Bank deposits. Bank deposits of individuals

Whether we like it or not, banking services have surrounded everyone. Calculations, payments, payment of wages, transfers and much more are now carried out by banking institutions.

But at the same time each of the banksare associated with other financial products. Deposits and loans are those banking services that have large-scale distribution and demand. Each of us at least once in my life thought about opening his savings account or buying goods on credit.

If you have a tidy sum of money and want that they do not just lay at home under the pillow, but bring you some income, then sooner or later you'll think about how to do it.

Also, if you have a low level of income, you can not save on some expensive purchase, you will think about how to still collect the necessary amount of money.

Banks will help save savings

The solution for both the first and second cases can be various bank deposits.

deposits in rubles

After the global financial crisis, manytrust banks, believing that they will be deceived. And this is not surprising - indeed at that time there were massive cases of bankruptcy of financial institutions, non-return of deposits and other unpleasant events that limited or violated the rights of clients.

Deposits have become safer

Since then, bank deposits have become muchsafer. At the legislative level, the requirements and control of the Central Bank for banking institutions have greatly increased. In addition, there is ongoing monitoring of cash provision of all loans issued by banks, so that there is no such situation that was observed at the time of the crisis, when loans were not returned and, accordingly, there were no funds to pay deposits according to clients' requirements.

deposits of individuals

The deposit will not be able to earn

It is worth immediately dispelling the myth that bankingdeposits will make it possible to earn good money for their owners. Current interest rates on deposits are not at the level to really help make money on their money. This is possible only if the amount of the deposit is really large - but this option is not suitable for everyone, even those who have an average income, rarely have the opportunity to accumulate a sufficient amount of cash.

In modern conditions, bank depositsare, more likely, a way of preservation of the saved up money in a reliable place, and also a good method to cope with depreciation of the capital because of inflation. You should not hope for more.

Types of deposits

Deposit deposits in banks are presented in a wide range of different types. In each bank deposits are called in their own way, but according to the basic principles they can all be combined into 5-6 types.

deposits in banks

There are both offers for legal entities,and deposits of individuals. Companies and companies have higher requirements, and interest rates are lower by an order of magnitude, due to the fact that the amounts placed very often exceed the level of 1 million rubles, and the term of such deposits is generally not more than 3 months.

Urgent bank deposits, interest on whichthe highest among all other species, are the most popular. This attention from the customers is not surprising, because everyone wants to get as much revenue as possible. Sometimes high interest can turn a head, and the person loses vigilance.

Planning which bank to place your owndeposit, do not forget that there are such institutions that may already become bankrupt tomorrow. Typically, financial institutions in which things are not going well, lure clients with large interest rates on deposits, which differ by several levels from the average market offers. Choosing the best option for placing your funds, ask what loan offers the bank has.

High interest rates on the deposit may indicate a bad financial position

For example, if an institution offersdeposits 30% per annum and at the same time under the terms of credit programs takes as commission 35%, that is, an occasion to reflect. After all, these 5% is actually the income of the bank. The less such a gap, the less the bank earns, and hence the probability of its financial stability is less.

bank deposits

It is not worth responding to high interest as the animated hero Roquefort from the cartoon "Chip and Dale," who, feeling the smell of cheese, threw all his affairs and literally flew to his source.

Compare the different offers on the market, findand try to understand for yourself why one bank offers 20%, and another - 30%. For example, you can focus on deposits on deposits of Sberbank, which offers about 10% per annum.

Term deposits in banks can be either with the right to replenish, or without such a possibility.

In general, contributions without the right to replenish are calculatedfor the presence of a large amount of money from the client, to once put it on the account and enjoy a monthly or one-time payment of interest. Recently, it has become a standard condition for opening a card account, to which the bank makes interest payments, which is beneficial for the bank and convenient for the holder of the deposit account if the cost of servicing such a card is zero or very small compared to the paid deposit fee.

You can collect for a dream

Deposits that can be replenishedpopular with those customers who can not immediately allocate from their budget a large amount of unspent funds. This can be explained by the fact that they literally help to collect for some expensive purchase, a tourist ticket or something else expensive. Agree that 100-500 rubles can be postponed monthly, giving up excess coffee, chewing gum, trips by taxi. At the same time postponing this way during the year you can collect the amount that is pleasant to spend in the store.

Perfectly suitable for those who have long wanted togo on a trip, but still could not wait. With such kind of contributions, it becomes possible to realize such plans for people with almost any income level.

Deposits can be in different currencies

It should also be noted that contributions can be placednot only in national currency. Often, deposits in rubles have the highest interest rates, as it is more profitable for banks to work with the monetary unit of the Russian Federation, issuing loans in it.

Interest rates on deposits in US dollars andThe euro is much lower than for those that are opened in Russian rubles. It is more profitable for banks to buy currency from the Central Bank, then sell it in their exchange offices.

bank deposits interest

Tips for choosing a bank

If we take into account the fact that interest rates ondeposit agreements of the same type in different banks are approximately the same, then the most important question remains about guaranteeing the return of funds.

And the state can not always influence the bank. The most important protective barrier against fraud is the person himself. Do not trust your funds to those financial institutions that are not on your ears. Banks, which a year or two, too, do not particularly believe. During this period it is difficult to understand whether they conduct a successful policy or will soon "burst", some time must pass. In this issue, you should not rush.

Banking services

There are deposit insurance services that you can use if you want to secure your funds.

If you want to achieve almost 100% confidence inthat you will return the money back, then simply divide the money that you wanted to deposit into one bank, into several parts and open the deposit accounts for smaller amounts, but in several banks. This solution guarantees you a refund of your funds, even if one bank goes bankrupt.

deposits on deposits of the Savings Bank

And remember that the proposals that stronglydiffer from the average market conditions in a tempting party, basically they are the last sigh or gambling of any bank, and it is extremely unsafe to invest in it.

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