Bank "Russian Standard": reviews and features

Consider one of the pioneers inconsumer lending. This is the bank "Russian Standard". Reviews about it the most controversial. Someone like it, no complaints. And someone is full of indignation. Although such a confrontation is observed in most credit institutions.

bank russian standard reviews

There are claims to servicing, to incompetencestaff and rudeness. And there is discontent, which is due to their own negligence. In the first case, undoubtedly, the bank "Russian Standard" is to blame. Feedback regarding the second case is the result of our inattention, haste, and sometimes irresponsibility.

If you do not receive exhaustive answers to your questions or are frankly rude, then there are two options for the development of events. The first is to apply to another credit institution.

In the second version, you need to refer to anotheremployee of the bank. If it was rude, you can complain to the branch manager or report negligent employees to the head office of the Russian Standard bank. Customer feedback is always considered and the necessary measures are applied.

Characteristics of the bank "Russian Standard"

The activities are mainly aimed at emissionscredit cards and consumer lending. He has an extensive network of units. These are 9 branches, 3 representative offices and 270 service departments. And if at the time of the bank's creation there were only about 40 employees, today the organization has more than 20 thousand employees.

Russian standard bank in your pocket reviews

The Bank pays special attention to innovationtechnologies. For today, perhaps, the most popular service is the "Bank in the pocket of the Russian Standard". Reviews about this product are only positive. You can characterize it as a virtual bank. It allows you to manage your money, with security and comfort. You can make payments and transfers, check information on the account, open deposits and make out loans. And you do not need to go anywhere for it, everything is done at home or at your workplace.

You only need 15 minutes of time andpassport to issue the service "Russian Standard. The bank is in your pocket. " Feedback serves as a confirmation. Just contact any of the offices. The age limit is from 18 to 75 years.

To manage your funds, you will be provided with free services: Phone-Bank, Internet-Bank and Mobile Bank. They work around the clock.

But first you need to activate your card.This can be done by calling a toll-free telephone line, or contacting a partner store, or the "Russian Standard" bank itself. Reviews say that you can pay everything from the card without commission: Internet, housing, TV, mobile communications. In addition, make transfers, quickly draw up and repay loans, pay for purchases on the Internet.

bank in your pocket

In addition, the bank issues credit cards.The annual interest rate ranges from 15 to 36%. On all cards there is a grace period for interest payments, 55 days are given. And you do not need confirmation of your income anywhere. Within one day, your application will be reviewed. If you have a good credit history, especially in this bank, then problems with approval will not arise.

In addition to credit cards, you can apply for a consumer loan. Only 2 types of this credit product are offered. One is issued under 19%, and the second - under 36%, to confirm incomes it is not necessary.

Making any loan, be interested in the terms of repayment and the amount of the minimum contribution, in order to avoid unpleasant consequences. Pay everything on time, and no claims from the bank to you will not arise.

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