Puffs with cheese

Puff is a professional confectioneryThe name of all of us known puff pastry. Puff pastry can be cooked for a certain number of turns (up to five), and the higher this number, the tastier and better the dough is considered. At the heart of this type of test (and it happens yeast, soda or unleavened) lies the oil. It should be almost as much as flour. The main thing is to correctly distribute the oil in the test. It must be spread as it is rolled out, and the dough should not break through in any case, so that it does not flow out. First, it creates inconvenience when working with it, and secondly, during baking, the dough can dry out from above, and the lower layers can remain unbaked.

Puff pastry at the same time needs to be rolled outvery thin. This is difficult, so very often the dough is torn. Everything is accumulated only by practice. However, there are also mandatory methods for preparing puffs. When making puff pastry, the water must be added gradually. It should be absolutely equally impregnated with water. The dough is rolled into a square shape, and the wraps are made so that on one side they are narrow, and on the other, wide. To prevent oil from escaping the seams, it is necessary to roll the dough constantly perpendicular to the narrow edges. Doing every two turns, you should give the test "to rest" for ten minutes. The dough will turn out good if it is done in a cool place. Some cooks even leave a puff on ice before baking.

This is especially important in the summer, if the weatherhot. Here is the recipe for a simple puff pastry: 500 g of flour will need 300 g of oil (vegetable or animal), a pinch of salt and 250 ml of water. The filling of the layers can be very different. Here we will consider several options for how to prepare puffs with cheese.

Puff pastry with feta cheese

For the preparation of puffs with feta it is necessary to have 800 g of puff pastry, some fresh greens, 450 g of feta cheese, 200 g of any hard cheese, 3 eggs, seasonings (salt and pepper) and 120 ml of milk.

The dough must be defrosted beforehand. Then preheat the oven 180 degrees. We prepare the filling: chop the greens finely. Feta cheese can be thrown back on the strainer in order to make the glasses excess liquid, mash with a fork. Hard cheese grate on a large grater. Whip eggs and milk separately in a bowl. Mix everything so that the mass was uniform, add seasoning. Do not salt a lot, you can not even add salt. The oven will be warmed up by then. Cover the parchment on a baking sheet. Cut the dough into triangles and fill with cheese mass. The edges need a good tear to prevent cheese from flowing out. Puffs with cheese will be ready in 40 minutes.

Puffs with cheese

We will need: puff pastry - 700 gr, 1 egg, cheese of hard varieties.

This is the easiest recipe for sliced ​​cheese. The dough should be slightly rolled up to a thickness of 3 mm. Cut into squares. Egg beat and oil them dough. Cheese can be grated or finely chopped. Put the cheese on top. Square the test pieces on a greased baking sheet or parchment. Bake in a preheated oven until they get baked.

Puffs with cheese: a recipe for beer

The following ingredients will be needed: puff pastry - 1 kg, cheese of hard varieties - 200 g, a handful of sesame, one egg. The dough should be defrosted beforehand, then rolled out. After - carefully cut into squares. Cheese does not need to be grinded, it's enough to just put a piece on each square. Top the other part, fix the edges. Egg beat and oil them every pie. Sprinkle with sesame seeds. Place the slices on a baking sheet covered with parchment and bake at 200 degrees. Bake until cooked. To a beer, this snack is ideal. Slices with cheese can be served not only to beer, but also to any broth.

A crispy treat can be served both hot and cold. Bon Appetit!

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