When you need an independent evaluation of the house

To carry out sales transactions, credit registration, insurance, inheritance requires documents for the evaluation of the house, which are issued by independent appraisers.

What types of value exist

Distinguish cadastral and market value of the house, rarely coinciding in magnitude.

Evaluation of the house

Previously, when registering documents and calculations for real estate, the inventory value was used, which was reflected in the BTI documents, but now it does not apply.

The cadastral value came to the fore ashow exactly taxes are calculated from it, state duty for gifting, etc. It is owned by every house or land plot that is registered with the EHPR. It is reviewed no more often than twice a year, and at least once every five years.

independent assessment of the house

If you have not been interested in the cadastralthe value of their possessions, go to the website of Rosreestr or to any MFC office, its magnitude may have already changed and does not correspond to that indicated in your registration documents. If you are going to buy a house, you can independently clarify its current cadastral value by contacting the FMC or visiting the website of Rosreestr.

The price of real estate in the market

Market value is a value,on which you can buy a house or plot. It affects the overall economic situation in the country, the purchasing power of the population, the demand for real estate, the characteristics of the facility itself.

Market appraisal of the house is used at registration of the inheritance at the notary, conducting various economic and property disputes in court.

If the cadastral value is higher than the market value, it can be challenged by providing the evaluation of independent appraisers to the court.

Who is involved in valuation

Independent evaluation of houses arespecialized appraisers companies. Before entering into an agreement with them, find out whether the organization has the right to this type of activity. Specialists of the company must be registered in the SRO, have an insurance contract, certification, profile education.

House evaluation criteria

The evaluation agreement specifies data on thethe customer and the executor, the terms of the works, the methods to be used. The evaluation of the house can be carried out together with the site on which it is located, by all courtyard annexes, and separately.

What is taken into account to obtain an objective assessment

To a category of apartment houses any houses intended for habitation concern: country, country, country cottages and others.

The criteria for assessing the house are:

  • the area in which it is located, its proximity to the city;
  • social infrastructure and transport;
  • materials of walls and ceilings;
  • age of construction;
  • area;
  • number of floors.

The price is also affected by what kind of communications are available on the site and in the house, the ecological situation in the area, the presence of encumbrances.

How to prepare the results of the evaluation

The procedure for assessing the house is as follows.After choosing an independent appraiser, who can be entrusted with this responsible work, a contract is concluded with him, which specifies the data of the customer and the company, the description of the object under investigation, and the deadlines for submitting the report.

Example of an evaluation at home

After the signing of the contract, an independent appraiserproceeds to study the characteristics of the object. He goes to the site, inspects him and the house. Using the results of the trip and the data provided by the documents, it starts to calculate.

Example of a report

An assessment report on the house iscompliance with the requirements of the law "On Valuation Activities in the Russian Federation", Federal Valuation Standards, in which the mandatory information and sections are listed.

It consists of several of several sections,which describes what is being assessed, takes into account encumbrances in the form of credit or litigation, urban planning plan of the territory, if changes are planned in the microdistrict development.

The report can use different methods of valuation: cost, income, comparative, the situation is analyzed for the area and type of real estate.

Consider an example of an evaluation of a house intended for sale.

The report specifies:

Assignment task

Object of evaluation


Type of determined value

Market price

Purpose of evaluation

Determination of market value

Evaluation tasks

The results of the evaluation will be used in court

Property rights

The house belongs to Serdyukova Inna Alekseevna, passport xxxx, address of registration: Russia, Sevastopol, ul. _________, d .__

Date of evaluation


Evaluation terms

06/01/2017 - 06/21/2017

Information about the customer and appraiser


Serdyukova I.N.


OOO Arka,

Basis for evaluation

Contract №15 of 01.06.2017

Further in the report on the evaluation of the house in several tables the information is made out:

  1. Description of the house: a house with an area of ​​500 square meters. m, located at the address Sevastopol, st. ___________ d. __.
  2. The results of the evaluation are described. For example, using the cost method, the cost is 37,754,000 rubles, and the comparative approach is 30,107,000 rubles.
  3. Normative documents and standards are listed.
  4. Tables are provided with a detailed description of the location.
  5. In the section devoted to the state of the house, the materials from which it is made and how it is finished are described: windows - double-glazed windows, a door - metal, etc.
  6. In the analysis section, the results of transactions with similar real estate are examined, there is a drop or a rise in prices over the recent period.
  7. Based on the research, the objective value of the house and plot is deduced.

The market value of the house will be 33930500 rubles.

Sample of evaluation at home

A house evaluation report is stitched, sealed and signed by an independent appraiser.

Compiled and issued in accordance with laws and standards, it has evidentiary power in court and in other instances.

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