How do I know where my funded pension is? Description of procedure, recommendations and feedback

How do I know where my funded pension is? This question interests many. The topic is really very serious. Indeed, at the moment in Russia, old age is mainly formed from pension payments from the state. They are divided into main and funded parts. The latter must from time to time to look. You do not want to lose a very important component of money, prepared for old age. What solutions are available? Where can I go for information about finding a funded part of a pension?

how to find out where my funded part of pension

We decide for ourselves

For starters it is worth considering one very interestingfact: until recently such a problem did not arise. After all, the entire pension was fully in the hands of the state. Only recently in Russia the system has undergone changes. And now it is necessary to provide yourself, albeit partially, with a comfortable old age. It helps here the so-called funded part of the pension. These deductions serve as a kind of an addition to the basic payments. But how do I find out where my funded pension is? It is not so difficult as it seems. The main thing is to prepare in advance for the process.

Possible options

So how to find out where my pension (fundedpart)? The thing is that modern citizens are offered several options for solving the problem to choose from. You have the right to use whatever you want. Some methods quickly provide the necessary information, somewhere you will have to wait a little. But in the end, information about the whereabouts of the funded part of the pension will still become known.

What is offered to the population? If you have forgotten or, in general, are not aware of where the part of your savings is kept "for old age", just contact the following instances:

  • Territorial Division of the Pension Fund.
  • Accountancy of your employer.
  • FIU.
  • Any bank.
  • Portal "State services."
  • Third-party Internet services.

how to find out where my funded pension is

By territory

Thinking about how to find out where my pension is(cumulative part)? To do this, you can use any of the above methods. Next, we will discuss in more detail each method. Everyone has their own characteristics.

The first and simplest way is to turn toterritorial pension fund. From you you need only an identity card and SNILS. Apply with the appropriate application, you can sometimes even verbally. Fund staff will have to check the basis of finding your funded part of the pension, and then give you information. Important: this information is not disclosed to third parties. Therefore, it is important that in addition to SNILS you have a passport with you. Other ID cards are usually not accepted in pension funds.

where you can find out about the funded part of the pension

Through the employer

How to find out where your funded pension is?To do this, you can contact your employer. You will need to go to the accounting department of the organization where you work. After all, wages are initially transferred to interest for the formation of savings "for old age." All you need is to ask the accounting department to give you information about the transfer of your pension to a particular fund. You can express your desire in written or oral form. After you will be informed the necessary data. Nothing difficult. True, this method is not always appropriate. Rarely who uses it.


Where can I find out about the funded part of the pension?You can apply to the Pension Fund of Russia. In his main department. There is information about all pension contributions. In order to obtain the necessary information, you will need to show your passport, as well as SNILS. According to these data, the employees will inform you of the information that interests you. Sometimes they can ask to write a request-statement in writing. Not a very frequent phenomenon, but it does occur.


Where to find out the size of the funded part of the pension and itslocation? Any large bank can help here. And, more precisely, those financial organizations with which the Pension Fund of Russia concluded contracts. Usually these are large organizations like VTB and Sberbank.

how to find out where your funded part of pension

It is in such banks that you can obtain information aboutfinding pension contributions. To do this, you will need to compile a request-request, as well as attach your ID and SNILS to it. After a while, the bank will check the accounts of Russian pension funds. Then he will give you information about your state. His location will also be brought to your attention. It is quite a common option, which is not so difficult to implement.

"State services"

How to find out where your funded pension is?At the moment, even the Internet can help in the implementation of this idea. More precisely, the portal "State Service." It appeared not so long ago, but already now it greatly facilitates the life of the population. You need to register on the service, and then go there authorization. It is necessary to pay attention to the fact that this process takes several weeks. After the registration of the user, your profile must be activated. Once you have a working account, you can proceed.

Further information is ordered in the "Personal account".To do this, select the appropriate query in the list of services offered. After a while you will receive the information that interests you. But how do I find out where my funded part of the pension is via the Internet yet?

Other ways

A variety of Internet services will come to the rescue!They help to quickly get data about any citizen and his monetary savings. Including retirement. All you need is to collect information about the account holder, as well as your phone number. It's all. It is possible to wait for information about the accumulative part of the capital, postponed "for old age".

where to find out the size of the funded part of the pension

Only take into account - 99% of Internet services (forthe exception of "State services") are deception. In fact, it is impossible to verify the location of the pension in this way. It's just a divorce of citizens for money. They will write off your account on your mobile phone. This is normal. Therefore, try to use only proven methods of solving the problem. You only need a passport and SNILS, sometimes an INN. And a little patience. Now it is clear how to find out where my funded part of the pension is.

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