How to draw up a consumer loan for credit cards without income certificates

Express lending has always been itselfa favorite service of financial institutions. After all, this is a sure way to make a huge profit in a short period of time. The rate for such loans can reach 70%, which banks explain by increased risk factors. After all, making out credit cards without certificates of income, the financial institution gives money in debt, without any guarantees from the return. A huge profit in this case provides a large number of loans so given. It also eliminates bank losses in cases of fraud.

credit cards without income statements

Credit cards without certificates and guarantors

Today, issue a consumer express loanyou can almost in any bank. You can get money in this case either in cash (at the checkout) or on a freshly printed card. To issue credit cards without certificates of income, you must provide the financial organization with 2 documents, namely:

  1. The current passport of the Russian Federation with mandatory registration in the immediate vicinity of the branch of the selected bank.
  2. Another document that can confirm the identity of the borrower.

By receiving credit cards without income certificates,the client agrees to pay sometimes huge interest rates - up to 70% per annum, however, the terms of payments can be significantly mitigated, giving the financial institution more information and guarantees. If you have only two documents, you can take a maximum of 500 thousand rubles for a very short time. And, although the laws of the Russian Federation stipulate that such loans can be obtained for a period of up to one and a half years, most financial organizations rarely manage to exceed the six-month period.

credit cards without certificates and guarantors
List of documents and guarantees

To apply for a consumer loan with milder conditions, you can provide the following documents and guarantees to the financial institution, in addition to the above:

  • certificate from the place of work about the experience;
  • a certificate of income level for at least six months;
  • bail;
  • lien - usually they are real estate or cars

issue a credit card without a certificate
In the case of a full packagedocuments, including the signature of the guarantor, and the collateral object in the form of real estate, the borrower can expect up to 10 million rubles for a period of up to 20 years. Making out credit cards without certificates of income, he agrees with most of the conditions of the banking organization, including a high interest rate and, often, the inability to repay the loan early. Thus, the borrower starts overpaying more than 50% of the immediate value of the purchased product or service.

Today we can say with confidence thatto issue a credit card without certificates is like giving a hard-earned money to a bank. If it was already required to borrow, it is much more expedient to collect the most complete set of documents, to find a guarantor and a collateral object. This is the only way to take a loan, because then the conditions for obtaining it will be more beneficial to the client. The rates for such a loan will rarely exceed 15-20%, and the maximum amount may reach 10 million rubles.

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