apartments, the transport accessibility of the object, the availability of parking, the level of development of the infrastructure of the area and its improvement, tenants of the house (provided that you buy an apartment after the project is completed).

This article is intended tohelp you navigate in all this abundance of information. Today, we will acquaint you with the developer of "KBC" and his project LCD "Linkor". After reading, you will be ready to make a decision as to whether you should buy housing in the housing estate in question.


About company

The company "KBC" in the real estate market has alreadytwelve years. During this time, she managed to develop and earn an excellent reputation with her clients and partners. The motto of the builder: "We build qualitatively, reliably, on time".

The facility is under the most careful control from the moment of the decision to purchase the land before the final finishing and after-sale operation.

A team of professionals takes care of the creativeapproach to construction. To date, the company has already handed over more than a million square meters of real estate, where more than ten thousand families live. Also, the developer implements the erection of other social projects. Among them: kindergartens, a fire station, schools, police stations.

The company built such new buildings of St. Petersburg as the LCD"Battleship", "Ivan-da-Marya", LCD "Geese-Swans". The quality of the company's work is also confirmed by the opinion of outside specialists who encourage KVS with various professional awards in the construction industry. The company has proved that it deserves your trust.

About the object

Let's talk about the project itself LCD "Battleship". Address of the object: Katernikov Street, 5. The total built-up area is 33,664 square meters, and the living area is 64,428 square meters. A total of 1072 apartments were designed.

The housing complex is located near the Gulf of Finland. It is designed attractively and incredibly stylish. The layout of apartments is so diverse that everyone can find something that is right for his family. Nearby there are many places for a pleasant and relaxing stay. The complex of buildings reflects the general architectural trends of the area.

baltic pearl saint petersburg


The main thing that makes the investors happy: LCD "Linkor" was built in time. The delay was only in some cases and was only 21 days. The pace of construction was brisk, the project was not idle. LCD "Linkor" reviews are called an excellent option for a number of reasons. Many like the spacious rooms, designed in planning. Also, residents like the attractive appearance of buildings, a protected area, closed courtyards, where personal transport can not penetrate (hence, one can not worry about the safety of their children during walks). Infrastructure in the area is actively developing. Small difficulties with transport are more than offset by the excellent ecological situation in the area. If we consider the new buildings of Peter, then it is recommended to pay attention to this project. He fascinated many.

new buildings of peter

Negative feedback

The majority of negative responses about LCD "Linkor"are associated with the quality of interior decoration. Tenants say that windows leak during a bad weather, elevators look extremely unreliable, their ceilings are mostly broken. Finishing of apartments LCD "Linkor" also leaves much to be desired. Although the apartments were fully repaired, the tenants state that the materials used can not be called qualitative and acceptable for use in living quarters. Many believe that the floors are skewed, which means that the buildings could be erected in violation of official standards. Perhaps the situation is not so bad in all buildings, but the problem is obvious. Others are surprised by uncomfortable layouts with excessively large kitchens or corridors with a modest area of ​​bedrooms. Such statements force you to think about whether to buy a house in a new building company "KBC" or to find opportunities for a more reliable investment.

studio apartment

Course of construction

This item will reveal one of the main uniquefeatures that characterize the builder on the positive side: the project was delivered on time. Most of the buildings of LCD "Linkor" were populated according to the schedule. And only for some there were delays, which, incidentally, were quite insignificant compared with the delays of other companies-developers (and amounted to only three weeks). Thus, the project was fully completed and delivered in the third quarter of 2015.


All the improvement of the adjacent area of ​​the LCD"Battleship" KBC planned in advance. Already on the territory of the block there is a sufficient number of various social facilities necessary for a pleasant and, most importantly, comfortable living in this housing complex. Among them are the following: medical centers and children's preschool institutions, pharmacy and general education schools, gas stations, boutiques, cafeterias, car dealerships, beauty salons, restaurants, shopping and entertainment centers, cinemas, sports halls and much more.

Not far from the buildings of the housingof the complex there are motor roads that allow you to get directly to St. Petersburg in a short time, either by personal vehicles or by public transport.

Availability of places for comfortable rest and goodthe location in terms of natural landscapes is also important for equity holders. The housing complex in question is an exemplary quarter according to the characteristics described above. Nearby there are many green areas with excellent places to relax. Nearby is the Duderhof Canal and the Gulf of Finland.

course of construction


The residential complex in question isa significant territory that the company-developer zelenila and ennobled, in order to residents was as comfortable and cozy there to live. Now there is an opportunity to go in for sports. Children's playgrounds are also equipped. Soon there will be shops with lighting lanterns along pedestrian alleys. For residents and their guests are equipped with fine car parks for cars (both ground and underground). The latter can be descended directly from the entrance, which not only comfortably, but also significantly saves time.

"KBC" actively engaged in the improvement of not onlydirectly apartments, but also adjacent to residential buildings plots. Each of the buildings is equipped with a reliable and modern security system, as well as surveillance cameras not only outside the house, but also inside it. All this ensures the safety and tranquility of all those who live in the quarter we are considering. Each of the halls is equipped with a modern silent elevator. Its main characteristics - accelerated movement, as well as significantly increased carrying capacity.

The territory of the residential area under considerationcarefully guarded. Free to go there will be impossible. In the same way guard and parking. This provides not only the personal safety of the tenants, but also their own transport.

Any housing, including a one-room apartment, can be purchased for cash, as well as in installments.

Survey of available apartments

The complex provides comfort-class accommodation.The building is erected on brick-monolithic technology. All apartments are rented with a finish finish (you can choose one of several options). The area ranges from 70 square meters to 91 square meters. How much will the apartment cost in LCD "Linkor"? Prices vary in proportion to the area. What does this mean in practice? So, a studio apartment can cost you 88 thousand 787 rubles per square meter. Apartments of other planning - up to 96 thousand 119 per square meter.

The company that is engaged in erectionhousing complex, promised to perform the finishing of high-quality materials produced in Europe and which were purchased only from trusted manufacturers. All communications are conducted. There is also a heating and power supply system.

housing in a new building

How to get to the new building?

The residential complex is located in the districtBaltic Pearl of St. Petersburg. You can get to it if you reach the Leninsky Prospekt metro station and change to bus number 142. At the same bus stop you need to drive about twenty minutes to the Prospekt Geroyev stop. From this point only ten minutes walk to the LCD "Battleship". "KBC" built the complex in the developing area. Therefore, in the future, one can hope for an improvement in transport communications.

Parking space

Residents of the complex will be able to purchase parkingplaces for your personal vehicles in one of the heated parking lots LCD "Linkor". Their cost ranges from 280 thousand rubles per motomesto to 430 thousand rubles for more solid transport.

When buying a property of a certain type, a parking space can be obtained free of charge.

You can pay by installments. In this case, the first installment must be at least twenty percent of the total cost. The remaining amount can be paid within one to two years.

Terms of payment

You can buy housing by making a mortgage in onefrom the partner banks of the company "KBC." The terms of the loan vary, depending on the agency you have chosen to cooperate with. The mortgage payment period is from one year to fifty years (the upper threshold is determined by a specific bank). The required first installment ranges from zero to fifty percent of the total amount. The maximum loan amount starts from two million rubles or more (depending on the bank and the program chosen). Some institutions support subsidies and military mortgages.

жк линкор reviews

The result

LCD "Linkor" is an interesting project frombuilder "KBC." Its distinctive characteristics are the unusual layout of apartments, the attractive appearance of buildings, the affordable cost of housing, as well as the fact that the apartments are rented with a finishing finish. Buyers see a significant number of benefits, which for many became decisive arguments that prompted them to buy housing in this new housing complex. Having weighed the pros and cons of the project, you can make an informed decision. But to get excited, of course, is not worth it.

Be carefull.Before making any final decision and signing papers, it is necessary to carefully check the security of this transaction. To do this, you should study the layout of apartments, consider the results of the implementation of previous projects of the company (including compliance with the deadlines for the delivery of projects). Agree only if nothing causes suspicion.

Choose only the best for yourself and your family to never regret your decision. And then you will get the opportunity to purchase the home of your dreams, in which you will certainly be happy!

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