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In our time, loans have become very commonphenomenon. You can take a mortgage to buy housing. For many families, this is the main opportunity to improve their living conditions. There are two raisins in this loan. First, there are government programs for concessional lending, which in some cases are used for purpose-built concessional housing for these purposes. Secondly, this loan does not require a special deposit. In its quality, the apartment being bought is used. And the availability of collateral helps to achieve the bank's milder financial conditions. In other situations, credit makes for many affordable purchase of a modern personal car. Sometimes in order to get a loan, you need to go through a tedious procedure for registration, and sometimes a loan can be obtained using only a passport (in the case of a consumer express loan). You can get a loan in order to start your business, and you can get a loan to buy expensive household appliances.

Need to return debts

There is an illusion that you can take money withoutend. But in fact, sooner or later there is a situation where they will have to be given. Most people try to pay off honestly for the loan they received. Some believe that you can not pay, and nothing bad will happen.

 debt collection
And in some situations payers face life difficulties, which could not be. But as a result, they can not finally pay off on the loan taken earlier.

The attitude of banks towards the problem

What to do in such cases to the bank? Of course, he carefully studies each specific situation and tries to act according to its peculiarities. If a payer simply has a hard time in his life, but he is trying to honestly pay off, he will most likely meet with a compromise solution that both parties will accept. But in relation to malicious defaulters, it happens in a different way. First they try to find a common language with them, to convince them that they must repay debts. If this does not work, then debt collection takes place.

Debt collection procedure

First, remote efforts are made,occurring without direct contact with the client. If at this stage the debt collection does not yield results, then the next stage occurs. The representative of the bank meets with the client in person. At these two stages, an attempt is made for a pre-trial formal settlement of the problem. In order to collect the debt, a registered letter is sent to the official address of the debtor. If nothing changes, then the case
debt collection under a loan agreement
is transferred to court. In the event of a win by the bank, the debt is seized on the writ of execution. It must be said that even after this, it may take a long time before the court decision is fulfilled. Debt collection can be a very long procedure.

Debts as a freely traded and bought goods

enforcement of a duty
Debts are actually goods. They can be bought and sold. There is a special kind of business in which they are engaged in debt collection. This is a collection business. Except for firms of this orientation, debts can be bought also by someone else. So, if we are talking about the debts of enterprises, then their competitor can buy them. Debt collection under the loan agreement takes place according to the same scheme.

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