Savings deposit: banks, conditions, interest rate

Many people would like to have a magic wand,helping to increase their savings. But, alas, this is from the section of fiction. Before you learn how to make a state, you must be able at least to preserve what is already there. And about one of the approaches in this direction, namely about savings deposits in banks, we'll talk.

general information

savings deposit
Open a deposit in a specializedAny financial or credit institution can be any adult citizen. Even those who have not yet turned 18, with the assistance of parents can acquire their own account. This allows you to save, and sometimes even increase, the available funds. The interest rate is usually not very large, but more or less from inflation protects. There are a lot of different deposits, we'll talk about one of the most ancient representatives of this family - about the savings deposit.

What is it?

Savings deposit is a popular waysave your money. As a rule, representatives of this family can offer the highest percentages. But, alas, according to the terms of the agreement, you can get all the accrued interest only after the deposit term expires. Also they can not be replenished. Interest rates on them fluctuate within a significant range. It is possible to meet the situation when one bank will offer 6%, and the institution next door to it - 12%. But do not rush to make a choice in favor of the second. Maybe it's that he has problems with liquidity. And if the bank bursts, the maximum that it turns out to be repaid is the principal amount of the deposit. This type of attachment attracts many people with accessibility and simplicity. If you are interested in the possibility of withdrawing at any convenient time, you do not need savings, but time deposits.

About capitalization

Savings deposit Savings Bank
Financial instruments have manyattractive moments. The savings deposit in this case is no exception. Therefore, attention should be paid to such an attractive moment as capitalization. What is it? The essence of capitalization is that once interest is accrued once a month, they begin to accrue not only to the principal amount, but also to the money already earned. Let's look at a small example. Let's say we have ten thousand rubles. We go to the bank and put them for a year at 12%. It turns out that a month we will be charged one percent. In this case it is 100 rubles. In the end, the person will take 11.2 thousand rubles. And what will happen with capitalization? So, under the same conditions, we earn 100 rubles for the first month. Add to the original amount. And we have 10.1 thousand. And now they have accrued 12% per annum. In the first case, we would receive 100 rubles for the second month. And with the capitalization will be already 101. And gradually the amount of interest will increase, the longer - the more. Is there a trick here, or is it necessary to choose the option with capitalization without doubt? Alas, there is a negative moment. So, in cases with capitalization, banks offer lower interest. Suppose not 12, but 11 or even 10. Therefore, it is necessary to calculate the benefits from each individual variant, and only having accurate and reliable data, make decisions. Otherwise, chasing after a ghostly gain, in reality you can lose.

About risks

deposits in Belarusbank
In order not to lose funds, it is necessary to adequatelyevaluate the situation. So, if the bank balances on the verge of bankruptcy, it is not recommended to invest money in it. Also, attention should be paid solely to those institutions that have a banking license and that are members of the deposit guarantee fund. In addition, it is desirable that the size of the deposit does not exceed the amount of 1.4 million rubles. Why? The fact is that this is the limit of the guaranteed amount of compensation. All that is higher than this amount is not guaranteed, therefore it will not be possible to receive money in case of bankruptcy. We should not exclude fraud on the part of bank employees, so we should always demand a contract, which must be carefully studied.

What are financial and credit institutions now offering?

savings deposits
There are a variety of options fora savings deposit is proposed. Sberbank, for example, offers on it 2.3 percent per annum. Agree, not much. Why is that? This indicates a slight inflationary expectations and a low level of demand for loan money. Therefore, this option is suitable for those who are interested in preservation. In this case, a savings deposit is suitable. Sberbank, by the way, even about a year ago offered its customers about 6% per annum. As you can see, the interest rate is constantly falling. But let's make a comparison. And we will consider the deposits in Belarusbank. Here the situation is much better. For example, the maximum interest rate is 10.2 per annum, which is almost double the average level of accruals for other deposits. Deposits in Belarusbank allow us to consider the classical scheme of the work of savings investments. However, it should be noted that the period for which the deposit is made is of great importance. So, the minimum rate is three times less than the maximum.


savings deposits in banks
When do you need savings deposits? Their services are often used to accumulate money for a large purchase. Acquires popularity and savings contribution to adulthood. It is seen as a tool of help and support at the beginning of an independent life. In general, there are quite a few different specific contributions. There are special offers for pensioners and for a number of other categories. To say that they are something radically different, it is impossible. But there can be given certain bonuses, pleasant for these categories of the population.

Modifications and improvements

Initially, savings deposits meantonly a contribution of money and receiving them at the end of the term. But gradually the proposals expanded and improved. So, often urgent and savings deposits in some banks do not differ at all. Offenses are offered by financial institutions in the matters of replenishment and withdrawal. But, alas, at the price of this is a gradual reduction in the rate. So, for example, the well-known Sberbank offers contributions of this direction in a very profitable way from the point of view of providing the service. But, as already mentioned above, the maximum of funds received in this case is a small 2.3%. And if you choose between, say, 6% and 2.3%, but with the service, many would choose the first option. After all, although there is a slowdown in inflation, still such a small percentage is not enough to cover it.


contribution saving interest rate
In general, the savings account, the interest rateon it, leave much to be desired. Although there are many different aspects. So, in the world, taxation of the profit of a deposit is quite popular. In order not to irritate customers, banks offer a formally higher rate, and talk about a smaller one, which already takes into account the fee in favor of the state. Also, the approach is gaining popularity when the amount of interest grows along with the sum that was added to the account. So, Savings Savings Bank first offers only 1.5%. And only in process of increase of the brought sum the rate will grow to 2,3%. Therefore, it is necessary to carefully read out the contract, in particular what is written in small print. Even if you are in a hurry, you do not need to rush anywhere, since you are familiar with all the documentation - this is the right of every person.

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