Bank "Russian Capital": reviews

Bank "Russian capital" - a large financialThe organization, which has about 140 offices and structural units in different regions of the country. The head office of the credit institution is registered in Moscow. The Bank positions itself as a universal credit organization that deals with servicing corporate and private clients. Currently, it is a subsidiary of the DIA and is fully controlled by this state corporation.


For the first time, the bank "Russian Capital" wasregistered in 1993 under the name "Rocabank". During its work, the credit institution changed its name and organizational and legal form several times. To date, it operates as the PJSC AKB "Russian Capital".

bank Russian capital

During the banking crisis of 2008, the creditThe organization faced big financial problems and was forced to apply for sanitation. Initially, it was planned that the financial recovery would be the NRC. But for various reasons, the bank "Russian Capital" had to sanitize the DIA itself. As a result, he became a subsidiary financial institution of the state corporation.

Since 2010, DIA has added several smaller credit institutions to "Russian capital". Among them:

  • bank "Tarkhany" from the city of Penza;
  • Samara commercial bank Potential;
  • "Ellipse Bank".

Bank "Russian Capital" offers for the currentThe moment is a complete range of banking services for private and corporate clients. Among them: maintenance of current accounts, loans, card products, deposits and others. Work is actively carried out in the mortgage lending market.


bank Russian capital reviews
The Bank "Russian Capital" deposits individuals in rubles, dollars and euros. Depending on the chosen program and conditions, the deposit term can be from 3 to 36 months.

A distinctive feature of the conditions offered by this financial institution is higher interest rates compared to other banks, whose share is supported by state structures.


For individuals, the bank "Russian Capital" offers various lending programs. You can issue a consumer loan in cash, loans for the purchase of a car or a mortgage.

The Bank pays special attention to mortgage programs. For each category of clients there are separate offers that allow you to buy real estate on credit on the most favorable terms. A mortgage program with state support is available, which allows obtaining low interest rates for the purchase of economy-class apartments.

bank Russian capital contributions

Customers who want to issue consumer loans are also available several programs with a variety of rates. The maximum loan term can be up to 15 years.

Services for legal entities

An important direction of the bank's activity"Russian capital" is the servicing of corporate clients. For them, favorable conditions are offered for opening and maintaining a settlement account, acquiring and collection services, salary cards for employees, corporate lending.

Convenient financial management is provided by the created client-bank system, which allows you to perform current operations on the account directly from the company's office without having to contact the office.

bank customer russian capital

Customer opinions

Bank "Russian Capital" reviews get morepart positive. This is not accidental. At the moment it is the only credit institution with state participation, offering rates comparable to commercial banks on deposits and loans. For convenient interaction of clients with a financial institution for private individuals, an Internet bank is available, and for organizations - a client bank. "Russian Capital" has a wide branch network, which also positively affects the ease of use of services.

Many customers who used the servicescrediting, note the convenience of interaction with the bank. A large number of branches allows you to make monthly payments in a convenient place without any commissions. Also, many people note the politeness of the staff and prompt service.

Among the depositors of the bank, very often positivereviews call the attention of employees to each client. At the end of the deposit term, in most cases, a call comes from the office with the offer to order cash on the end date or to select conditions for a new deposit. This is not a bank's responsibility, it's just a good practice, which other state financial institutions usually do not differ.

For the years of its work, the bank "Russian Capital"has earned enough positive feedback. Naturally, there are also customers with claims, but the credit organization tries to solve the problems in the shortest possible time.

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