Restaurant "Panorama", Omsk: description, menu and visitor reviews

Omsk is one of the most interesting, beautifuland large cities of the Russian Federation, where tourists come every day. The infrastructure in this village is at a high level, so there is a huge number of restaurants, hotels, cafes, hostels, bars, and other institutions. At the same time it is extremely difficult to find really good places for catering, but do not worry, because today we learn about the existence of one rather interesting institution.

Restaurant "Panorama" (Omsk)

Restaurant "Panorama" (Omsk) - a modern placecatering, which works in this city for more than a day, so it can guarantee a high level of service, excellent food quality, and an acceptable price policy. In this article we will discuss this project in detail, we will talk in detail about the menu, learn the location of the institution and other equally important and useful information. Let's start, of course, right now!

basic information

The restaurant "Panorama", discussed in this article(Omsk) is a truly unique place where modern interior fits perfectly with the atmosphere of warmth and comfort. The average bill in this institution varies about a thousand rubles, and one of the advantages is the presence of a small summer veranda, where anyone can have an unforgettable time and watch everything that is happening around. Also worth noting is the fact that this cafe invites everyone for breakfast and business lunches.

"Panorama" (Omsk, restaurant)

By the way, throughout the territory of this institutionWi-Fi works perfectly, and here you can try a wide variety of dishes prepared according to the author's recipes of European cuisine. In addition, in its composition restaurant "Panorama" (Omsk) has a small parking lot, where the customer can leave your car for free.

Location, work schedule

If you want to visit the restaurant "Panorama"(Omsk), then you know that you can do this every day, and according to the following work schedule: Sunday-Thursday - from noon to one o'clock in the morning, Friday and Saturday - from noon to three o'clock in the morning. At the same time, it should also be noted that Panorama (Omsk, restaurant) is located, the menu of which will be discussed later in this article, on Gagarin Street (14th house).

In addition, if you want to spend in this placecatering any mass event (birthday, wedding, corporate meeting), then it is necessary to agree with the manager of these restaurants. To talk with the administrator, clarify any information and ask all the questions that arise, you can go to the phone number on the institution's website.


Quite popular for todaythe project "Panorama" (Omsk, restaurant), which we will discuss about a bit later in this article, is where the business and historical centers of Omsk converge. It is located at the height of a bird's flight, has a modern interior, as well as a breathtaking view from panoramic windows.

"Panorama" (Omsk, restaurant): the menu

In short, the topic discussed todaythe project has two undeniable advantages: a truly chic panoramic view of the city's streets, as well as incredibly tasty and, at the same time, inexpensive masterpieces of cooking cooked by experienced chefs according to European recipes.

Interesting to know

Another advantage of this institutionis universal, because the laconic design allows you to come here with a variety of purposes: for a business meeting, a romantic dinner, a family dinner, a long-awaited party with friends and so on. At the same time, it should be noted that Panorama Restaurant & Bar during the day is a cozy restaurant where customers are in no hurry and want to enjoy life. In turn, at night, this restaurant turns into a stylish bar, which is a gorgeous place for all those who dream to have a great time with friends in mind-blowing get-togethers.

Thus, the restaurant "Panorama" (Omsk), being discussed today, is the place where one wants to return again and again, and every day!


The main card of dishes of this institutionis represented by the most diverse masterpieces of cooking, prepared by experienced chefs. And do you know what secret ingredient the representatives of the Panorama institution add to their meals? It turns out that this secret ingredient is love - interesting, is not it?

"Panorama" (Omsk, restaurant): reviews

So, the main menu of the institution begins with thissection, as "Chef recommends". Further on the menu presents a variety of snacks, salads, as well as soups. The next few pages of the plate of dishes are filled with wok dishes, as well as fish, poultry, meat, steaks, side dishes and desserts.

And now let's discuss in more detail some categories of the main menu, which offers visitors Panorama Restaurant & Bar in Omsk.


The restaurant discussed today offers everyonehis visitor to taste assorted cheeses for 490 rubles. In this case, the client will be presented with dorblu, scamorz, parmesan, mozzarella, cheese sweets from grapes and walnuts, dried tomatoes, mint, crackers and honey.

Also worth mentioning is a trio of pates thatis represented by chicken, mushroom and pate from red fish. This dish is served on the board along with a crisp bun. By the way, the cost of this masterpiece of cooking is only 290 rubles.

Panorama Restaurant & Bar

In turn, pickled wild salmonwill cost you 430 rubles, and assorted meat delicacies, which is represented by turkey carpaccio, chicken roll, ham, hunting sausages, chorizo ​​and served with special sauces, costs only 380 rubles. In addition, you can also order tartare from marble beef for 490 rubles. or tuna for 470 rubles, tataki from a duck breast for 450 rubles, tempura shrimp for 370 rubles, as well as other delicious masterpieces of cooking.


If you want a snack, but do not know whichplace of catering to go, then you definitely should visit the restaurant discussed today. In this institution, anyone can order one or several salads from the following list:

  • Warm chicken salad with champignons for 360 rubles, made from fried chicken fillet pieces, tender eggplant cream, mushrooms, dried tomatoes, as well as arugula.
  • Salad with duck breast and peaches for 450 rubles, which is made from duck breast, cherry tomatoes, sauce, orange pasta, peaches, basil and mint.
  • Salad with grilled cheese and chicken for 340 rubles., the main ingredients of which are chicken breast, red cabbage, crispy cheese fried in cheese, lettuce, cherry tomatoes, and Bulgarian pepper.
  • Salad with seafood and "Cocktail" sauce for 460 rubles, which is made from shrimps and squid, arugula, tomatoes, salad, pickled pepper.
  • Salad with a crispy chicken for 310 rubles, prepared from chicken fillet in crispy batter, lettuce, cucumbers, potatoes, bell pepper, and "Curry" sauce.

Also you can order "Caesar" with shrimp for390 rubles, Caesar Teriyaki for 380 rubles, Greek salad for 290 rubles, Olivier with beef and crayfish for 290 rubles, Caesar with chicken for 350 rubles.


Comments on this Omskpretty positive. People are satisfied with the modern interior and the magnificent view that opens from the windows of this institution. At the same time, in their responses, clients often write about impeccable service, as well as high quality of dishes that are served in interesting presentations and have incredible taste qualities.

Panorama Restaurant & Bar in Omsk

This restaurant is definitely worth a visit to those who want to have a great time. Bon Appetit!

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