Credit card of Sberbank "Momentum". Credit cards of Sberbank - terms and conditions

Each bank, in order to attract as many newand interest the old customers, regularly updates its line of credit products. This is exactly what Sberbank of Russia is doing, in the "service portfolio" of which there are several dozen different programs and proposals. One of these is the credit card of Sberbank "Momentum". On what conditions can it be formalized? What are its advantages? What other cards are in Sberbank?

credit card savings bank Momentum

What credit products does Sberbank offer today?

At the moment, every client of the Savings Bank has the opportunity to draw up cards from the following categories:

  • universal credit cards;
  • affiliate credit cards.

In this case, such cards can be referred to as universal ones:

  • "Classic".
  • "The Golden".
  • "Instant".

The partnerships include "Give Life" and "Aeroflot" credit cards.

What is this "Gold" card MasterCard and Visa?

To similar cards it is possible to carry bonusCredit cards with a wide range of current offers and services. The size of the credit limit for such plastic is up to 600,000 rubles. Interest in using the card starts from 25.9%. The document is designed for a full three years of action. It provides free annual service, and you can place an order for it if you have a passport and another document from the bank list (for example, it can be a driving license). Similarly, other credit cards of Sberbank are issued. The conditions for their activation and discovery will be discussed later.

Visa and MasterCard Gold, as a rule, havea high level of security, and they can be opened in the domestic currency. Their grace period is up to 50 days. The total price of service (depending on the number of connected services) can range from 0 to 3,000 rubles per year.

credit card savings bank Momentum reviews

Opportunities of "Gold" cards for Sberbank clients

Each credit card of Sberbank (Momentum,"Classic"), including "Golden", opens up new opportunities for its owners. For example, premium cards are connected with the "Thank you from Sberbank" savings programs, incentive and seasonal prizes from payment systems, after-sales service (using the contact center), electronic cash dispensing services (when the card is lost outside the country).

In addition, credit cards of this class support remote maintenance and account management, "Autopayment" service and other operations.

What are the features of the instant card of Sberbank?

Credit card of Sberbank "Momentum" (reviews aboutit will be lower) is a universal credit card with a limit of up to 120 000 rubles. It is supported by international payment systems Visa and MasterCard and has a shelf life of up to 3 years. Its main advantage over others is registration in just 10-15 minutes.

Additional features of the "Momentum" card

Credit card of Sberbank (credit) "Momentum"as well as cards of the Premium segment, is connected to the bonus "Thank you from Sberbank" bonus program, supports "Autopayment" and remote maintenance. In addition, by issuing this credit card, you will be able to perform any payment transactions in secure 3D-secure mode, without fear for the safety of your personal data and money on your account.

The "Momentum" card allows you to make paymentsgoods and services by bank transfer. You can do this in foreign partner banks, subsidiaries, as well as through ATMs and self-service points, terminals. The credit card of Sberbank "Momentum" is replenished either in cash or by bank transfer. The grace period for plastic is up to 50 days. What is most important for freelancers and people of creative professions working through the Internet, this credit card can be tied to virtual purses (Yandex.Money, Webmoney).

credit card of the Savings Bank loan momentum

Who can apply for a credit card in Sberbank?

Based on the requirements of Sberbank, a credit card"Momentum" can be issued by citizens aged from 21 to 65 years. In addition, for obtaining plastic you must have a permanent registration and citizenship of the Russian Federation, as well as a total work experience of one year. In this case, it means the performance of your duties for the last 5 years. At the same time, at the current place of work, you must work for at least six months.

The card in the Sberbank branch is issued according to the passport.

What are the conditions for using the instant card?

Before applying for a credit card,it is necessary to study the conditions of its servicing. So, the credit card "Momentum" (Sberbank) (the conditions for withdrawing cash and billing other payment transactions can be seen on the photo) does not provide for paid services in the framework of the pre-approved offer. The rate is from 25.9% per annum. During the grace period, interest is not paid. If the maturity of mandatory payments and the amount of the loan is not respected, a penalty in the amount of 36% per annum is charged from the cardholder.

Sberbank credit cards Momentum conditions

Sberbank (credit card): withdrawal of cash

When withdrawing cash within the subsidiariesbranches of credit institutions of the Russian Federation, and also in branches of the Savings Bank from the client the commission fee at a rate of 3% from a total sum (not less 390 rubles) is removed. In case of cashing out plastic in third-party financial organizations, the commission increases to 4% of the amount. In addition, when withdrawing cash, you must remember the established daily limits. So, every holder of the instant card has the right to withdraw money through ATMs, but within 50 000 rubles.

Sberbank credit cards "Momentum" (conditions of theirwe discussed above) allows you to cash out according to certain rules. If the issue of money is carried out in one of the Sberbank's cash offices, then the limit is 150,000 rubles. The same restriction applies to cash withdrawals through the cash offices of other financial institutions. The maximum amount for the implementation of operations for the delivery of money to replenish the credit card is 10,000,000 rubles. Any other non-cash transactions on the card are made without commission.

Credit card of Sberbank "Momentum" alsoprovides and the provision of paid information. For example, for each request through an ATM at an affordable amount of the credit limit, the bank's customer will be able to pay 15 rubles.

credit card loan

What's new in Sberbank's classic cards?

Sometimes the old and good classic isthe best way out of the situation. Therefore, if you do not want to delve into the details of "Premium" or "Universal" cards, you always have the opportunity to apply for a classic credit card. The size of its credit limit is up to 600,000 rubles. Interest on the loan - from 25.9% to 33.9% per annum. The cost of plastic maintenance during the year for regular customers of the bank is 0%, and for new customers - up to 750 rubles.

Maps of this category are connected to standardprograms, acting on the principle of "pay and earn bonuses." You can manage them using remote services of the Savings Bank, for example, "Mobile Bank". To register a credit card, you can either directly come to the financial institution, or apply online.

credit card momentum

What other credit cards are operating in Sberbank?

At the moment, you can make the following types of bank cards in Sberbank:

  • Visa Classic cards "Give life" (with annual service up to 900 rubles);
  • plastic Visa Gold "Give life" (with the annual maintenance amount up to 3500 rubles);
  • credit cards Visa Classic and Gold "Aeroflot" (with the amount of service up to 900 rubles and up to 3500 rubles per year);
  • credit youth cards Visa Classic and MasterCard Standart.

Sberbank credit cards terms and conditions

How do I fill out an application for an online card?

In order to fill out the application online, you must first download it. In this form, you need to specify:

  • their contact information;
  • availability of education (secondary special, higher);
  • address of the actual residence;
  • marital status;
  • information about the main job (individual entrepreneur, wage worker);
  • position;
  • terms of work in the organization you indicated (current job);
  • Kind of activity;
  • amount of wages, etc.

Also in the application it is necessary to specify the namecredit card, which you plan to open in the near future. Further, the filled and sent application will be reviewed by the representatives of the bank. After about 1-2 days they will give an answer.

What do users say about Sberbank credit cards?

Before applying for a particular cardbank, you must first study the reviews. So, the credit card of Sberbank "Momentum" (reviews about it you will find in this article) has a large number of wishes and remarks. For example, some credit card holders speak about it in a positive way. They report that they are pleased with the high speed of plastic decoration. Others like the fact that a credit card can be attached to virtual purses.

Still others, on the contrary, are dissatisfied with the slowservice of employees of the call center, who, when addressing clients, solved the problem of the latter leisurely. But here opinions diverge. For example, many report on the troubles, which, thanks to prompt intervention by representatives of the bank, was avoided. In this case, we are talking about the loss or theft of a credit card abroad. According to them, in a matter of seconds bank employees blocked a lost or stolen card and provided the victim with the necessary amount due to the emergency cash assistance service.

Many customers liked the opportunitypay for this card with utilities, which, of course, eliminates the need to go to the bank or savings bank and stand in line. However, some believe that, on the contrary, it is cheaper to make transfers through the cashier than to do it through a card, because a small commission was taken from them for a small amount of transfer.

Quite a lot of people are delighted with the big grace period of 50 days, when you can make payments on the card without interest.

Some talk about such a positive moment as transferring money from an old paper savings card to a card. Such a service is unquestionably convenient and very fast.

Almost all customers are satisfied with the connection of convenient services and loyalty programs, fast service and high speed of receiving money.

In short, each cardholder has whatto tell. However, these reviews, as often happens, are both positive and negative. Therefore, to get a general idea of ​​the credit card, you need to look at both, and only then make a conclusion.

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