"MTS Money" (map): reviews and conditions. How to issue, receive, activate, check balance or close the card "MTS Money"?

Probably, each of us has a mobile phone,and two out of ten residents of Russia are subscribers of the mobile operator MTS. They are potential clients of MTS-Bank and, having visited one of the numerous operator's communication salons, can become holders of a credit card "MTS Money". This card has a lot of nuances, so those who decided not to go into anything, just take a map, it remains only to sympathize. The reason for this is that it is very easy, without thinking about anything, to get into debt with her, and then be frankly dissatisfied with the quality of service and conditions, stringent negative reviews on the Internet. For a full and correct use of the card, it is best to study numerous nuances and try to thoroughly understand all the intricacies of service.

About tariffs and conditions

mts money card

To get started, you should readprovided by the bank with tariffs and conditions of service, on which it is possible to use the card. Having looked only at them, you can make a conclusion for yourself, you want to issue a "MTS Money" card or not. Pay attention to all the points in the tariff table, because any of them can be decisive for your choice. It:

  • Size of the credit limit.
  • The interest rate on the loan.
  • Grace period of crediting.
  • Minimum monthly payment.
  • Penalties for non-performance of debt obligations.
  • Payment for the minimum payment.
  • Fee for issue.
  • The cost of annual maintenance.
  • The cost of re-issuing the card until expiration.
  • The cost of reissuing the card on the initiative of the bank (at the end of the validity period).
  • Commission on receipt of own funds in an ATM.
  • Commission on receipt of credit funds in an ATM.
  • Commission on receipt of funds in the cash departments of OJSC MTS-Bank without a card.
  • Commission for Internet Banking.
  • Commission for a mobile bank.
  • SMS-informing.

Many people do not say very well about thisa banking product, like "MTS Money". The map, negative comments about which you can read, is not so bad and has its advantages. The reasons for customer dissatisfaction are often related to the fact that they do not carefully read the terms of the service agreement, and sometimes sign it without looking at all. It is worth, at least, to familiarize yourself with the tariffs and conditions for servicing the cards in order to soberly assess what to expect and whether you need this card at all.

What is the MTS-Bank card line

"MTS Money" - a card whose base isinternational payment system MasterCard, available in several versions. You can choose between a debit card ("Basic" tariff), a classic credit card MasterCard Standard, which is represented by two tariffs: "Plus" and "Extra", and a credit card MasterCard Gold.

Debit card of "MTS-Bank"

Speaking of the debit card, it can be noted onlyone plus. If you are a MTS subscriber, then 1% returns to your cellular account with a monthly turnover on the card. However, those few who already have a debit card "MTS Money", conditions of this kind are not appreciated.

mts money card reviews

Judge for yourself: the annual maintenance of the card costs 300 rubles, in order to make purchases by cashless settlement, it is necessary to constantly replenish it. If you transfer from another card, then the commission is taken, and it can be replenished in the communication salons, bank offices and terminals for free. Here we will not talk about additional services, such as SMS-informing or insurance. However, simple mathematics speaks for itself: having spent a month using a card, for example, 20,000 rubles, you will receive only 200 on your cellular account. Of course, a trifle, but rather pleasant than the other way around. So let's hope that "MTS Money" is a card that still finds its holder.

Credit cards

It will be interesting to talk about credit cards,which MTS-Bank offers to its customers. Speaking reasonably, we can say that the Gold credit card is as dubious an acquisition as a debit one. Annual service is no less than 1,500 rubles, which is three times more expensive than servicing a classic card, and this despite the fact that the choice of tariffs for both is the same. In addition, there is no information, except in the tariff table, about this card. What to do with it in this case and what is its advantage over the ordinary? This, apparently, will remain a mystery, so we did not talk about this map above and we will not talk further, but turn to those who have already mentioned.

how to close card mts money

As we said earlier, the "MTS Money"- a card with two service tariffs - "Plus" and "Extra". The main difference is that the "Plus" tariff does not stipulate a grace period for crediting - one of the most important bonuses of any high-grade credit card, which allows free use of the loan within a certain period, in our case, 50 days. In the tariff "Extra" there is such an advantage.

Therefore, if you make a purchase on a card"MTS-Bank" with a "Plus" tariff, you immediately begin to charge interest on the loan, which is very expensive. Therefore, choose a card with a grace period, that is, the tariff "Extra". It will be offered with the perseverance of sellers, but not because they care about the benefits of their product to the customer, but because it is profitable first of all to them.

Procedure for receiving and closing a card

Many are interested in the question of how to getcard "MTS Money". Believe that there is nothing complicated in this, and you will try to impose it in all possible ways, if you are from 18 to 60 years old and you have a passport with you. If all these conditions are met, a maximum of half an hour you will receive a credit card with a limit of up to 100 thousand rubles right in the MTS saloon. If you want to increase it, you will have to provide a certificate of income. At the same time you do not need to confirm your solvency if you are a citizen of Russia and are registered in any region of the country, not even in where you get the card.

learn balance card mts money

If you do not know how to activate the MTS cardMoney ", upon receiving it you will be instructed to do what you need to do.You will receive on your cell a welcome text message in which the temporary control code is valid for two days from the moment you received it.Calling toll-free number 8 (800) 250-08-90 and following you must come up with and generate your PIN.Remember, that during these operations, various security checks take place, so be prepared to provide the last 4 digits of the card or CVC2.

Remember that once you get it you can onlyan unnamed card, and registered ones - with PayPass technology (contactless reading of information from the card) and the chip do at least 5 days. If you read that those who need a personal "MTS Money" card write, the reviews are unlikely to make you happy, as judging by them, you can not draw up such a safer card. It is necessary to receive the unnamed, and then pay for the re-release and get the chip.

In this case, if possible, insist on drawing up the card you need, and the best option would be to call the bank and find out whether it is possible to bypass the name card without the name.

If, for some reason, the needin the card you have disappeared, you need to know how to close the "MTS Money" card correctly. To do this, you must necessarily pay off all the debts that you have at the time of making a decision to close the debts on the card. After that, you should personally go to the communication salon or to the bank's office and write a statement on closing the account, indicating in it that you refuse to reissue the card you have on hand and receive a new one.

Deposit, withdrawal of cash and account management

Many people have problems with relative,how to replenish the card "MTS Money". It is not difficult to do this. You can make cash without paying a commission and in a matter of seconds, at the box offices of MTS stores and in the offices of the bank. A good option is a non-cash transfer from a bank account of any bank or replenishment through the terminals "Cyberplat" and "Eleksnet".

You can withdraw cash without commission at ATMsMTS-Bank and banks, which are participants of the "United Settlement System". More information about it and ATM addresses can be found on the official website.

Becoming the holder of the banking product "MTSMoney ", you can check the balance of the card by connecting such services as mobile and Internet banking, as well as SMS-informing.This will give you the opportunity to keep the account balance wherever you are, at any time of the day or night.

Cash bonuses

If you get a card, you have the opportunitythe use of various paid bonuses that are bundled with it. This is the MTS Bonus program, a set of paid options, discounts from the bank's partners and the bonus program "Successful Purchase", a bonus program from the international payment system MasterCard.

MTS Bonus

It's no secret that MTSreturn to the card bonus points for this program, where 1 point is 30 rubles, expended on the card. As a new customer, you will receive 1,000 welcome bonuses if you pay for goods and services for a total amount of 3,000 rubles. Points under the program are credited twice a month - until the 10th or 25th of each month, depending on the time of purchase.

to issue a card mts money

Also, MTS subscribers can exchange points for minutes of calls within the network, the Internet, SMS and MMS. Also if the opportunity to pay bonuses to subscriptions to popular media.

It should be remembered that points are not awarded forevery operation on the map. More details on this can be found on the official website of MTS-Bank, as well as find out the balance of the MTS Money card along with information on bonuses accruals.

Paid options. The Mobile program

If you are an MTS subscriber, then if you pay 300 rubles inyear every month 3% of the amount of purchases made by credit card will be returned to your cellular account, but not less than 3 000 rubles. If you are a debit card holder, you get 1%, but this option will be free for you.

Paid options. The Shopping program

Paying 1,200 rubles annually, you will alsoreceive 3% of turnover on the card for the month with clean money, but not more than 5,000 rubles a month. In order to receive bonuses, you must make purchases and pay them by cashless payment of 15,000 rubles a month.

Paid options. The "Accumulative" program and the Travel program

Each year paying 700 rubles, you will be eachmonth on the terms of the bonus program "Accumulative" receive from 5% (if the amount does not exceed 20 000 rubles per month) to 8% (in case of excess of turnover amount of 20 000 rubles).

The Travel option, costing 1,300 rubles a year, givesthe opportunity to receive bonus points and compensation for them through the cost of buying tickets, booking hotels and renting vehicles. Spending 20 rubles in Russia, you get 1 point, buying something abroad, you get 2 points for the same amount. 1 point = 0.5 rubles, funds are debited from the bonus account to the main card account automatically after the accumulation of 3000 points. The maximum number of accumulated bonuses is 6000.

However, here are a few things you need to know about:

  • You can connect only one bonus program from among the offered ones.
  • If you decide to switch to another, the balance of unused funds for the old will not be returned to you.
  • If the bank, at its discretion, turns off any option for you, it must return the balance of unused funds.
  • Money for the paid option, as written incontract, are withdrawn from their own, and not from the credit account of the cardholder. In fact, they write off money from there, where there is a sufficient amount of money, and this can be a credit or a debit account. Therefore, you need to keep track of all spending operations in order to know where the cost of the service is calculated from you.

The "Successful Purchase" program. Discounts from bank partners

This is the most standard bonus program, whichthere is a majority of banks. You have the opportunity to receive discounts from partner stores when buying on the map. They are not so much and information about them and acting promotions can be obtained on the official website of MTS.

Bonus program of the international payment system MasterCard

Few know about this possibility, butinternational payment systems also have their own programs to encourage customers. To get information about bonuses, simply go to the site of the payment system MasterCard.

card mts money terms

People says

It's no secret to any of us that as many people,so many opinions on any occasion. Like any banking product, "MTS Money" - a card, the reviews are different, but have a more negative color. All of them are based mainly on human mistakes: they did not perform the procedure for closing the card properly, did not follow what paid services are connected, and did not disconnect unnecessary, inattentively read the service agreement or did not read it at all, did not thoroughly study the tariff table, lost the PIN- code and paid money for re-issuing the card and much more.

how to get a card mts money

Therefore, if you decide to become a holderThis card (as well as any other credit), follow the main and important advice: study all the details "from" and "before" before you take it. Then you will not get into an unpleasant situation and get the maximum benefit when using.

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