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The crediting system in our country waswide use. Often, before making a major purchase, people apply for consumer credit to banking institutions. At the same time, several factors are taken into account: the interest rate that the bank establishes, as well as its reliability and the established reputation in the financial market, if the institution has been functioning for a long time. Therefore, it is so important to study the feedback of employees and customers, which, for example, Bank Home Credit, reviews about his services and work.

History of the Bank Home Credit

In 1990 in the city of Zelenograd wasregistered bank Technopolis. In 2002, it was acquired by Home Credit Finance A.S. from the Czech Republic and the bank entered the Home Credit Group. A year later he acquired the already well-known name - Home Credit and Finance Bank. The policy of the institution has become oriented towards consumer lending. The bank has six branches, employs more than twenty-two thousand employees, and its clients are twenty-four million people. Fifty eight thousand stores are partners of the bank. Thus, Home Credit Bank, whose reviews make up this material, is aimed at universalizing its services, primarily, lending to the population.

As it often happens, Bank Home Credit causesambiguous responses. There is a sharp criticism in his address, but there are also positive reviews. Consider everything in order. Clients who make out a loan for purchase (household appliances, cars, etc.), often complain that the bank takes too much overpayment. Yes, it's hard not to agree with this. But most often there are options when preparing a loan. For example, Home Credit Bank, whose reviews are so ambiguous, is very flexible in terms of lending terms. Customers have the opportunity to make out a loan for a short period of time, repay it earlier, pay a large amount of payment. Employees of the bank advise to pay close attention to banking services and advance the payment schedules, interest rate, commission, insurance. From the last service the client has the right to refuse. More often, indignation among consumers of banking services appears due to their inattention when studying credit documents or inability to make calculations.

Customer reviews about the Home Credit Bank

Studying reviews about the Bank Home Credit, you cannote that customers are satisfied with the service, call the staff a wonderful specialist, and the atmosphere that prevails in the institution is friendly and democratic. Employees in the maintenance of customers in very detailed and intelligible explain the rules of registration and payment of a loan. Customers share their positive experience with the bank. They talk about the convenience of replenishing the deposit through bank operators, for which there is an electronic queue terminal.

For clients, the bank offers credit anddebit cards. Replenish the account or withdraw interest from the deposit can be through bank terminals. Customers can always find in bank services exactly such a loan, which is suitable for their purposes. Some attract relatively high interest on deposits, in addition, they are insured. When you receive a credit card from a bank, you do not need to pay a fee for servicing them. Due to its services, Home Credit Credit reviews are getting good. Customers can not doubt its reliability. In addition, from the positive responses that the bank is calling, we can note the efficiency of its work. With respect to deposits, the bank sets high interest rates, many of its customers agree on this. To obtain a loan, it is enough to approve by phone, the necessary documents are drawn up in the bank itself. In addition to lending, the bank allows its customers to make money transfers, which also found a positive response among consumers of banking services.

Therefore, Bank Home Credit Reviews collectsnot only critical, but also a lot of positive, in which people express their satisfaction with his activities. Customers like that the bank offers different ways to repay the loan, which makes it easier and more convenient to work with it.

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