What should be the fish strokes of fish

What is a fish string? First, let's remember how it all began ...

A bit of history

Previously, the dish, which we used to call stroganina, bore the name "crockery". This amazing food is rooted in the Arctic. It was there that a special way of cooking fish was invented.

In the capital, not so often you can meet this dish,Because it is considered to be exclusively a meal of Siberians. The name itself speaks of the principle of preparation. First of all, this concerns cutting, that is, fish are not cut, but are cut. This process is really very interesting and fascinating. At the same time, it's quite easy to learn. Let's get acquainted with how the fish is made from fish.

What kind of fish should I take

Stroganin is a northern food for a reason. First of all, because only in those waters you can find the fish ideal for this dish. The fish that live in the North are ecologically clean, therefore this fact is one of the main ones when choosing it. This is very important, because the fish is not subjected to heat treatment - whether cooking, frying or any other kind of it.

Stroganin from fish

Another important point is thatStroganin from a fish is never made from a fish killed or found on an ice floe, since this is considered a bad form among the inhabitants of the North. Therefore, it is worthwhile to be very careful when buying fish in the Yakutsk market, because the cases of selling a bad and frankly low-quality goods have become frequent.

How to determine the quality of fish

So, if you decide to cookyourself, you should remember a few axioms for choosing the right fish for her. These rules contain any step-by-step recipes for preparing a northern dish. As already mentioned, the fish must die a natural death and should not be rotten. If you buy a poor-quality product, then you will never get a really delicious stroganina. This dish of fish is extremely popular these days - not only in the North, but also in other regions of the country.

In the event that the fish itself was thrown onto the ice, itsgills will be covered with blood. Therefore, in the market it should be visible. But here again it is worthwhile to be attentive, as the sellers can replace the fish's blood with beef. But this blood is thicker and darker. Also look at the scales - it should be pink. But the eyes of the fish should look like frozen proteins - in the form of dots. Also pay attention to the traces from the networks. They do not disappear on the fish for very long, and it is simply impossible to remove them in various ways.

Preparing for grooming

It is easy and tasty to cook absolutely everything. Many frighten stroganina, the recipe of which is quite simple. First of all you must remember the four main things for this dish. The first is a frozen fish, then - an excellent sharpened knife, as well as strong hands and a sharp mind. All in aggregate will give the desired result - a delicious and properly cooked stroganina.

Step-by-Step Recipes

This dish is best suited for such types offish like sturgeon, chir, muxun and omul. By definition, the fish string is the fish that was deep frozen immediately after the catch. It is very important that it does not unfreeze before cooking.

Also the selected fish should not be a long timebe outdoors, because then her taste will become "wadded." Properly store such fish should be in tightly tied bags, so that it does not hit the sun or air. It is also advisable to lay the fish with snow or ice icing. These methods, as a rule, apply for long-term storage of fish.

Cooking process

Choosing a suitable fish, you can proceed to itsdirect slicing. All processes must be strictly step-by-step. Recipes in the case of cooking stroganina virtually nothing. The main thing in them is the way of cutting. You need to start from the head to the tail. Carry out cutting along the circumference of the fish. Before that, all the fins should be cut off. After the first notch, the fish should be cut along a sharp movement.

Stroganina recipe

The fish itself should be held by the head. If necessary, it is possible to cut off the nose for more convenient fixation of it in the hand. Now comes the most crucial moment in cooking - with a sharp knife, start to plan the same small pieces of fish meat in size. You will see how they will immediately form in beautiful tubes - and this turns out to be a real stroganina. A photo of many experts in this matter confirms how much this dish is beautiful and aesthetic in appearance.

How to Cook Stroganoff

After all the slices have been cut, they need to be taken out to frost. This is done to ensure that the serving of the dish was correct - that is, the slices of the fish should be frozen on a mandatory basis.

Serving Your Dishes

In addition to the fish itself, stroganina is also a sauce,without which the dish will not be complete. How to cook a sherry, it's already clear, it's easy enough. But the sauce for it is prepared easily. For stroganina almost any type of sauce approaches, because the dish is simple. Therefore, you can choose your own any, but I want to note that it is worth to cook it yourself, and not to use the purchased one. For stroganina tomato, cream and mustard sauces are very suitable. It all depends on your individual taste. You can also use Chinese sauce, which includes soy, ginger, vinegar and garlic.

Stroganina photos

Serve slices stroganina one on onea large dish. The sauce should be poured into a separate bowl so that it does not come into contact with the fish. Sami slices, as already mentioned, before serving, you need to cool in the cold.

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