NPF Magnit and its structure

Today we will talk about NPF Magnit. The reliability rating, reviews and features of the work are described below. The project is an alternative for the formation of pension savings. The license for the activity was issued by the FSFM of Russia.

History of NPF "Magnit"

So, more in detail. NPF Magnit was founded in 1995 by decision of the founders. Then the organization received the name "Virtue". From this moment the project conducts non-state pension provision for citizens.

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Since 2006 the organization is engaged in compulsory insurance. In 2010, the project was named "Magnet". In 2014, the Board of the Fund decided to reorganize the company into a Closed Joint-Stock Company. The transformation was completed in 2015.


The General Meeting of Shareholders is the supreme body inhierarchy of NPF Magnit. The Board of Directors is a collegial management structure. He carries out general management of activities. The only exception is matters that are under the jurisdiction of the General Meeting of Shareholders. Operative management is carried out by the sole executive body - the General Director.

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The activities of the latter are regulated by the Charter and a separate Regulation. The company's office is located in the city of Krasnodar. The Foundation does not have representative offices and branches.

The company's activities are controlled by the BankRussia. The project interacts with the NAPF. Internal audit bodies include the Audit Commission and the Board of Guardians. We are cooperating with VTB Specialized Depository. The auditor is the firm "Faber Lex".


NPF "Magnit" carries out mandatory pensioninsurance. The country has a two-tier pension system. It consists of an accumulative and an insurance part. Consider the first level. The insurance part of the pension provides the basic income of a person. It is a solidary system of payments. Contributions to it are paid by all employers for the people they hire.

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Income is accounted for in the accounts of citizens, howeverimmediately spent on payments to current pensioners. Each employee on a separate account displays the obligation of the FIU to make accruals based on the amount of contributions, as well as indexation. You should also know about the formation of the second level. The accumulative part of the pension is formed and at the expense of employers' contributions.

The amount of payment in this case depends on the amountcontributions, as well as effective management of funds. It is about the annual accrual of interest on the amount. The FIU transfers funds to the management of Vnesheconombank by default. Each employee has the opportunity to increase the size of the funded part of the pension by transferring funds to the management of the non-state pension fund.

At the same time, the citizen continues to participate instate system of payments. In addition, such a transfer does not require additional costs. Due to the received funds, several types of payments are made.

First of all, we are talking about a one-timetransfer of funds. An urgent pension payment is also made. The accumulative part of the old-age pension is being formed. In addition, the funds can be received by the legal successor of the deceased insured person.

NPF Magnit is implementing a separate program"Non-state pension provision". The NGO agreement allows the formation of personal reserves. Thus, it is possible to increase the amount of pensions. Client NPF concludes a contract with the fund. Under its terms, the depositor undertakes to pay contributions. The fund accumulates them, invests funds and pays an additional pension to the client.

The investor can be an organization, participants -employees of the enterprise. Such cooperation is also being conducted with individual individuals. The latter can pay contributions in their favor, or at the expense of relatives.

In the case of non-state pensionensuring the amount of payments depends on the amount of funds in the private account. Also taken into account the period of payments and their frequency. In the NGO system, the depositor directly decides how the participants will receive the non-state pension. The minimum indicator is 5 years.


The aggregate profitability of NPF Magnit iswithin 11%. The reliability of investments is guaranteed by a strategy that is aimed at exceeding inflation and is based on the use of the most secure financial instruments. Sberbank Asset Management, Premier League and Kapital are involved in the fund's investments.


The activities of APF are highly ambiguous"Magnet". Feedback indicates that the company commits its employees to become its customers. At the same time, a number of users note that after some time in the organization you can transfer your savings to another company. It should also be said about the official website of NPF Magnit.

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Customer testimonials indicate that this resourceperiodically is not available. There are complaints that the representatives of the organization ignore the requests being sent. As for the positive aspects of cooperation with NPF Magnit, user feedback is silent.

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