LCD "Ankudinovsky Park": photos and reviews

For residents of such a large industrial city,as Nizhny Novgorod, the opportunity to purchase apartments in a comfortable, eco-friendly neighborhood is a real gift. LCD "Ankudinovsky Park" - a bright representative of a modern, thoughtful complex for life, where all the necessary conditions have been created. The project attracts a lot of attention, so it definitely deserves our detailed review.

LCD "Ankudinovsky Park"

about the project

LCD "Ankudinovsky Park" (Nizhny Novgorod) -project of large-scale development of the whole microdistrict, represented by 27 monolithic buildings of varying number of storeys. All of them are designed in a single architectural style, perfectly combined with the greenery surrounding the complex. The developer offers a variety of planning solutions, a spacious landscaped area and access to all necessary infrastructure facilities. A new format of high-quality and affordable housing for modern families - all this LCD "Ankudinovsky Park."


LCD "Ankudinovsky Park" - a project of a group of companies"Frame Monolith". For 17 years of existence in the real estate market, the company was able to gain the necessary experience. Currently he specializes in the design and construction of residential buildings with the use of monolithic technology, provides residents of the city with economy class apartments.

LCD Ankudinovsky Park "(Nizhny Novgorod)


For the construction of a new complex was chosenenvironmentally friendly, spared from harmful production areas of the city. A plot of 50 hectares was allocated for construction outside Nizhny Novgorod. The attention of the developer was attracted by the Kstovo district, Ankudinovka village. Clean air, an abundance of greenery, excellent opportunities for outdoor leisure - this is exactly what the LCD "Ankudinovsky Park" is currently imagining. The developer has developed a new microdistrict plan, trying to preserve the beauty of the natural landscape as much as possible. As a result, a modern, quality complex has emerged, surrounded on all sides by a forest strip. The city is very close - it is only 6 km.

Transport accessibility

Distance from the city scares potentialbuyers, because not every family has a car with which you can get to work, take the children to a kindergarten and school. To ensure the necessary transport accessibility, the developer provided for the construction of bus stops, additional public transportation routes will be launched in the direction of the new micro district. To get to any point of the city will be quick and easy even for those who do not use personal transport.

LCD "Ankudinovsky Park": the developer

In 10 minutes walk from the new buildings is locatedrailway station "Ankudinovka", from it for an hour with a little you can get to the Moscow railway station. Car owners can reach the city center in just 20 minutes with no traffic jams.


Apartments LCD "Ankudinovsky Park" have, perhaps,the main advantage that distinguishes them from the others is the ecological character of the place where they are built. In the neighborhood of the complex there is a huge Ankudinovsky Park, in honor of which the project was named, as well as the Botanical Garden with the rarest plant species. In this regard, residents of the complex will have an advantage over those who live in a dusty and crowded city.

Near the complex there are clean forestlake, forest park. All major highways with heavy traffic are located at a sufficient distance from the complex, due to which do not disturb the residents.

LCD "Ankudinovsky Park": reviews of the apartments


All car owners will be able to use the undergroundparking: you can go down to it directly from the floor of your apartment with the help of a high-speed elevator. Due to the underground parking it was possible to isolate the yards from the accumulation of cars and to arrange modern playgrounds and sports grounds for children and adults. The project provides for the creation of walking areas, bicycle paths.


Planning the construction of a remote, albeit notessentially, from the city of the microdistrict, it is important to think through access to all the necessary infrastructure facilities. The own infrastructure of the microdistrict is represented by several kindergartens, a comprehensive school, a business center, a FOK and a shopping and entertainment center. The first floors of the houses will be allotted to the objects of commercial infrastructure: as the object is handed over, there will appear bank branches, beauty salons, cafes, shops.

The village of Ankudinovka is quite small, objectsinfrastructure is not represented in abundance and diversity, but within 10 minutes you can reach the village of Fedyakovo, where the largest shopping and entertainment center "Mega" operates.

Apartments, lay-out

How comfortable was the property in the LCD"Ankudinovsky Park"? Reviews of the apartments, of course, primarily include a variety of planning solutions. The developer offers apartment buyers from 1 to 4 rooms ranging from 18 to 89 square meters. Apartments do not impress with space, they are rather compact, but due to modern and rational layouts it is possible to provide comfort to every member of the family.

Apartments LCD "Ankudinovsky Park"

All apartments are finished "turnkey". It is represented by a laminate on the floor, washable wallpaper on the walls, entrance and interior doors, balcony glazing, high-quality sanitary ware of European manufacture, granite in the bathroom and a bathroom. In addition, in the kitchen of all residents waiting for a modern kitchen with built-in appliances.

Price policy

Surely, many are interested in knowing what the price iscomfort and clean air. The cost of one-bedroom apartments with finishing starts from 1.6 million rubles, a four-room apartment for a large and friendly family can be purchased for 4 million rubles. For an apartment ready to receive tenants - this is an excellent price.

Summing up

LCD "Ankudinovsky Park" - a model of the moderncomplex, where all the conditions for life are created. The project will definitely attract the attention of families with young children and those who pay great attention to the quality of their lives, want to escape from the hustle and bustle of the metropolis without losing access to the necessary infrastructure facilities.

Look closely at the project more closely, the final delivery of it is planned for the 4th quarter of 2017, as yet there is the opportunity to purchase an apartment on favorable terms.

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