Little France: French cafe in Moscow

France is a country with a special culture of food intake,where dinner lasts a long time, regardless of where it passes - at home or in a restaurant. And for everyone who prefers French cuisine and wants to move to this country at least for a little while, there is a good opportunity. After all, today you can easily find a French cafe in Moscow. This article will discuss the most famous of them.

Refined cuisine of France

To visit at least once in France is the cherished dream of almost every person. However, for one reason or another, it is not possible to implement it all.

But today it is not necessary to fly to France forIn order, for example, to try the local cuisine. After all, a French cafe is not uncommon in Moscow. A specially invited chefs are able to convey all the charm and special highlight of the unique recipes of the solar country.

Below we will consider the most popular cafes, which certainly will not leave anyone indifferent.

Cafe Michelle

If you want to plunge into the atmosphere of the oldParis, then you just can not not visit the cafe Michel. It is ideal for all couples who choose to have a romantic dinner with real French wine and Mediterranean cuisine.

french cafe

The Michel Cafe is decorated with cute floor lamps, antiquepaintings and furniture of the XVIII-XIX centuries. Small candles burn on the tables, and the dishes are exquisitely and tastefully served. High windows open an excellent view of the capital's streets. This all gives the institution a special chic and makes the atmosphere of the meal romantic and cozy.

cafe provence

Here the menu consists exclusively of dishesFrench cuisine and is constantly replenished with new masterpieces. Therefore, if the visitor can not choose anything, any waiter will ask him about his personal taste preferences and will definitely pick up something appropriate.


This is a special place where the Frenchantiques, wine culture and classic masterpieces of national cuisine. Cafe "Provence" will satisfy all the boldest desires. This place is suitable for those who are used to spending evenings in peace and tranquility. After all, in this cafe, in addition to tasty dishes and beautiful props, the visitor can admire art exhibitions, lecture evenings, festivals and master classes.

Special interior with soft blue furnitureharmoniously supplemented with large paintings and statuettes, book shelves and tables. Cafe "Provence" is an unforgettable evening in an interesting, lively and very cozy atmosphere.

creperie de bet

Restaurant Kremperi de Paris

An institution that has been happy for more than ten yearslovers of French dishes cooked on crepes and biscuits. Creme de Paris is an ideal place to meet friends. This cozy establishment is decorated in light colors, and the air curtains and mischievous stripes on the covers of the sofa give a certain feeling of ease and ease.

But most of all in the "Crapperi de Paris" surprisesa special menu with pancakes, in which you can find the most unpredictable stuffing. In general, the institution positions itself as pancake, but this does not mean that there is nothing besides them. The menu is quite diverse. The average bill ranges from 700 to 1000 rubles.

It is worth mentioning that it is constantly noted herenational French holidays, which are very fond of visitors, because during their time, administrators organize fun contests and give various prizes.

french cafe in moscow

Cafe "Jean-Jacques"

Huge popularity in the capital networkFrench bistros '' Jean-Jacques ''. Coming here, visitors seem to be transported to Paris: French music sounds, the waiters are dressed in a classic national manner - black trousers, a white shirt and a black apron on the floor. Also there is a huge board on which the administrator of chalk writes the most interesting French and world news. Everyone should visit the French cafe "Jean-Jacques", because to come there means to travel to an unknown country.

Confectionery "Madame Boulanger"

And, of course, how can we get aroundFrench confectionery in the capital of our country? "Madame Boulanger" will recall the old films, which recreated the interior of this institution. It can not help but surprise the brightness and richness of colors in the interior, antique tiles on the floor, vintage dishes and much more.

Here you can offer ten varieties of bread,chocolate handmade, homemade cakes, marmalade, truffles and inexpressibly delicious pies. Every sweet lover simply has to visit this institution. But not the fact that this visit will be the only one. Usually the cafe becomes a favorite with people who visited it.

In addition, not only sweet tooth will like it here - it also offers sandwiches with ham, mozzarella, turkey and salmon.

Brasserie "Bridge"

Another institution that will not leaveindifferent to any visitor is, undoubtedly, the institution '' Bridge ''. However, you should immediately pay attention to the fact that this is a restaurant, which means that the average bill will be above 3500 rubles. Everything is done here to impress visitors with both interior and delicious dishes. Harmonious colors, high ceilings, a variety of lamps and chandeliers, comfortable comfortable furniture and friendly staff, in conjunction with the quiet songs of Aznavour will decorate any evening. A famous French chef, working in a restaurant, will prepare special and delicious dishes of national cuisine. For connoisseurs of wines, there is a huge wine list.

cafe michel

A few words at a time

There are many institutions that canlike everyone. So try the delicious French dishes, delicate pastries and get in touch with the oldest gastronomic traditions today is quite real, without going beyond the borders of the capital. After all, all this, and not only, can be tasted by going to a French cafe.

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