The order and stages of building a house

Many people want to own their ownresidential building. Available structures do not always fit in size, layout and location. Therefore, it is often necessary to build a private building. To do this, you can do the work yourself or with the involvement of experienced professionals. To get a high-quality, safe and reliable structure, all stages of building a house must be correctly implemented, optimal materials used and numerous unique technologies must be observed.

Choice of land

The first stage of construction of an apartment house is to select the optimal plot of land on which the planned work will be performed. When choosing a site, some important points are taken into account:

  • the available infrastructure is evaluated, since it is preferable that a number of different shops, polyclinics, kindergartens, schools or other objects of importance for each person are located nearby;
  • account is taken of bringing the necessary communications to the ground, thanks to which the comfort of living in the building is ensured;
  • it is possible to create an asphalted approach, since with a primer, it can be difficult to use the house in the rain or winter.

First you need to know the purpose of the territoryand its category, since the land should be specially designed for IZhS, or else the construction of a residential building on it will act as a serious offense, so the court will decide to demolish the object.

stages of construction of an apartment house

Approval of the town planning plan

Stages of house construction necessarily includethis process, since without a building permit any building will be considered unauthorized, so it may be difficult to design it, and the court's decision to demolish it can also be made at all.

During the formation and approval of the town planning plan, the location of the territory and various other legal issues are taken into account.

Creating a topographic survey

This process is included even in the stagesconstruction of the house with their own hands, since without it there can be difficulties in the construction of the foundation or walls of the building. In addition, geological studies are carried out.

The main objectives of these actions are to obtain information:

  • the main parameters of the existing landscape;
  • All groundwater and the depth of their penetration are revealed, and this factor directly affects the safety of the use of the future structure;
  • determines the state and composition of the soil, which has a direct effect on the possibility of constructing a particular type of foundation.

Based on the data obtained after the study, it is possible to determine which materials are appropriate for construction, and which technology will be optimal for this area.

Project formation

Designing is an indispensable process,part of the stages of building an apartment building or a private residential building. It should be carried out exclusively by experienced specialists, so you will have to contact the relevant specialized organizations.

From a competent project depends on how comfortable and safe it will be to live in real estate, what will be its appearance. The area of ​​the whole object and each room is taken into account.

stages of construction of a house made of aerated concrete

Only the experiencedarchitects and designers, and for this they take into account different sanitary standards, construction requirements and fire safety conditions. During this process, climatic conditions of the terrain, the allocated budget for construction, the seismological situation and many other significant factors are taken into account.

It is impossible without your own special skillsand special computer programs to create a project, as it should not only be correct, but also must be taken by the architectural and construction department of the administration of the region.

Search for a construction team

It is important to decide whether the construction of the houseimplemented independently or with the help of invited specialists. In the second case, you will have to spend a lot of money to pay for specialists, but you can be sure that all the norms will be met, and the existing project will be implemented correctly.

When you work independently you can save a lot of money, but it is likely to make a lot of mistakes.

When choosing builders, their competence, work experience, qualifications, available equipment are taken into account, and it is also desirable to study already implemented projects.

stages of building an apartment building

Preparation of construction site

After all the preparatory processesdirect erection of the structure. The first stages of the construction of the house involve the preparation of a construction site. For this, the following actions are performed:

  • the territory is initiallyprevent the possibility of penetration to the construction site of unauthorized persons who can steal expensive building materials or carry out other negative actions;
  • Further, the territory is cleared, therefore various unnecessary living plantations are eliminated, and the available structures are demolished when necessary;
  • are brought to the place where the foundation of the future structure will be directly located, engineering communications;
  • temporary household structures for workers and land owners are being formed.

It is advisable at this stage of construction of a residential house to provide for the possibility of protecting concrete and other structures from rain.


This process requires competent calculation and constant checks. Based on it, it is determined where the building will be located on the territory.

The marking is done in different ways, but it should be taken with a small margin. During the work, specialists must use laser or some other measuring equipment.

If there are deviations, then in the future to correct such an error will be almost impossible.

Implementation of excavation works

This procedure is included in the construction stageshouses made of aerated concrete or any other material. Without excavation, the process of erecting any capital structure is impossible. All works are divided into several stages:

  • leveling of the territory;
  • digging an excavation for the foundation of a house;
  • laying trenches designed for laying the elements of communication networks.
stages of building a house with your own hands

During this stage of building a private house you will need to use a variety of specialized equipment, represented by various excavators or bulldozers.

Formation of the foundation

It is affected by a significant load,so the foundation must be strong and durable. The type of foundation depends entirely on the available soil, the depth of groundwater flow and other factors.

home construction stages photo

The base can be pile, slab, orcolumnar. The number of floors in the future structure, the material of creating the walls and other features are taken into account. At this stage of construction of the house of the beam, you can use a light foundation, but if a brick structure is erected, the base should be more solid.

When working, it is important to first make thegravel from sand, as well as use waterproofing materials. Next, the base is formed, for which concrete can be poured into the formwork or piles are installed, which are further fastened with a grill.

Before the implementation of subsequent work, it is recommended to wait about a year, because at that time the basement will shrink.

Erection of external walls

In the photo, the construction phase of the house, assuming the erection of the walls of a brick structure, consists in a step-by-step laying of bricks.

stages of building a house from a bar

The process depends on the materials used, so blocks from aerated concrete or foam concrete can be glued, wooden elements or other similar works can be fastened.

The procedure depends on the chosen construction technology. If a two-storey building is planned, reliable floors of reinforced concrete are laid between the floors.

The erection of internal partitions

At this stage of the construction of the house, one must be guided by the existing project. It indicates where all the walls of the structure should be located.

The partitions can be made of the same material as the outer walls, but they are made thinner. Also it is allowed to use other materials.

Bridging communications

To do this, through a special hole in the basement is piped and gas, as well as a sewage system. The building is connected to electricity.

It is desirable to create trenches for communications at the stage of excavation. Laying is made on a special dense substrate with the obligatory use of waterproofing materials.

Roof installation

The process depends on the approved roof type.Typically, a standard gable construction is used, but the direction and force of the wind, the approximate amount of different precipitation, and the need to equip the attic are taken into account.

stages of frame house construction

For roofing can be useddifferent materials, so it is chosen for this ondulin, metal, soft roof or other materials. The choice depends on the financial capabilities of the owners, their preferences and styling features.

Installation of windows and doors

These stages of the construction of a frame house or a structure from another material assume protection of the building against cold and precipitation.

Installation is desirable to trust experienced professionals, which will get a high-quality result. You can choose plastic or wooden windows.

Interior decoration of the house

After the box is built andcommunications are brought, it is possible to start interior decoration, which is considered not too complicated, but at the same time significant, since it depends on how attractive and optimal for use will be the house.

The procedure is to perform sequential actions:

  • internal communication layout;
  • flooring, which assumes the formation of floor screed or filler;
  • the design of ceilings for which paint can be used, suspension or tension structures, as well as various other finishing methods;
  • the treatment of walls, consisting in their quality leveling and putty, after which they are used for finishing materials represented by wallpaper, panels or other decorating options;
  • installation of doors between rooms;
  • installation of numerous engineering equipment,presented by a heating boiler, lighting devices, different sensors, a security system, computers, heating radiators and other similar units and products.

The choice of different materials depends on the preferences and capabilities of the owners.

stages of building a private house

Exterior finish of the facade

This is often done with a facing brick,siding or other similar work. They can be carried out with simultaneous warming of the walls, which will improve the comfort of living in the building.

If the beams are used for the construction, the exterior finish may not be carried out.

Arrangement of the adjacent territory

It is important to understand not only what stages of building a house should be realized to obtain a full and reliable structure, but also how beautifully to decorate an existing site.

The arrangement of the territory may consist of several works:

  • installation of a fence, for the creation of which different materials can be used;
  • the installation of the gate and the gate for the machine;
  • the device of different paths, an access road and a platform in front of the house;
  • the formation of flower beds, flower beds, canopies from living plantations, hedges and other decorative structures;
  • construction of a swimming pool, an artificial pond, a bath, a terrace, a gazebo or other small architectural forms if they were planned on the territory in the process of creating the project.

With this stage you can make a really beautiful appearance of the building and the existing territory.

what stages of building a house

Features of multi-apartment building construction

Stages of the construction of an apartment houseare similar to the process of erecting a private structure, but all of them are controlled by the developer. They are assigned a construction superintendent engaged in the performance of all works to obtain a reliable and safe building.

The erection procedure is oriented in advancethe generated project and the available estimate. All stages are implemented in the pre-established timeframe, as if they are violated, then all participants in the shared construction will be able to collect a significant penalty from the developer.

Thus, the process of erecting any structuremust be performed in the correct sequence of stages. Each stage has its own characteristics. From the literacy of the implementation of this process depends on how reliable, durable and strong the building will be.

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