SKB-Bank: feedback from employees and customers

Today we will talk about one of the largestregional banks. To be more precise, this is the second largest institution in the asset rating, which operates primarily in the Sverdlovsk region. Moreover, given the geographic specificity, SKB-Bank, which will be described further on, is considered a fairly visible institution on the scale of the entire Ural region.

In this article, we will describe the bank, describe its most popular products, and also provide feedback on the network from both clients and employees.

general information

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Let's start with the characteristics of the bank, its generaldescription. It belongs, according to official information from shareholders, to 98% billionaire Dmitry Pumpyansky (the remaining stake is in the hands of minority investors). This is confirmed by the fact that the bank is engaged in servicing settlements of the Pipe Metallurgical Company, which is controlled by the same person.

However, if we look at the sources of funding for this institution, we note the lion's share of deposits. Probably, this direction is singled out as a priority.

If we turn to history, then it was foundedin 1990, but at that time it was a branch of Agroprombank, only later it was renamed the Bank for the Promotion of Commerce and Business. It is from here that the reduction that we see today has occurred. Until 2013, the bank passed from hand to hand, until it was bought by a group headed by Pumpyanskiy.

To understand the scope of activities,look at these figures: SKB-Bank (staff reviews can confirm this) consists of seven branches operating in Moscow, Khabarovsk, Vologda, Udmurtia, Volgograd, Ryazan and Omsk. In total, the institution is divided into 69 management offices, as well as 108 operating offices. For the convenience of working with customers, the bank has a network of terminals (about 200 machines in different cities) and nearly 600 ATMs. If you read the reviews of employees of the top echelons of management, dedicated to SKB-Bank, you can find out more than 2.3 million of bank cards being serviced. Partially, these data are confirmed by the bank itself.

Services for private individuals

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On the official website of the institution there is a wholesection on options for individuals. If you go into it, you can learn about the classic banking set - lending, accepting deposits and other options. As evidenced by the feedback of clients describing SKB-Bank, the information policy in the institution is simple - everything that interests you, you can either read it yourself, or you can find out from the representatives of the institution. About any hidden information that would put a person at a disadvantage, we did not learn anything. Thus, the transparency of conditions and the availability of information can not but rejoice.


An institution such as SKB-Bank (reviews aboutloans can be found without any difficulty), there are 8 products for the issuance of funds to private customers. In addition to their selection, the client is given the opportunity to use a special designer, in which to specify the amount of the desired loan, the terms and conditions for obtaining it.

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For example, the most universal productis "On everything about everything", within which the user can provide from 51 thousand to 1.8 million rubles for different purposes. Starting with the amount of 180 thousand rubles, the bank will require a borrower a certificate of income. With it, the interest rate can reach the level from 18 to 30.9%, whereas without it the customer can expect 34.9% per year.

In addition, here are presented such options,as a credit card (with a limit of up to 300 thousand rubles, providing cash-back), three types of mortgage programs (for a secondary object, with the participation of the state, as well as purchase of housing in the Roshinsky complex), a loan for holders of bank cards issued and serviced in an institution such as SKB-Bank (the testimonies indicate that there are quite favorable conditions on this plan), and so on. As you can see, the set of tools for working with private clients in the sphere of lending at the bank is quite wide. And now, for example, obtained in an institution called SKB-Bank mortgage (the reviews confirm this) can be an excellent chance to make housing more affordable.


The same can be said about the collection of deposits,allowing everyone who wants to receive income from the placement of their funds in this institution. So, at the time of writing the article, we were able to identify 4 main programs that attracted finance.

The most popular of them, which is activepromotes SKB-Bank, - the deposit "Happy coin". The reviews call it the most flexible and versatile product, as its conditions allow you to open a deposit in three currencies, partially withdraw early without losing interest. The first year the depositor receives profit at the level of 10.5% per annum, after which the bank pays 3 years more per year for 2 more years.

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You can also open a contribution that allows you tocharity, pension deposit (8% of profit), product "Active account" for the ability to permanently withdraw funds (7% of income). Such offers its clients deposits of the bank "SKB". Comments characterize this financial instrument as a good opportunity to increase their savings.

Other options

For more comfortable work with the bank to the clientit is suggested to use one of the additional services. In particular, it is a mobile banking service ("Bank-on-the-go"), an Internet service for banking operations ("Bank-on-the-couch"), a Begom money transfer program. Also, VIP-clients are offered Elite-bank service as an add-on, within the framework of which individual service is organized. For ordinary customers, the bank offers the function of SMS-informing about all operations on the account.

Services for business and corporate clients

In addition to interacting with private usersThe bank also works with representatives of business (entrepreneurs and companies). For them on the site of the SKB-Bank institution (reviews can confirm this) there are two corresponding tabs. Having passed on them, the client receives all the information necessary to him concerning his services in the institution.

SKB-bank deposit "Happy coin" reviews


One of the most popular is the serviceprovision of borrowed funds - lending. The loan programs in the case of entrepreneurs and companies differ from those presented on the page of working with individuals. In particular, there are four plans here, under which completely different working conditions with the client operate. For example, under the program "Stable Growth" a borrower can receive from 10 million rubles for a period of 12, 24 or 36 months to choose from. For his part, he will be obliged to provide a deposit in the amount not less than 50% of the loan amount. There is also a mandatory requirement regarding the duration of business activities for which a loan is issued. The borrower's activity should be no less than 12 months. The interest rate starts at 13% per annum and increases depending on the means by which the loan will be provided. As they say about the establishment of SKB-Bank, they give credit reviews left by clients, there are flexible conditions here that can be adjusted to your expectations.


For legal entities and entitiesentrepreneurial activity is also available the opportunity to make deposits for further capital increase. Specific conditions for what interest rate the bank can offer to its customers is not indicated on the site, because everything depends on many factors, such as the amount of the deposit, the length of its placement, and the like. Therefore, the interaction of the institution with any company is carried out individually in each specific case, within the framework of a particular deposit program. The latter can provide for both a long-term contribution and placement of funds for a period of 1 day (for example, for a weekend period).

As an alternative to deposit deposits, the bank's page describes the redemption of bills.

Salary projects

For more comfortable work, the SKR-Bank offersto their clients to create a special salary project. Within its framework, it may be envisaged to issue bank cards to employees and further create a system of payments for them. This, as indicated on the bank's page, is a simple, profitable and safe way of transferring funds to a large number of employees without delays and any difficulties.

In addition to profitable cooperation with the employerThe bank also offers a lot of options for cardholders. For example, it may be the provision of the opportunity to formalize a loan on more favorable terms under a simplified scheme.


If we consider SKB-Bank (2015, reviews fromcorporate clients), you can also see information about the settlement and cash services. This, as you understand, is one of the activities of the institution and a separate service for entrepreneurs and small businesses.

SKB-Bank staff reviews

Under this option, the bank opens an account forwho conducts all further activities (issuing certified copies of documents to him, reports for submission to state control bodies, informing via SMS, access to Internet banking, etc.). The single payment for all these operations is 500 rubles.

Bank guarantees

Another service for corporate clientsis the issuance of guarantees. This can be as a guarantee for the contract, and a customs guarantee or ensuring the return of the advance. In this area, SKB-Bank (customer feedback confirms this) provides a wide range of tools, details of which are indicated directly on the institution's website.

Customer Testimonials

In fact, if we consider the initiatesbank characteristics, left by customers, you can find and a lot of negative. If you analyze most of them, you can see the opinions of those who are dissatisfied with the conditions of those or other products. This is a normal process, because such situations evolved, as we see from the reviews, more often than not in favor of the client.

SKB-bank customer references

However, it is very simple to deal with such a course of things - it is enough to read all the documents provided by the bank in advance and find out all the conditions on which you will cooperate with the institution.

Employee feedback

To understand how the bank works, it is also necessaryand refer to the reviews left by the staff. Many of them are negative, but there are also those where good working conditions are noted. This is normal, because people who are satisfied with everything, are unlikely to start looking for sites with reviews on the network - this is mostly done by those employees who do not like something.

Work in SKB-bank, about which we were looking for,is not simple - some say that there really is a lot of effort to be made. Nevertheless, wages will be worthy of all diligence. At least, this is confirmed by the same employees.

There are a lot of comments about the fact thatthe employees of this structure were naughty (or even somehow brought trouble) bosses. However, in all such situations it should be understood that the reason is not the general policy of the institution, but the attitude and attitude of the individual. Since about 3.6 thousand people are part of the staff of the institution called SKB-Bank, employee reviews based on stories, when someone offended them, look frivolous. And this is easy to verify by looking at the reviews yourself.


Summarize about this bank can be, taking inattention indicators of its success and what results it achieved on the commercial market. Since this is the second largest bank in the region, having representative offices in the capital and constantly increasing its share in a certain segment of the business, one can note its work only on the positive side.

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