Sberbank: property insurance. Reviews

Sberbank has property insurance, deposits andthere are credit programs for every taste. This company has developed a lot of financial products that can meet all the needs of the population in the field of banking services. However, the bank's reputation as costly, slow and problematic, developed over the past decades, gives rise to doubts - is it worth it to communicate? Choosing mortgage property insurance in Sberbank, can you expect to receive money when an insured event occurs? Or is the reliability of the company as an insurance company not up to par? This can be assessed by reviewing the feedback of those who used the services of the firm. It will not be superfluous to analyze the list of companies involved in property insurance (Sberbank).

sberbank property insurance

For all occasions

The firm has developed many programs, soyou can insure anything from various hazards. By law, in some situations an individual is required to issue property insurance, and the organization offers banking products for all these cases. For example, there is a program of insurance of collateral property of Sberbank, a car purchased on credit, a home bought under a mortgage. However, this diversity of opportunities is not exhausted. As those who already faced the approach of the insured event say, from Sberbank it is even easier to receive payments than from many companies that deal only with insurance.

Special conditions

Some clients of the bank can expect special treatment and individual tariffs. This is provided for those who decided to purchase a premium package. The bank offers two options:

  • "Status";
  • "Prestige".

Taking advantage of this banking offer,the client gets access not only to the insurance of the property of individuals in Sberbank, but also can use special rates for obtaining tourist insurance. This is especially true for those who often travel abroad. If you believe the advertising brochures (and some reviews), property insurance in the Savings Bank allows you to leave in the past any problems and guarantee yourself comfort even when the circumstances are against a person.


Be sure to review theproperty insurance in the Savings Bank of the company (a list of them can be found on the organization's website). Selection of the insurer is not an easy task and requires a responsible approach. It is important that the firm has a good reputation, which would indicate its reliability. If suddenly the insured event nevertheless has come, it is important that the firm immediately pay out everything that is supposed in such a situation.

sberbank property insurance for mortgages

It is necessary to understand that there are such insurers,which to their obligations are not too neat. But such insecurities are insured by those who choose Sberbank accredited firms, as this bank very carefully checks all partners.

Property: already bought, but there is a loan

Special programs of the bank offer insurancenot the property itself, but the credit program for which it was purchased. However, the reviews about this program are mixed. Not everyone understands the essence of the proposal, so many are unhappy. People are convinced that the bank is simply trying to lure more money.

Mortgage insurance from Sberbank to real estateproperty - one of the options for such a loan program. Getting a policy allows you to protect yourself from unpleasant situations. The programs are quite different, so you can choose exactly what is most suitable for a particular client. If a person doubts what aspects are important to him, consultants come to the aid.

The pledge is insured

Getting a mortgage, any person is required immediatelyinsure property on which the bank gives him money in debt. Here, insurance companies accredited by Sberbank come to the rescue (property insurance is the program that is needed in this case). The house, apartment, purchased under the mortgage program, are insured against possible risks of damage, death.

savings bank mortgage insurance

If the insured event does come, money forThis program will get the loaned bank. For the client, the program is advantageous as follows: a person is exempted from paying a loan if the housing is "lost". Property insurance for a mortgage from Sberbank seems quite a profitable program, but many prefer to work with accredited insurers. But be careful and compare the price proposals so as not to interfere with the firm that charges the commission.

Apartment under protection

Property insurance for a mortgage from Sberbank -This is not the only program that allows you to save the real estate of an ordinary person. You can arrange insurance for your own housing even when it is not an obligation for the debt to the bank. This will save him from trouble, and in the event of an insured event, he will become a safety cushion, a source of financial support, through which it will be possible to overcome difficult circumstances.

But if the house is not yet built and the apartment inthey take a mortgage, then the insurance is not required by law. But as soon as the building is put into operation, and the buyer of the living space receives the certificate, it will be necessary to immediately obtain an insurance policy. Be careful: according to the terms of the contract, deliberate delay with the purchase of the policy is punishable by fines. The bank charges up to 0.5% of the amount of debt for each day without an insurance program. By the way, often this item is the source of negative reviews, both about insurance and Sberbank mortgage programs. Not all carefully read the terms of the contract, and then are surprised that you have to pay a significant amount.

Buying an insurance policy

Property insurance from Sberbank suggestsacquisition of an insurance policy. This can be done both in the office of an accredited insurer and directly in the bank branch. In addition to the insurance program for own assets, you can insure life, a bank card, health. The bank offers more favorable tariffs for regular customers and those who are insured under higher coverage programs. It's more expensive, but safer.

savings bank

The policy in each individual case is calculatedindividually, taking into account the requirements of the client. If you are not satisfied with the result, you should inform the agent about it. In most cases, specialists can offer something cheaper. Remember that the price of property insurance from Sberbank is influenced by the factors:

  • duration of the program in days;
  • the price of the property;
  • age of the client;
  • the state of health of the client.

Money under protection

It's no secret that money is also propertyman, while they are with him. But in recent years, thieves and scammers have divorced very much. If the theft of cash has been known for a long time, many people do not know about the possibility of stealing from a bank card. To protect yourself from such a disaster, you can join the insurance program. In addition, the package will help if the card is lost.

property insurance in the Savings Bank reviews

Sberbank has property insurance in the form ofA bank card is cheap, but it will save you from withdrawing money by third parties. The program will protect in case the client has become a victim of a fraudster or a thief. With loss, loss, mechanical damage to the card, you can count on quick bank assistance with recovery. In addition, the program allows you to insure yourself against the situation of missing money withdrawn from the card, if this trouble occurred no later than 2 hours from the moment when the amount was cashed. The program is distributed to all countries of the world, and a report on the occurrence of an insurance event can be submitted by calling the hotline of the bank.

Property insurance: this is important

The insurance program is an interactioninsurance company and private person. It is regulated not only by an agreement concluded between the parties, but also by the current legislation of our country. Insurance products, as the law says, must meet certain conditions. In order to satisfy the requirements of legal norms, Sberbank's property insurance implies protection from:

  • loss of property;
  • damage;
  • destruction of partial or complete;
  • production losses.

The program includes civil liability for obligations, provided for by the laws of the country.

How it works?

If you visit the site of the Savings Bank,that insurance offers are described in general terms, without specificity. The reason is that the detailed clarity is made already at the stage of drawing up the contract and paying for it. The insurer, the client agree on what insurance risks the arrangement covers.

sberbank property insurance insurance companies

In some cases, under the contract upon approachthe bank pays the full value of the insured object, under other conditions the compensation is only partial. Some programs assume reimbursement of the amounts needed to restore the performance of the item. If revenues are involved in the arrangement, then if they are not received by the client (or only a part), the bank reimburses these amounts.

Insurance compensation

This term describes the amount thatis sent to the client's address when an insured event occurs. I must say, it is in most cases - the source of dissatisfaction with private individuals, where negative feedback is received from the program. People rely on fairly large compensation, which in practice are much less than we would like. Often the reason is that many of our fellow citizens do not read the contract very carefully.

If the contract has been thoroughly studied, and the amounts indicatedin it, do not coincide with what the bank sends to the client, you can sue in order to establish justice. The practice of recent years shows that it is much more real to win a dispute with an insurer today than it was 5-10 years ago.

In the contract, the price of compensation is not always prescribeddirectly. If it is not there, then the insurance company estimates damage to the insured property and compensates for the losses. The justification for making a payment is confirmation that things are really spoiled, gone.

Insurance sums: basis for taxes

About how large the amount of insurance, the clientfinds out even before signing an agreement with Sberbank. It depends on what the material values ​​of the client, passing under the program of protection from unfavorable situations. Money can be obtained if the loss occurs for the reason prescribed in the contract in the category of "insured events".

collateral insurance

You can not set the limit of the sum insured anymore,than the value of the object. If the sum insured and the score coincide, they talk about full insurance, that is, in an unpleasant situation, it will be possible to fully compensate for the loss. At a price less than the cost, compensation is only partial. Analyze the maximum possible amount under the insurance contract, taking into account this make a payment. At the same time, it is estimated how costly it will be to buy a new similar item or create a similar product; how much in fact the item cost, at what price a similar one is sold on the market.

Insurance indemnity

This term is characterized by those amounts thatcan be obtained from the insurer in case of damage. Also, the compensation is paid, there is damage to the liability of the client of the insurance company to third parties. The amount is not always the same as prescribed in the contract, it is often less. The company analyzes the circumstances of the occurrence of the insured event and decides how much to pay.

list of companies involved in property insurance

Admittedly, customers usually expect a fullreimbursement of the insurance program, and the reduction of payments becomes an extremely unpleasant surprise. To protect yourself from such surprises, you need to carefully study the terms of the contract. If there are doubtful moments, it is necessary to clarify them from a specialist working on official paper. If the insurance company does not comply with the terms of the contract, you can apply to the court to restore justice. Pay attention: in any insurance company there is an adjuster. Its task is to approve the grounds for paying the client money. Of course, the representative works primarily in favor of his company, and only then in the interests of the client. But those customers who are firmly confident in their position, can insist on their own opinion. The task of an ajaster is to achieve an agreed position. In some cases, the insurance company may yield, just to avoid court. If you believe the reviews about Sberbank insurance programs, it is often not easy to satisfy all the requirements, but it is still possible.

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