How to make money on Webmoney: real ways

On the question of how to make money forWebmoney, search engines often give out answers about "a magical purse". This is a purse in the Webmoney system, to which you need to transfer money from your wallet, and then this "deposit" will return in five, ten times the amount. It would seem that this is a standard scheme of scammers, and trusting people will always be found. But it's not so simple. Every day new materials are published, written in a confidential tone, seemingly ordinary people, about the wonderful "magic purse" that belongs, of course, to scammers, but they work on the principle of a financial pyramid: they actually return the first deposits in doubled, tripled, and so the size, and then, when the "victim" loses all vigilance and sends a really serious amount, just disappear. And then there is a scheme for cheating scammers: send them small amounts, get income from them and stop before they decide to take the contribution themselves. The reader thinks: "But it's true, it's not a sin to deceive scammers!" And sends a couple of dollars to the magic number. Of course, he receives absolutely nothing.

how to earn webmoney

Any such material is fraud. But the payment system itself gives good answers to the question "how to earn money on Webmoney." What is Webmony? This is, in fact, a virtual banking system, which means that it is really possible to conduct financial transactions that are profitable in it. Of course, to start such a job, you need to be a registered user of the system, have wallets and funds for them.

How to make money on Webmoney: honest and real ways

The system offers convenient schemes of cooperationsellers, banks, dealers, agents, guarantors, participants of the Certification Center's partner program and system consultant. Some opportunities may be of interest only to individuals, some - only legal. We will analyze how to earn Webmoney in each of these cases.

how to make money on webmoney

How to earn Webmoney as a consultant?

Any person can become a consultant of the system,who is well versed in her work. If you are an experienced Webmoney user, nothing will prevent you from obtaining a personal passport, fill out a special form for registration. After that, you will become one of the consultants of the system and get the right to explain the rules of its work to new participants. As stated in the rules Webmoney, consultants independently designate the amount of fees for their services. The questions are quite complex, requiring thorough knowledge of the system's operation and the ability to apply them in different circumstances, for example, the user may need to consult about opening a currency exchange office under some difficult conditions.

How to earn money on Webmoney as a dealer or agent of the system?

Webmoney agents can be entrepreneurs orlegal entities that have payment terminals, as well as a website. It is enough for them to conclude an agreement with the system, according to which they are entitled to transfer electronic money marks (WMR) to users for a certain fee. The transfer is carried out on behalf of the Webmoney system. The agent receives a profit that is a fixed percentage of the funds received. Possible conclusion of sub-agent contracts.

how to earn on webmoney

How to earn money on Webmoney to the owners of retail stores?

Owners of retail stores can earnon sale of WMR-cards. But for this you need to have the status of IP or legal entity, conclude with the Webmony system an agency contract for the implementation of cards and make an order for at least 50 thousand rubles. As indicated in the proposal of the system, there are still a lot of free niches on the market of WMR cards, and this product is in demand not only among the participants who with their help replenish their wallets, but also among those who do not have registration, but pay with such purchase cards in online stores.

How to earn money on Webmoney, issuing loans?

This way of earning is available to everyone withoutexceptions to participants in the system. If you have available funds on your wallet, you can lend them. This subsystem is called Debt Webmoney, it provides users with a convenient platform for making transactions on issuing and accepting loans, but is not a guarantor of the reliability of a particular borrower. Participants assume full responsibility for the transactions. Users can participate in the auction with any certificates, but, of course, the higher the certificate, the more confidence in its owner. Revenues depend solely on the entrepreneurial nature of the user.

How to earn on Webmoney to future entrepreneurs?

If you want to own your ownbusiness, but you have not decided on its direction, you can open a Webmoney exchange office and earn money by exchanging e-money. Speaking bank terms - to earn on the spread. For this you need to get a personal certificate. Then the person registers his site in the Megastock catalog of the Webmony system, signs a special agreement, indicates the direction of the exchange (electronic currencies, cash, non-cash payments), and only after that he gets the status of an authorized exchange. But in order to become a dealer, you need to fulfill a number of other conditions, which in all details are registered on the sites of the system. In fact, all these formalities are not so complicated if there is an amount for starting capital (for example, you can start with $ 500) and a good unoccupied market for services.

These are in brief all the legitimate opportunities to earn money in the Webmoney system.

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