Contribution to Sberbank of Russia guarantees reliability

If you need to save, accumulate and multiplyyour free funds, open a deposit in Sberbank. Undoubtedly, the largest long-term bank is the guarantor of reliability. But to earn too much money still will not work, as interest rates on deposits, unfortunately, are lower than the level of inflation.

contribution to the Savings Bank

Sberbank opens deposits in rubles, euros andAmerican dollars. In addition, there is an opportunity to open an account in Swiss francs, pounds sterling and Japanese yen. You can also open a multi-currency deposit, in which you can earn on the fluctuation of the exchange rate (in addition to the interest rate).

What is the most profitable contribution to Sberbank? What is the difference between the different proposals? To begin with, consider the table with a list of bank deposits, interest rates are given for ruble accounts.

Name of deposit

Possibility of replenishment

Interest rates,%


Term of deposit


there is

4 to 6.5

there is

From 3 months to 3 years


there is

4.35 to 7.25

there is

From 3 months to 3 years



4.5 to 8.0

there is

From 1 month to 3 years

"On high"


7.25 to 8.75


From 1 year to 2 years

To begin with, the most profitable contribution to theSberbank is a deposit "On top." Interest on it is not capitalized and is accrued after the expiry of the term. It can not be replenished and removed prematurely. But its interest rate is the highest.

the most profitable contribution to a savings bank

For example, if you put 100 thousand rubles onone year, you will receive an income of 7200 rubles. By investing 500 thousand rubles for one year, you will get 36.5 thousand rubles. Well, if you have 1 million rubles and you can put it for 2 years, then your income will be 145 thousand rubles.

The deposit "Manage" is intended for those who wish not only to replenish their account, but also to withdraw interest from it.

Deposit deposit in Sberbank "Save" -Interest is accrued monthly, there is no possibility of replenishment. The interest rate depends on the term for which you opened the account. The longer the period, the greater the rate. You can transfer the accrued interest to your usual account or to a plastic card account. If you do not want to use interest, then they will automatically be added to the deposit amount (capitalized), which will increase your income.

pension deposit in a savings bank

Deposit deposit in Sberbank "Popolnyay" allowsnot only to make a profit, but also to save a decent amount. The minimum size of opening and replenishment is 1000 rubles. Interest rate, as well as for other types, depends on the period. The minimum rate will be for the deposit, open for 3 months, the maximum - for 3 years. You can withdraw interest on a monthly basis, or you can capitalize. A repeated automatic prolongation of the account is envisaged (extension for another term).

For the elderly, there is a specialPension contribution to Sberbank - "Pension Plus". Pension benefits should be transferred to him, for which quarterly interest will be accrued, the annual rate is 3.5%. You can use the funds absolutely freely, accrued interest can be withdrawn or left on the account.

There is an opportunity to pay utility bills from this account. To do this, you do not even need to visit the bank on a regular basis, you only need to complete the payment order once.

It should also be noted that the deposits "Manage", "Save" and "Popolnyay" exist online, interest rates in this case are offered more profitable.

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