Deferred payment card "Halva": reviews, conditions, pluses and points

Sovcombank created a new credit product,allowing you to buy in debt different goods and services. This is an installment card "Halva". The reviews confirm that there are many advantages to its owners. The program allows you to simplify the possibility of obtaining installments for goods. The rules of its design and use will be described in the article.

About the Bank

Sovcombank is a large financial institutionRussia, which ranks 19th in the country's ranking in terms of assets. The organization attracts funds from new customers and creates different products. Now the clients are offered a lot of different services: deposits, loans, registration of cards. For each program, favorable conditions are in effect.

Sovcombank became the second in Russia to producehire payment cards. Reliability is shown by participation in the deposit insurance system. With her you can safely store your money. Other benefits are also provided.

card installment halva reviews

But is it possible to benefit from the storage of funds? Everyone chooses a suitable option: one puts money on a deposit, the other opens a metal account, and still others play in the foreign exchange market. Sovcombank can also provide its funds for a while. Therefore, an installment card "Halva" was created.

The concept of the card

Visually the installment card "Halva" fromSovcombank is an ordinary bank with a chip, but by characteristics it is different. There is a credit limit on it, which is set individually for each client. Its size is determined on the basis of an analysis of the borrower's solvency. For registration you need a certificate of income.

You can not cash out the funds. The card account is replenished, since so is the debt paid. The card works in partner stores and only with a registered interest-free installment. Many are interested in what is the trick at the installment card "Halva"? In fact, Sovcombank cooperates with trusted companies, where customers can purchase goods. Partners pay commission to the bank, and he receives new customers. And users can buy goods on optimal terms. Such cooperation is beneficial to all.


Buy goods and services only from partnersSovcombank. The map has its own website, where you can find information about such organizations, as well as on terms of installments for everyone. Limit can be spent only on operations performed by partners, in other stores you can not pay.

halva card installment sovcombank

A card is used in both conventional andonline stores. This is the standard payment for goods or services. There is no need to go through any additional steps. It is enough to choose the goods, pay for it. Each partner has its own terms of installments - from 1 to 12 months. Usually a period of about 3 months is established.

After purchase,executed purchase on credit. Displays the schedule of contributions and the amount of the monthly payment. You can perform many purchases, and each operation will be allocated separately.

Design rules

The installment plan "Halva" from "Sovcombank" is provided to all citizens who meet several requirements:

  • age - 20-75 years;
  • registration and residence in the city of the bank or in the remoteness of 70 km from it within 4 months;
  • employment more than 4 months;
  • presence of telephone - mobile or stationary.

How to apply for a "Halva" installment card? To receive it, you should apply to Sovcombank with a statement. But you can apply online.

Contacting the website

Reviews on the installment card "Halva"indicate that it is more convenient to apply online, because it is much faster. It should identify personal information, region of residence and contact information. A bank employee will talk about the terms of use. There is a check for compliance, notification of the list of documents. But to fill out the questionnaire you still need to visit the office.

halva card installments pros and cons

After passing the procedure, a card will be issuedinstallments Halva. Feedback confirm the speed of registration. Usually, the history of lending and the evaluation of the client's income are checked. It is only necessary to indicate basic information in comparison with other banks.

Decision to grant a card is accepted 1working day. The client receives notification of approval or refusal. Usually, the notification is received by SMS or by a call. After receiving the card activation is not required.


The installment card "Halva" in Moscow and other cities is issued under the passport. Sometimes it is required to confirm solvency. Sovcombank requests the following documents:

  • driver's license, pension certificate, SNILS;
  • reference 2-NDFL;
  • paper on the property.


There are pros and cons at the installment card "Halva". They should be taken into account before drawing up the bank's program. Terms for the installment of the card "Halva" are as follows:

  1. MasterCard World with PayPass technology.
  2. National currency.
  3. Limit to 350 thousand rubles.
  4. The card is valid for 5 years.
  5. Cash Bask - 1,5%.

The rate is 0%, and after the end of the preferentialperiod it is equal to 10%. Terms of payment by installments on the card "Halva" are standard for all - up to 12 months. In case of delay, a penalty of 0.1% per day applies. Early payment is carried out without commissions.

halva card installment terms

Of the minuses, there are a limited number of partners. To receive a card, it is necessary to comply with the requirements of the bank. The Bank can independently establish a credit limit.

The limit amount is approved at the request of the client,indicated in the application, as well as on the evaluation of its characteristics. The loan is renewable. After paying installments, the user can get a similar amount. Although there are pros and cons on the installment card "Halva", yet it has more advantages.


You can refuse the map "Halva". For this you need to apply to the bank office with the application. Then you need to give the card to the employee who is making her destruction. After 45 days the account is closed.


When you purchase from partners in installmentsThe cost of production is divided by the number of months specified for the repayment of the debt. This indicator is the minimum payment. If there are delinquencies and fines, they are included in the mandatory payment.

Partners include:

  1. "M Video".
  2. Samsung.
  3. Lamoda.
  4. "Iceberg".
  5. Re: Store.
  6. Sony Center.
  7. I sat down.


According to reviews on the installment plan "Halva" it is clear that its holders receive an extract every month, which allows to control the repayment of the debt. It should be:

  • general information - card number, validity date, limit, debt, delay;
  • information about the minimum - the value, the final repayment date;
  • decoding - the names of retail outlets, the amount of debt paid and the remaining months of installments, the entire debt.

halva installment card moscow

The statement allows you to track payments,timely pay the mandatory amount. If there are any questions, there is a possibility to request transactions. Such operations cost 300 rubles, and investigation and examination of claims - 1000.


The following rates are valid for the card:

  • there is no payment for the issue;
  • free service;
  • early re-issue - 450 rubles;
  • Checking the balance in the ATM of Sovcombank - free of charge, and in others - 10 rubles;
  • replenishment through ATMs - no commission, through the cashier - 100 rubles;
  • you can withdraw cash within personal funds;
  • transfer to other cards in the box office or online - without commission, and to another organization - 2.9%;
  • free SMS-informing.

Monitor the debt and manage the accountyou can use your personal cabinet and mobile application. These services are free. The login is indicated in the contract, and the password is given by SMS after the card is provided.

Repayment of a debt

According to reviews on the installment plan "Halva" it is clear that many people use this loan product. You can make money in several ways:

  • through the Internet bank;
  • from another card;
  • through financial institutions;
  • through the Post of Russia.

Only the first option is free. If you use the services of intermediaries or resources that do not belong to Sovcombank, then you will have to pay a commission.

halva card installments in what a dirty trick

The "Halva" card is needed to pay for purchases ininstallment, which does not accrue interest. For this purpose, individual conditions are approved: a loan and a grace period. The list of bank partners is increasing. Now there are more than 1000 establishments of services, restaurants, shops, where such cards are accepted for payment. To avoid overpayments, you need to study the terms and conditions of partners, compare prices, and make timely money.

Cash withdrawal

From the card you can only withdraw personal funds. This is done without commission in special devices. To get cash, you need to go through the following steps:

  • insert the card into the receiver;
  • enter the pin code;
  • click on the section "Cash withdrawal";
  • enter the amount;
  • take a card, money and a check.

Other loans

terms of installments on the map of halva

Sovcombank offers not only installments on cards, but also loans:

  1. Monetary credit - from 12%. Customers need to have proof of income. Pensioners need only provide a passport and a pension certificate. The amount can reach 100 thousand rubles. It is issued for 12 months.
  2. The loan on the security of auto - from 17%. Loans are issued for different purposes. Their amount is 50 thousand - 1 million rubles. The term can be 12-60 months.
  3. The loan "For Responsible Plus" - from 19.9%. It is issued to couples and bank customers whoprovided a certificate of income, a copy of the work book or a diploma of education. The amount can be in the range of 40-200 thousand rubles. The term is 12-36 months.
  4. "Pension plus" - from 19.9%. It is offered to working and non-working pensioners up to 85 years. You do not need to provide references and liens. The amount is 40-299 thousand rubles.
  5. "Standard Plus" - 24%. The loan is issued for different purposes. Proof of income is not required. The amount is 40-300 thousand rubles.

Similar options

Similar conditions are provided by the installment card "Conscience" from QIWI-Bank. Both products have similarities - use of funds without interest for payment in partner stores. But there are differences:

  • different tariffs;
  • Differences in the number and diversity of partners.

The Halva card can be used to pay bills. This bank product will help out at any time, when you need something urgently to buy, because you can pay later.

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