How to find out the balance of the "VTB 24" card - step by step guide

Bank "VTB 24" has developed for its customersseveral options for checking the balance of the card. In order to choose the most suitable for yourself method, you need to know some of their nuances. About how to find out the balance of the card "VTB 24", will be described in this article.

What will you need?

In order to check the balance of your credit or debit card, you must have:

- Internet connection;

- a card of the bank "VTB 24";

- PIN-code for access to the card;

- phone.

Depending on the method of verification, it will be necessaryuse one or several of the above items. For the convenience of cardholders, the bank provided the simplest and most accessible ways, which will be described below.

find out the balance of the card vtb 24

How to check balance using SMS

The most accessible way that canto save time, is to check the balance using a mobile phone. In order to know the balance of the VTB 24 card by SMS, you must first activate this service. If this method was not chosen at the conclusion of the contract, then it will need to be added to the list of bank services. To do this, go to the office and ask the manager to dial a command in the phone or find out the code to connect. Naturally, you will need a passport that confirms the identity of the person, and, possibly, other documents at the request of the service specialist. You can find out the balance of the VTB 24 card after the account number is linked to the customer number. He will be able to receive information about his status through SMS. When withdrawing or replenishing the account in cash, notifications will be received. Thus, you can monitor the movement of funds on the account and be aware of their amount on the balance sheet. The only shortcoming of the SMS-informing service is that you have to pay for it. In the rest it is very convenient and accessible.

втб 24 learn card balance


In the recent past, in order to find out the balance sheetcard "VTB 24", it was necessary to go to the bank branch and make a request about the account balance with the manager. To date, there is an alternative way that allows you to save your time and energy - these are ATMs. You just need to get to the nearest device and use your card. After card identification you will need to enter the PIN-code of the card and select the item "Account information". The bank machine will issue a check, which will contain information on the account in the bank "VTB 24".

You can find out the balance of the card on the ATM's display,having chosen the necessary command. Only if you use this method, you need to press the "Exit" command after the operation is completed. Otherwise, scammers can find out all the information on a person's account and even withdraw money, while not having a credit card "VTB 24". You can find out the balance of the map in another simple way, which will be described below.

find out the balance of the card vtb 24 by sms

Internet banking

With the help of this service, which is capable ofsave not only time, but also cash, you can also check your account. In finding the balance of the card "VTB 24" through the Internet, there is nothing complicated. You just need to go to the official website of the bank and enter your login and password in the form provided. Personal data can be obtained from the manager at the time of signing the service agreement or contact later, when such a need arises. After the registration process has been successfully completed, you should select "Account Account Status" in the menu. If something becomes unclear, you need to contact the technical support service of the site or personally to a bank specialist.

It is very profitable to use internet banking, because you do not have to pay for it. Also, you do not need to leave the house to learn about the balance of your credit or debit card.

learn the balance of the card by phone 24 by phone

Additional opportunities for clients

Another way to get information aboutstate of their account. is a phone call. To find out the balance of the "VTB 24" card by phone became much more convenient than before. All calls are transferred to automatic mode. and now there is no need to wait for the operator's response. You can always look up a phone number in a contract with a service organization or ask the manager for help by contacting the office.

In any case, when you connect a serviceremote use, you need to provide an identity document. Without a certificate, no manager will provide data. Always be careful about whoever asks you for a document and for what purpose.

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