Pension in "Rosgosstrakh" - profitable investment, secured old age

The new pension model operates in our countrysince 2002. Its basic principle is insurance. That is, the size of pension payments depends not only on the contributions accumulated on the account of the future pensioner, but also on how the state or non-state pension fund (APF) will manage the funded part of the pension. What is the difference between the Rosgosstrakh NPF?

Pension Rosgosstrakh

Official Information

"Rosgosstrakh" ("RGS") works in the insurance marketservices since 1992. The company was established on the basis of the State Insurance Agency of the RSFSR, which had been working since 1921. Today Rosgosstrakh is one of the largest insurers in Russia.

There is in the company own non-statePension Fund. He is a priori trusted by thousands and thousands of customers: investments will not only be reliably preserved, but also significantly multiplied. And in case of unforeseen death of the insured person, savings are transferred to the account of the assignee.

The agreement with Rosgosstrakh is very transparent. Work with the client begins after the signing of the agreement and transfer of the funded part of the pension to Rosgosstrakh.

Rosgosstrah funded part of pension

Insurance program "Pension Plan"

It is built so that, in addition to monthlytransferred contributions from the employer, it is possible to pay the agreed amount yourself. And under the terms of the program neither the amount of contributions, nor their number during the year are unlimited. Thus, upon retirement, the insured person, in addition to the state-guaranteed payment, will receive an additional 2,000 rubles. And even in this case there is a choice: the accumulative pension from "Rosgosstrakh" can be paid both for life, and in equal parts, for example, within ten years.

There is no reason to doubt

This is indeed so. For more than a year, SK has been a leader in the APF rating. And has been in the top five for quite some time now.

The authorized capital of the company is more than 165 billion rubles, and the number of insured persons exceeded 3 million people. There are more than 3,500 branches across the country.

Now the yield. Over the entire period, it exceeds 85%. And the average annual yield fluctuates in the range of 8-10%.

Naturally, the funded pension inRosgosstrakh will depend on the reliability of the APF. That is, the more profitable the company invests in money, the more profits will be earned, and the more benefits the customers will gain. Rosgosstrakh places its capital as follows:

  • bank deposits - more than 50%;
  • bonds of business entities - about 25%;
  • bank accounts - 22%;
  • government securities and shares of business companies - just over 1%.

In addition, the activities of the NPF of this insurancethe company is regulated by the Central Bank of Russia and the Tax Inspectorate, and all savings are insured by the Agency for Asset Management. Therefore, a pension in Rosgosstrakh is a very profitable investment.

Transfer a pension to Rosgosstrakh

How to transfer a pension in Rosgosstrakh

Really simple. We address in the nearest branch of the company. Further:

  • We sign the pension insurance contract.
  • We write an application for the transfer of a funded pension in Rosgosstrakh in electronic format with a mandatory digital signature (for transferring the document through a channel with increased protection).
  • We certify the personal signature in any notary office or the nearest branch of the Pension Fund of the Russian Federation.
  • We receive an SMS message and inform the operator thereof.

We wait for the control call from the consultant of the NGF "RGS" and confirm the fact of the actual conclusion of the contract for the transfer of the funded pension in "Rosgosstrakh".

Required documents

To transfer the funded part of the pension in Rosgosstrakh the following documents are attached to the application:

  • Passport, or other document proving the identity.
  • SnilS.

Accumulative pension in Rosgosstrakh reviews

Personal Area

For the convenience of customers, a service has been created on the official website of the company, which gives an opportunity to learn about new services, accrued amounts, interest, etc.

Registration in your account goes through the opening of the service. For this, in any office of the UK it is necessary to fill out the application form.

Post scriptum

Despite the high profitability and control over the activities of the SC by the state, and even the possibility of appointing a successor, there are some disadvantages to this NPF.

Most of the reviews about the funded pension in Rosgosstrakh and its other services indicate the often incorrect work of its employees, which, of course, causes mistrust and even some rejection.

Plus, often there are reviews, inwhich people complain about the lack of information about the company and its insurance programs, about the lack of any explanatory work of the people's environment and advertising policy. Therefore, the broad strata of the population are simply unfamiliar with the "RGS" program for funded pensions.

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