Where and how to purchase land in Krasnoyarsk

Today, most of the inhabitants of our countryprefer, with the availability of available funds, to purchase their own country plot and build private houses. In an effort to escape from the hustle and bustle, citizens want to live in their homes in the bosom of nature. But to buy a site and build your own home is not so easy and not so fast.

How to buy land in Krasnoyarskedge? Where can I find the best offers? How to get the cadastral number of a land plot in Krasnoyarsk or another city? How to arrange all the necessary documentation? How to purchase a land plot for a large family or a family with a disabled child in Krasnoyarsk? Answers to all these questions and many other information can be found in this article.

land in Krasnoyarsk

The process of registration of land

The process of land registration is serious and longa process that will have to spend a lot of money, nerves and time. It will require knowledge of certain legal subtleties and laws. But, despite all the difficulties, you can arrange the land yourself.

During the registration of the site you need to know all the information on this issue. Register the right of ownership of the site is mandatory in certain situations:

  • purchase or other transaction that gives the right to property;
  • gift;
  • the acquisition of land by inheritance.

All certificates and applications must be executed in accordance with the laws of the Russian Federation, and the owner must have a certificate of ownership.

List of documents for registration of property

Despite the type of acquisition (purchase, gift,inheritance), land in Krasnoyarsk should be formalized by law. After passing the registration procedure, the owner must obtain a certificate of ownership on the land. The list of necessary documents for registration includes:

  • a contract of sale, a will and so on;
  • an extract from the master book (it is given by local governments, to which the given land belongs);
  • certified cadastre plan of the site in the notary's office;
  • if the land is issued by the owner, then you need to have an identity card with you, if the design is handled by a special company, you need to have a notarized power of attorney;
  • application in oral form;
  • check on payment of state duty.

Land surveying papers

To conduct land surveying, it is necessary to collect a certain set of documents. Here is their list:

  • a request to conduct a survey of the territory, which must be written in the geodetic company;
  • a contract of sale, a will or other document that confirms the right of possession;
  • the original and a copy of the Russian passport;
  • A certificate from BTI, if there are buildings on the territory;
  • cadastral statement;
  • cadastral plan of the land;
  • receipt for payment of fees in the survey company.

land plots of the Emelyanovsk district

For surveying land, legal entities need to prepare additional documents. List of important papers:

  • all documents of the organization;
  • the original and a copy of the allocation of the territory certified by the local administration;
  • certificate of work on land surveying;
  • cadastral statement of the form KB1;
  • cadastre plan for a private plot;
  • A certificate from BTI, if there are buildings on the territory;
  • A certificate for the presence or absence of engineering communications;
  • power of attorney;
  • a receipt for payment of the fee to the survey company.

Privatization of the land plot

If it is necessary to privatize land in the Krasnoyarsk Territory, then a certain list of references, applications and documents should be collected. Full list:

  • statement on the privatization of a private site;
  • identification;
  • check on payment of state duty;
  • documents that confirm the ownership;
  • cadastral plan of the land;
  • Certificate from BTI, if there are buildings on the territory;
  • a certificate from the USRP on registered property rights.

Cadastral passport of the site

Any land plot of the city of Krasnoyarsk andother cities should be entered in the cadastral register. The state cadastre of real estate is an archive in which all information on each plot of land is collected and stored. If there are problems, litigation, the cadastre provides complete information about the site.

Why do I need a cadastral passport? This document is necessary in certain situations:

  • for fulfillment of the transaction of purchase and sale;
  • for giving a land plot;
  • to obtain an inheritance;
  • for the construction of buildings, etc.

In relation to construction sites, technical accounting is maintained, and for land plots - cadastral registration. The cadastral passport is issued after technical and cadastral registration.

How to get a cadastral passport

The cadastral passport is the main document in all transactions involving land. Get a passport in several ways:

  • for obtaining a passport you can apply to the City BTI;
  • issue in the Cadastral Chamber;
  • to register through Rosreestr;
  • order a passport in the multifunctional center.

land plot solonetsky krasnoyarsk

Every citizen of the Russian Federation has the right to receivecadastral passport. For this it is necessary to have a Russian passport and a document for the site. To implement a fast method of obtaining a passport, you can use an electronic resource. Through the Internet you can make a document without leaving your home.

The validity of the cadastral passport is not established. The creation of a new document is necessary in case of changing the boundaries of the site.

Buy land with a hammer

In the city of Krasnoyarsk land plots(Emelianovsky district and others) can be bought under the hammer. Today, the auctions are exhibited areas that are already in the cadastral register, with the boundaries drawn.

Registration of documents is handled by the district administration, where the site is located. Bidding is made only with all the documents prepared for the site.

Date and conditions of the auction wishing to purchasea land plot in Krasnoyarsk can be found out from advertisements in local newspapers, as well as on sites of the district and city administration. To become a participant in the auction, you need to write an application for the director of the local administration. In the application it is necessary to indicate a specific area where construction of a residential house will be carried out. A copy of the applicant's passport is attached to the application, and a certain amount of the deposit must be left from the initial value of the land.

After filing all the documents and makingthe district committee decides whether to bring the applicant to the list of participants or not. A refusal can be given if not all documents have been submitted or a certain amount of the deposit has been paid on time.

Participants should understand that at the auction itselfit is not the land that is sold, but the right to purchase land for property or the right to lease it. The rent for the entire contract period is immediately deducted from the deposit. If the lease rate changes during the validity of the contract, the administration makes a recalculation of the amount to land.

Somewhere for ten years a lease is signed.If during this period the tenant has not built an apartment house, then the extension of the lease will increase. After the construction of the house and its registration, land plots in the Krasnoyarsk Territory can be redeemed.

plot of land for a large family of Krasnoyarsk

Before buying land with a hammer, you mustfamiliarize yourself with the conditions of the area where the site is located. For example, a land plot in Solontsi (Krasnoyarsk) is also put up for auction, but is divorced from civilization. The plots in this area are not connected to the heat supply networks, etc.

Acquisition of land from the owner

The second way to buy is to buy landplots in Krasnoyarsk from the owner. The land can be either in personal property or in rent. The selling price of the lease is much lower, but experts advise buying land in personal property.

The state can withdraw land both in rent and in personal property. But the owners of personal property are entitled to payment for the plot, and the right to lease is simply terminated.

Leased land in Krasnoyarsk,acquired from the owner, has its drawbacks. At the time of signing the lease assignment agreement, it is not possible to verify which conditions are burdening the site, what restrictions exist on use. The Registration Chamber does not issue a certificate of all the nuances of the lease.

When assigning a land plot may floatpreviously not detected problems. For example, it may be a ban on building a house. But experienced realtors know some ways how you can check the land. For this, the intermediary applies to the department of municipal property. Therefore, when buying a leased land it is better to turn to specialists.

land site city красноярск

Permission to use land

To purchase without further problems landsite in Krasnoyarsk, it is necessary to find out whether the given territory belongs to the lands of the settlement. Only in this case it is possible to build on a plot, to manage an economy and gardening.

Some citizens acquire land that does notbelong to the village. Such plots are purchased for agriculture. They are good in that their size is much larger than in settlements. As the cities expand, the acquired plots of land near Krasnoyarsk can soon become part of the settlement.

If the main purpose of acquiring a site isTo build an apartment house, then you need to buy land on the territory of the settlement. To register in such a house will not be difficult, but you can register in a residential building in the suburban area only with the permission of the local administration. Due to these conditions, prices for different types of sites are different.

Land for large families

In 2011, D.V. Medvedev signed Federal Law No. 138, which allows families with many children to receive land for various purposes free of charge. This law was extended not only to full-fledged families, but also to single parents, as well as to adopted children, stepdaughters and stepchildren.

land in the Krasnoyarsk Territory

Since March 1, 2015 the amendment to the Land Code has lost its force. This possibility became permissible only at the regional level. Regions independently determine the size and location of the land. The size of the territory can be from 6 to 15 hectare. Provision of land within the city is possible, but not in all cities. For example, in Moscow and St. Petersburg there is no such possibility.

Plot for large families in Krasnoyarsk

According to Art. 14 of the Krasnoyarsk Territory Law "On the regulation of land relations in the Krasnoyarsk Territory" for large families who live in the city permanently, there are free areas for certain purposes. On such a land large families can lead gardening, truck farming, livestock, build dachas or build a dwelling house.

For such purposes, areas arethe state property is delineated. The local self-government bodies of municipal districts dispose of this land. Land plots IZHS in Krasnoyarsk for free, without carrying out auctions, can receive invalids.

Documents for obtaining land

A large plot of land in Krasnoyarsk can be obtained free of charge by large families after the provision of a certain package of certificates and applications. Documents that entitle you to:

  • Parents' passports;
  • birth certificates of children;
  • if children were adopted, it is necessary to produce a certificate confirming this fact;
  • certificate from the home book or financial-personal account.

land under the Krasnoyarsk

If a child is over 18 years of age, then an additional set of papers must be submitted:

  • certificate from the educational institution;
  • document on military service;
  • if the family has a disabled child, then a certificate that confirms disability.
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