Debit card of Alfa-Bank: registration, limits, reviews

Plastic cards have long been included in the life of each person. They are the key to the card account, to which we receive wages, scholarships, pensions and other money transfers.

In this case, a lot of banks and determine,in which it is better to open a card, it is rather difficult. After all, each bank institution has its own policy, and hence the conditions for opening and servicing plastic cards. In this article you will find an overview of the debit cards that Alfa-Bank offers to its customers.

A little about the bank

When choosing a bank, you always need to pay attention to its rating and position in the financial services market. Because to entrust money to the institution that will burst the next day, of course, you do not want to.

debit card

Alfa-Bank is one of the largest playersbanking sector in the Russian Federation. Founded in the distant 1990, it provides all types of services, and international ratings of financial institutions from year to year confirm its reliability and stability with the highest ratings.

What are the types of debit cards, their conditions

Alfa-Bank offers its clients enougha wide range of debit cards. All of them differ in their conditions and characteristics. Thanks to this, the bank's management tries to satisfy the needs of absolutely every client.

This is understandable, because someone wants to open a card account to receive social benefits, and someone to make payments abroad when traveling around the world.

Next, consider the most popular types of these cards and find out what type of customers they are most suitable for.

"RZD Bonus"

This debit card of "Alfa-Bank" was created forthose who often travel by long-distance trains, as well as high-speed electric trains "Sapsan". Making purchases on such a card, clients accumulate bonuses that can be exchanged for premium trips.

issue debit card of the alpha bank

Judging by the reviews, the first such exchange is possibleto make after half a year, if to carry out calculations by a card not less than on 20 thousand rubles. This card can be issued three levels: Standart, Gold and Platinum. The higher the card class, the more bonuses will come for making purchases.

For example, using a Platinum level map andpaying with her help at least 20 thousand rubles a month during the year, you can save 15,000 bonuses, which is enough to go from Moscow to Sochi. Agree that it is very convenient and you can easily save yourself a free trip to the resort to the long-awaited vacation.

Money returns with "Cash Back"

Did you know that the debit card of "Alfa-Bank"helps to make money on your purchases? The "Cash Back" card allows you to not only make purchases in stores, but also constantly receive transfers for payments at gas stations, cafes and restaurants.

It turns out that you can not only eat delicious food insome restaurant, but also get a bonus of 5% of the money you spent. And for those who often goes behind the wheel, this card is even more suitable - up to 10% of each purchase at the gas stations will be returned to the account.

Alpha Bank Debit Card Service

Since this card is issued only by the Gold class, the bank guarantees its high level of protection: for online purchases, 3D-Secure technology is provided, an embedded chip for operations in outlets.

This debit card of Alfa-Bank has andpleasant bonus. She participates in the program "Priceless City", which was organized by the Mastercard payment system. Thanks to this, you can receive discounts of up to 15% on the goods of the bank's partners and this program.

Annual card maintenance will cost you 1200rubles. Is this a lot or a little? Reviews say that this amount pretty quickly pays off with frequent card payments at gas stations. For example, it is worth to refuel for 10 thousand rubles and on the card you will receive a bonus of 1,000.

"Men's Card"

There are also cards intended only forrepresentatives of the stronger sex. Do you like to have fun and relax in bars, go to parties? The next debit card of "Alfa-Bank" will help you not only to cheaper to relax, but also to buy clothes, practice in fitness centers.

alpha bank debit card limits

It is called the "Men's Card". Its main advantage is discounts up to 20% in cafes, restaurants, bars, gyms, clothing stores, shopping centers, etc. The bank's website offers a full list of outlets that are ready to provide a discount to a real man.

One of the partners supporting the release of thiscard, is the famous magazine MAXIM. The "male card" of each client regularly participates in the action, winning in which one can be in the jury of the final of the Miss MAXIM contest.

Want to participate and be surroundedthe most beautiful girls in the magazine? It is enough just to actively use the card, pay for it at trade outlets, carry out transfers, in general, conduct active financial activities. Be an active customer and you can win.

The bank also states that the owners of such a card can always be lucky and get tickets or passes for various "closed" events.

Although the reviews say that this is a trick of the bank and it is impossible to really track the winner. Others say that competition is too big and it's impossible for an ordinary person to win.

Annual maintenance of debit card "Alpha"Bank "of this kind costs from 450 to 600 rubles. Considering the benefits that the bank's clients receive with this plastic card, such a fee is rather low.

No interest-bearing cards

To date, almost all major financialinstitutions can offer their customers debit cards, the terms of which provide for the calculation of interest on the balance. This is a kind of deposit from which you can withdraw funds at any time or increase the total amount of the balance.

alpha bank order a debit card

Unfortunately, Alfa Bank does not issue debit cards with interest accrual. Reviews say that this is a drawback, as there are many who wish to issue such a card.

Instead, the bank offers customers to issue a so-called package proposal, which includes both plastic cards of different levels, and accumulative accounts.

Batch service

If you are thinking about how to apply for a debit cardcard "Alfa Bank", then do not pass by the package offer. They are a set of card, current and accumulative accounts. All this can be opened by formalizing one contract.

A similar product the bank offers its customers 4 levels: Economy, Optimum, Comfort and Maximum.

The first one allows to open currentaccounts in different currencies, and also issue a debit card of the Classic level, which can be "tied" to any of the open accounts. It will be useful for both students and people receiving transfers from abroad, such a debit card of Alfa Bank. Reviews about it are different, but most customers agree that for those people who use the services of banks not often, cards of this class are enough.

alpha bank gold debit card

In addition, there is an opportunity to openthe savings account "My Safe". Rates on it, of course, lower than on conventional deposits. For example, in the level of the package offer "Econom" the bank is ready to pay you 1% per annum.

Annual service of such a proposal will costin 959 rubles or 0 rubles, if the current and accumulative accounts will be placed an amount of more than 30,000 rubles. Monthly you can withdraw the amount no more than the equivalent of 5 thousand US dollars in rubles through ATMs.

For the "Opytimum" package you can also not pay, but the amount of funds placed on the accounts should be over 70 thousand rubles, otherwise it will be necessary to pay 1929 rubles for the year.

This package for more "advanced" usersfinancial services assumes the availability of up to 5 cards of Visa Classic and Mastercard Standard level. In addition, a wide range of savings accounts is available, the interest rate reaches 7% per annum (750 thousand rubles per month).

Recommends an offer "Comfort"acting clients of Alfa Bank. A gold debit card, available in such a package is designed for wealthy and active people. If the accounts will be more than 300 thousand rubles, then annual maintenance will be free of charge.

Otherwise it will be necessary to pay 5099 rubles per year. Judging by the responses, the owners of this package the bank provides legal and medical support for discounts.

What's interesting in the most expensive batchthe maximum sentence? This is a premium individual customer service. The bank is ready to offer such terms for products that are not available to the rest. The client is given a personal VIP manager who helps to understand and resolve any issues in which Alfa Bank is competent.

Debit cards, withdrawal limits inATMs on which are quite high in this package proposal (1.5 million rubles monthly) are status ones. This means that by presenting such a card, the person will be available the best services around the world, including VIP rooms in hotels.

How to make a card in Alfa Bank?

You can order a debit card both in the branch,and using the Internet. After spending 2-3 minutes of personal time, you can fill in the form directly on the website and call a courier who will give you a card for free.

alpha bank debit card with interest accrual

This is a big plus, because not always the branch of a bank is near the house and you have to come specially for a card.

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