We earn on futures: express-education program for beginners. Federal loan bonds and their use

The most well-known and affordable ways of investingfree funds - "Forex" and the MICEX stock exchange. If the first is a typical gambling game against the "kitchen" (including such tricks as a quick drain of a high-yielding high-yielding PAMM account and adjustment of courses by the administrators of the "kitchen" by hand), those who do not know the background, the second already gives some guarantee, at least for a partial refund . After all, "blue chips", shares of unsinkable "Sberbank", "Gazprom" and others, you can sell at any time or wait for a return, if not abuse the "shoulders."

Slightly sophisticated, but perspicacious and willingDevelop an investor, usually gaining a dozen or two percent on the standard shares of the MICEX-RTS, begins to consider other tools to increase profitability. The trading robots for scalping are bought or written independently, the relevant literature is studied, seminars are visited.

But a relatively conservative investor is closerall the same option with the trading of shares manually. First, a person elementary buy this or that chip cheaper, and sells more expensive, following the expected rate growth. Practice only intraday trading. It is important to have an established system that sends a signal to buy or sell the asset on time.

Then comes enlightenment.The investor understands that it is possible to earn on the fall of shares, using all the charms of the so-called "margin trading". In jargon, this is called "short". The fact is that on the RTS-MICEX are not rare days, when the fall is everywhere. It is a sin not to derive profit from the situation.

The broker gives on credit on the security of the deposit one ora different paper. The stock is sold at the current price. And if it falls below its current exchange rate value, at a certain point the investor buys the share at a lower price. And the difference between the previous price and the current price is in the account of profit. If the paper goes up, the broker deducts the amount from the security deposit.

There are even more advanced tools forprofit, than margin trading, available to a private investor. It will be about futures contracts for federal loan bonds (OFZ). In fact, these are the same state loan bonds that existed in the USSR, or rather, almost their analogue. This tool is advisable to use the "calm" in the market. You can earn even on a sideways trend.

OFZ are obligations thatthe state takes over in exchange for funds from the investor's deposit. The issuer issuing federal loan bonds is the Ministry of Finance of the Russian Federation. In return, regular coupon income is paid. In circulation at the moment there are following types of OFZ:

- OFZ with amortization of debt (AD)
- OFZ with a constant income (AP)

An analogue of this financial instrument exists in the United States - US Treasury bonds.

And now, as they say, the essence of the matter isRTS-FORTS can carry out transactions with the futures of the most liquid OFZ (supply contracts), which can be used to play to raise the interest rates of coupon income on federal loan bonds. It should be noted that such deals are given a large "shoulder" (OFZ are included in the list of securities for which shorts are allowed). In addition, futures can also be earned on a "short position". And all this with a practically sideways trend!

So, modern stock markets allow, withsufficient level of competence, to earn well, managing a relatively small deposit of 100-300 thousand rubles, using federal loan bonds that have long-standing traditions. Another thing is that for this you need to understand the exchange terms, legislation, develop an effective strategy, but it pays off in full. And most of the small "investors" still play thimbles on imaginary "Forex", unsecured, except numbers in the database "kitchen" and pyramids of various kinds.

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