Bank "Mikhailovsky": feedback from employees and customers

In today's article, we'll talk about one of thesmall regional banks operating in Russia. This is the bank "Mikhailovsky", which will be reviewed further. The institution began its work in 1994 in the Volgograd region (the city of Mikhailovka - hence the name). Already in 2008 the office opened in the capital, and in 2013 the institution showed the authorized capital of 252 million rubles.
About how Mikhailovsky Bank is working today, feedback from customers and employees - read this article.

bank "Mikhailovsky" reviews


In general, the management of the bank is carried outseveral bodies. Firstly, this is a meeting of shareholders, at which common, most significant issues in the institution are decided. Secondly, there is a board of directors and the board of the bank. These elements are engaged in executive activities and are accountable to the shareholders' meeting. In particular, there is a chairman of the board - the person responsible directly for the activities of the board, which personally takes the most important decisions. Thirdly, further in the hierarchy there are structural divisions specializing in the solution of certain problems.
Such a structure, it can be said, is typicalfor banking institutions. With it, the bank "Mikhailovsky" can most effectively perform all the stream tasks and make decisions on more global, key points in development.

bank "Mikhailovsky"

Service list

If you look at the list of services that provideinstitution to its customers, it is typical for the banking sector. There are three groups of entities that may be interested in the bank's services: private (physical) persons, companies (legal entities), and financial organizations. Each of them presents certain types of services, such as lending and depository activities, cash services, securities trading, transactions with promissory notes and others. Bank "Mikhailovsky" (customer reviews confirm this) has its official website, which contains a description of tariffs and options available.

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To understand a little more about this institution,it is necessary to pay attention to the polls in which it participated. After all, the fact is that each bank constantly receives ratings from agencies and companies that compose rating lists on certain issues. Due to this, the clients of the bank, who were not previously serviced by them, can find out at least approximately what they are dealing with.
Of course, the Mikhailovsky Bank, whose reviews are notso easy to find, is not so large an institution that there was a lot of information about it. In the rating, where the assets of Russian banks were estimated, it is only 535th (1.56 billion). In another list, where the sizes of deposits of citizens and companies are noted, this structure is located at the 505th place (316 million). If we talk about loans, the bank takes 544 lines with a total of 75 million rubles.
For a small regional bank from Mikhailovka, this, of course, is the result expected - clearly, in fact, that they do not expect to occupy leadership positions on the all-Russian market.

bank "Mikhailovsky" credit reviews

Customer Testimonials

As to how the institution respondsits customers, then with this everything is quite predictable. Characteristic of the bank, "Mikhailovsky", really, does not have much: people write that at first they were afraid to invest their money here, because of its little-known. But in general, cooperation with the institution attracts simplicity and reliability. The bank has a small network and not so many customers, but with respect to employees it can be said that here everyone is valued. And this applies to both those who invest funds and people who make loans.
It is positive to note the desire of managementstructure to expand the network of influence and, thus, provide a comfortable service for each client. The bank has one branch in Moscow and several in Volgograd (including the central office). In the Volgograd region, the Mikhailovsky ATM network is expanding, which makes it possible to talk about the comfortable maintenance of the residents of the region by covering this institution.

Internet banking

bank "Mikhailovskiy" staff reviews

Despite the fact that we are talking abouta small structure, the bank operates its own Internet banking for corporate clients. It is simple enough and performs only basic functions that can be claimed by companies and organizations. But with the help of this online platform, a number of operations and functions interacting with corporate clients are substantially simplified. Perhaps in the future, such a site will be open to private individuals who are served here.

Employee feedback

The network has almost no information from people,working for the bank "Mikhailovsky". Reviews may not be left because of the relatively small staff. Also, we can assume that there is not such a large staff turnover, and this is a good indicator. In his favor, the second factor also plays: on the sites with vacancies at the time of writing the article, there were no open proposals regarding employment in the Mikhailovsky bank. Reviews of employees, for this reason we were not able to find.
In general, the institution is successfully operating in the marketalready a fairly long period of time, we can conclude that the employees here have acceptable conditions, since there has not been any major scandal. Otherwise, it would be written about on many websites with reviews.


Summarizing all of the above information,which, alas, not so much, we can draw the following conclusions. Those characteristics that we managed to find, in general, praise the bank "Mikhailovsky": reviews about loans, deposits and other services that the institution provides are positive. Information about the fact that there are improperly treated customers or conduct some fraudulent transactions, we also could not find. Let's look at the obvious facts: the bank has been working for many years, albeit with a relatively narrow circle of customers. For all this time, it is building up its assets (as evidenced by open source data on the financial indicators of the institution), which proves the profitability of its work. Therefore, to answer the question of whether it is worth contacting this bank, if you are satisfied with all the conditions, you can positively.

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