Shortcake for pie with jam. Recipe

Now very popular are the programs aboutcooking. On each channel there is at least a couple of such, vying with their recipes. Let's talk about how to make a short dough for a cake with jam.

As for baking, the home, of course,much tastier than what is offered in the store to customers. And the recipes do not differ in complexity. We'll look at some of the simplest and best options.

Classic shortcake

In general, products made from good, correctly madeshortbread dough fragile, very crumbly, just melt in the mouth. On its basis, you can cook cakes, cakes, cookies, open pies with an incredible number of fillings.

What products will be needed for shortcakes?

We want to immediately reassure: We do not have to buy any exotic products. Dough is prepared from the fact that there is always a home at hand. So, to knead short pastry on margarine (it is permissible to take butter, it will turn out even more delicious), we will need:

short pastry

  1. Approximately 160 g of flour.
  2. Half a pack of butter.
  3. Six tablespoons of sugar, but it's better to use powdered sugar. If you like sweet shortcakes, then the number of spoons can be increased at your own discretion.
  4. One egg yolk.

Preparatory stage

Let's see how to knead a short dough. Step by step we will describe the whole process. In general, the classic recipe is realized in a proportion of 1: 2: 3. That is, we take one part of the sugar powder, two parts of the butter, three - flour. To tie a dough, an egg is often required, but there are recipes in which, as an alternative, you need to add a few spoonfuls of water.

We want to note that in this case soda or baking powder should not be used. The dough will turn out so crumbly due to the fact that you put a lot of fat.

For preparation it is better to take cold food. The fact is that the oil can melt and peel off from other ingredients, and it does not suit us, because then the dough will lose its elasticity, and the baking will be tough.

We have already mentioned above that instead of sugaryou can take powder, it will make your dessert even more friable. We advise you to roll out sheets with a thickness of no more than six or seven millimeters, so that the dough is well roasted.

Preparation of shortcake

For kneading, we can use the combine. So, mix powder, flour and very cold butter (creamy) until crumbs form. Then we introduce the egg yolk and mix it well. But do not overdo it. Long knead is not worth it, it can affect the elasticity. A good shortcake for a pie with jam should be dense.

recipe for shortcake with jam

Then put the resulting lump in a saucepan, cover it with a lid or a film. And you can put it in this form in the fridge for about forty minutes, so that it gets pretty cold.

Baking process

Short pastry can safely spread oncompletely dry baking sheet. It is very greasy, and therefore will not burn and will not stick to the bottom. Set the oven 210 degrees. Without the filling, the cake itself will be prepared for about 12-15 minutes.

If you decide to prepare a base for a cakeor pie with stuffing, then press the dough tightly against the mold so that you do not have air pockets, but rather pierce it with a fork, then it will not bubble during baking.

Shortbread on margarine

Using the recipe for a sand pie with jam,often bake the workpiece separately, and then put the stuffing. In order for the base to remain friable and fragile, it is still coated with a beaten egg in a warm form, which will cover the voids in the dough, and the filling can not leak, which means that the cake will remain tender and melting in the mouth.

If you plan to make a closed cake from a short pastry, then we advise you to make a pair of holes for the steam in the upper cake. This will keep crumbly crumbs.

Shortcake for pie with jam

Above we have already described a variant of the classical preparation of the test. But there are many varieties of recipes. Let's look at a couple of them.

So, offer the attention of the hostess a recipe for a sand pie with jam.

classic shortbread

For the test, you need to take two eggs, four ordinary glasses of flour, one packet of butter (margarine), a glass of sugar, vanilla, a teaspoon of baking powder, a glass of sweet jam or jam.

The butter needs to melt, and then cool. If you want to make a shortbread cookie on margarine, you will also need to melt it. Pour sugar into the container, then add the eggs, vanilla. All this is thoroughly mixed. Then gradually introduce flour, it is better to take sifted, pre-mixed with baking powder. Knead the dough. It is better if it is not very tight. Then divide it into two parts (unequal). Put the smaller one in the refrigerator for sixty minutes, and the larger make the base for the pie. The dough can be rolled out, or you can simply distribute it in a tray. Then lay a layer of jam or jam on top. Got a smaller portion of the dough from the freezer, rub it on a grater and put it on top of the jam.

Bake the cake at 230 degrees for half an hour.

Cooking tricks

There are little tricks of serving a cake with jamon the table. It can be preliminarily placed in the fridge for a short time, so that the jam stiffens a little and then does not flow out when cutting. In general, it is better to use not very liquid jam.

There is another wonderful recipe, whereA short dough is used for a pie with jam, containing a small addition. You can choose any of the cooking options, only the last stage will be different. Namely baking the pie. When the dessert is not yet ready, about fifteen minutes after you put it in the oven, you need to remove it from there and pour the top layer of jam sour cream mixed with sugar. And again put in the oven.

Shortcake for pie with jam

The finished patty will not be as dry as usualoptions. In addition, a very tasty mass is formed on top of it. It makes it look more like a cake. And if you cook such goodies in small molds, you will get pretty cakes.

And another recipe

As you can see, this short pastrydoes not contain any baking powder. But at the moment no one adheres to this postulate. There are many new recipes with completely different additives. Of course, all these are already improvised options. But if you like, and it's delicious, then you can safely try, experiment.

In continuation of the topic, we want to offer one more recipe, which is suitable for both pie and cookies.

This dough is universal. Cakes and cakes are also prepared from it. Such a recipe should be given to any hostess.

For friability of the test, let's put more fat. Sandbaskets prepared in this way are always very successful. They are used for salads, as a result, and the appearance of the treat is attractive, and the taste is wonderful.

So, we store three glasses of flour, butter (one or two packs), sugar (0.8 glasses), baking soda and a couple of eggs.

sweet shortbread

Chop the butter in a saucepan. Add sugar and flour.

Then a pinch of soda, and after that we will introduce whipped eggs. Carefully we'll knead the dough. Usually in the beginning it always crumbles, and then during the kneading process it becomes soft and elastic under the hands.

Then roll out the corn to one thicknesscentimeter. We spread it into a mold or a baking sheet and form a pie or a base for another batch with jam, cream, cottage cheese or sour cream, this is already in the taste and discretion of the hostess.

The dough is done very quickly. Instead of eggs, you can put water in it, as in the classical version. It is baked for about 25 minutes. Set the oven at 210-215 degrees.

Instead of an afterword

As you can see, recipes for sand pies with jamlots of. All of them are simple and quick to prepare. But at the same time very tasty. If you have a desire, be sure to try one of the options. We are sure: you will not regret it. Enjoy your meal!

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