What is OSAGO?

Understanding the question of what is OSAGO,It is worth paying attention to the legislative acts. In the legislation, civil liability is treated as an obligation to compensate the damage caused to a party recognized as a victim. It turns out that the essence of the civil liability is that you as a driver undertake to compensate for any harm that can be caused by you on the road. For example, you have to pay for the repair of the car you crashed into, and also pay for the pedestrian that you touched, the treatment.

Earlier after any accident, the injured and guiltyhad to deal with the issues of compensation for damage to the health of people and the car. Ordinary conflicts were common, as each side had its own subjective understanding of the amount of acceptable compensation. And not always the guilty person had the opportunity to pay the victim the required amount. Because of this, additional difficulties appeared in the settlement of the issue. The resolution of such conflicts in Russia went to a civilized channel in 2003, when all drivers were obliged to make car insurance for OSAGO. This allowed the drivers not to worry about the damage caused by them, since the insurance company took responsibility for it. The damage is assessed by independent specialists. Of course, this does not reduce the number of questions and claims, but it gives us the opportunity to rely on objectivity.

So, what is OSAGO and how does it work? Legislation of Russia obliges every car owner to insure his maximum in five days after registration of the vehicle in the property. A car that does not have a MTPL policy will not be registered in the traffic police, but it is prohibited to manage it without a policy.

If the question of what is OSAGO, likeit is clear, it is worth mentioning about who is engaged in motor third party liability insurance. This type of insurance has long been practiced in different countries, since this is the simplest method of compensation for damage, which was caused as a result of a car accident. On the territory of Russia, auto insurance members can be insured only by members of the auto insurers' union that have a corresponding license issued by the Federal Insurance Supervision Service. This organization is the guarantor of payment on insurance, whatever happened to your company. Even with its bankruptcy, the clients will be paid due to the fact that there is a special fund for SAR.

What is OSAGO and how to get it, it is clear, andnow you can go to the question of what this type of insurance gives. This policy ensures that if you become the culprit of a traffic accident, the insurance company will take care of damages. The insured party carries out calculations based on average prices prevailing in the region where the accident occurred. If the car is damaged, the depreciation of spare parts is deducted from the total amount. When calculating the amount of compensation for harm to health, the cost of providing medical services in the region, caring for the victim, and the amount of lost earnings are taken into account. And in the event of a tragic event - compensation to the family in connection with the loss of the breadwinner, as well as the cost of his burial.

It is very troublesome to receive a refund forOSAGO. Insurance is generally very difficult. First of all, it is important to act properly when the same insured event occurs. It is necessary to call a road traffic police officer to the scene of an accident, and also to track the correct filling of references and protocols. Because motorists understand how much time it can take for them, they rarely seek insurance payments with a few scratches on the bumper, broken mirrors or glass.

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