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A few years ago in our country beganissue of loans through the Internet. One of the companies that took the path of such activities was the microfinance organization "Elephant Finance". Receiving money in a debt through the World Wide Web has become an up-to-date service. The company has won the interest of people, was able to form a positive reputation, get good feedback. "Elephant Finance" is why it exists so far.

About the microfinance organization

"Elephant Finance" exists for 6 years. The microfinance organization (MFI) started its activities in 2011. At that time she received a certificate of the Central Bank of the Russian Federation on entering into the appropriate register. Today "Elephant Finance" is the leader among the microfinance companies of our country. He offers affordable loans to people without providing certificates and sureties.

There is no microfinance organization "Elephant"Finance "address, since it does not have an office. Reception of applications from users is carried out through the developed site. On it, each client undergoes the registration procedure, receives a personal cabinet to manage applications, loans. If you have any questions, you can call the company's call center or send an email to the support email.

elephant finance reviews

Advantages of obtaining loans through the service "Elephant Finance"

In the microfinance organization under considerationit is convenient to make out loans. In any place and at any time convenient for you, you can fill out an application on the official website and send it for review. The answer from the company comes pretty quickly. The decision is made within 5-20 minutes. In rare cases, applications are processed within 24 hours.

When sending a positive decision, the companyinstantly transfers money to the client card. This method of obtaining a loan in "Elephant Finance" is the only one, but it is the most modern and convenient. The borrower can withdraw funds from the card in any place convenient for him.

Terms of loans in MFIs

"Elephant Finance" accepts applications for loans from Russian citizens aged 18 to 75 years:

  • having a job;
  • retired persons;
  • self-employed people.

The region of residence is not accepted by SlonFinance into account. A resident of any city has the opportunity to get money in debt. To do this, you just need to fill out a small questionnaire on the official website of the microfinance organization. In no other way will applications from customers be accepted.

And now about the available amounts and interest rates. At the first appeal people can send an application for a loan in the amount of 1 thousand to 8 thousand rubles for a period of 7 to 30 days. The interest rate is high. People are convinced of this when using the online calculator on the website of a microfinance organization. For example, you need to take 8 thousand rubles for 30 days. The service fee for this amount is 5 thousand 160 rubles. The total amount to be paid is 13 thousand 160 rubles.

From the second loan, an amount of up to 20thousand rubles. The term for which money is issued on a loan is not increased. It is also 7-30 days. The interest rate is reduced only from the third loan.

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Application processing

The application in "Elephant Finance" is a questionnaire consisting of several sections:

  • personal data;
  • passport data;
  • address for registration;
  • employment and income.

When completing the first section,specify the mobile phone number. It is necessary to do this, as the code in the form of SMS will come to it. It is entered in a special field. By specifying the code, the client confirms the correctness of all the information provided, agrees with the rules for granting microloans.

slon finance

Receiving the money

After receiving approval from Slon Finance formoney can be sent immediately. They are transferred to a card, the number of which is indicated in the personal account. Sometimes customers find out the lack of money on the account. The company warns about the possibility of such situations, because the speed of transfer of funds depends on the work of the bank that issued the card. Money can be received within 1-5 days.

In rare cases, the funds are not credited at allon the map. This occurs because of incorrectly specified details. If the card becomes invalid or its number is entered incorrectly, this should be reported to the customer support service of the company "Slon Finance". To communicate with specialists use e-mail.

elephant finance phone

Repayment of the loan in "Elephant Finance"

Return the money borrowed incompany in several ways. You can pay by bank card. Payment is made within a few minutes. The required amount is withdrawn without commissions. There are several additional ways:

  • through electronic wallets;
  • terminals Qiwi and "Eleksnet";
  • cash departments of Euroset and Svyaznoy.

IFO "Elephant Finance" provided for the possibilityextension of the loan term. The delay increases the period of using borrowed funds for 1-4 weeks. The duration is determined by the client. The extension of the loan is carried out through the personal cabinet, and this procedure is confirmed with the help of an SMS code.

mf elephant finance

Questions from clients and those people who did not use loans

How can I change my details in the form?This is an important issue, because people can change their work, series and passport number, and the decision of the company depends on this information. To change your personal information, you should contact support via phone or e-mail. The staff responds to calls on a daily basis from 7:00 to 21:00 Moscow time. The support service is running without days off.

Sometimes, by mistake, people who did not make out a loan,calls and SMS messages about the need to repay the debt begin to come. What to do in this situation? To resolve this issue, you need to call the microfinance company "Slon Finance" by calling the hotline during business hours. Employees will understand the problem.

elephant finance application

Positive reviews

The microfinance organization has a lotclients who actively use its services or have ever applied for a loan. Many of them thank "Elephant Finance" and note the following advantages:

  • a loan is received without sureties, collateral, certificates of wages, copies of the work book;
  • to repay the loan, customers choose for themselves the most convenient ways;
  • If there are problems with payment, you can extend the period.

Borrowers note the efficiency of the service."Elephant Finance", according to people, is an instant service, and most importantly is that you do not need to go anywhere. The questionnaire is filled in on the official website via the Internet, and the money is received on the card. Still people point out that questionnaires are considered in a short period of time. Before making a decision, customers are called by managers to clarify the information specified in the questionnaires. Due to this stage, the probability of incorrect data about yourself is reduced.

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Negative feedback from users

Negative responses about "Elephant Finance" are also available.In them, customers, in the first place, write about a huge percentage. A microfinance organization does not indicate them on its website. Customers can only find out the final amount to be returned. Naturally, it is easier for people to perceive. They somehow do not notice a large overpayment.

In negative reviews about "Elephant Finance" peoplecompare the company's past work with the activities at present. Some say that the creditor has deteriorated. Previously, the microfinance organization sought to cooperate with regular customers. Now she sometimes denies them, stating that they are insolvent even if there is work.

Before making a loan in a microfinancethe company "Elephant Finance" is worth considering, because because of large interest very often people find themselves in a debt hole. If there is work and confidence in the future, then you can apply to a microfinance organization. At the same time, customers recommend that beginners do not make loans for a long period. The longer the period, the higher the total amount to be returned. With an unstable financial situation, the services of a microfinance organization should not be used.

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