DSAGO: what is it and what is different from OSAGO and CASCO?

Few people have questions about the difference between OSAGO and CASCO. But there is also the DSAGO. What it is? How does it relate to OSAGO and how does it differ from CASCO? Let's figure it out.

What is it and why is it necessary?

So, DSAGO: what is it and what is it for? Let's start with a reminder of the well-known fact: not always the insurance for OSAGO completely covers the damage. The prices for spare parts and repairs, as well as the cost of medical services, change faster and more often than the maximum amounts of insurance payments are reviewed. In this case, no driver, even the most experienced, can not be completely protected from accidents.

CASCO allows you to guarantee payments in the right amountvolume, but this service is expensive, and not every car owner can afford such expenses. In this case, you should think about the type of insurance we are considering.

Insurance DSAGO is otherwise called expandedOSAGO. The advantage is a significant increase in the sum insured, as compared to the "auto citizen". If the payment that relies on OSAGO is not sufficient to fully compensate for the damage, the difference can be paid in the framework of the AAAC.

Thus, it is a question of voluntary insurance of the civil liability in addition to the obligatory. Instead of the abbreviation of DSAGO, DAGO, DOSAGO, DGO, DSGO can be used.

what is it

How to apply?

As has already been said, DSAGO is voluntary. Therefore, each insurer sets tariffs for it. First of all, the cost depends on the sum insured, but the driver's experience, type, power and age of the vehicle, as well as the term of the policy, also matter.

Do not forget that OSAGO is a mandatory documentfor the driver. You can not replace it with DSAGO. In fact, you will have two insurance. But they will cost less than CASCO, which, by the way, also does not relieve OSAGO.

To issue a DSAGO policy, prepare:

  1. Driver's license.
  2. The policy of OSAGO.
  3. Document on registration of the vehicle.
  4. Passport.
  5. Data on persons admitted to management.

The easiest way is to contact the same company that issued the MTPL to avoid problems with determining the amount of payments in case of an accident.

As a rule, when acquiring an extension to"Car insurance" insurers do not inspect the car. But if the car owner requests too high a refund (over 2 million rubles), this can cause suspicions from the insurer. Then the inspection will take place.

It is not necessary to carry an extended insurance form.


Who needs DSAGO?

Whatever you say insurance agents aboutadvantages of a voluntary policy, no matter how scary the risk of crashing into a doroguschey foreign car, their words should be divided into two or even three. The probability of serious accidents, in which the amount of damage is much higher than the standard limit for OSAGO - 400 thousand rubles, is not so high. Even an expensive car is difficult to damage for a higher amount in driving conditions on city streets.

And yet, DSAGO will not prevent young, inexperienced car owners with a small driving experience, as well as those who prefer aggressive management style and high speeds.

How does DSAGO differ from CASCO and OSAGO?

Speaking of a voluntary "autocitizen", it would be nice toto draw a parallel with the other types of auto insurance in order to better understand the essence of the AAAG. What is it, we figured out, but how does it differ from the same voluntary CASCO?

CASCO is the protection of the car of the insured, thenas OSAGO and DSAGO - protection of the responsibility of the automobile owner. If you became the culprit of an accident, then if you have CASCO, you can count on recovering the costs of repairing your car. If you only have OSAGO or DSAGO, then the injured party will receive compensation.

The difference with OSAGO is the cost of the policy andamount of compensation. Tariffs for OSAGO are set by the Central Bank, and with the price of DSAGO insurers are free to "experiment" as much as they like. With regard to the sum insured, the payment for DSAGO is the difference between compensation for MTPL and the real amount of damage.


Here we are with you and found out everything about DSAGO: what is this, how to arrange and whether it is possible to replace them with other insurance. Be on the road!

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