We suggest baking pink salmon in the oven

This red fish with a minimum of bones to buy inour country is not a problem. She has a wonderful taste and many substances useful to the body. And the price is quite democratic. Pink salmon is difficult to spoil, it turns out delicious and boiled, and fried, and stewed, and baked. Not to mention the ear - amber, rich. But even this valuable fish can spoil some of the inefficiencies. The main mistake in making pink salmon is usually a too long heat treatment. From this her meat loses its juiciness and becomes dry. So, rule number 1: to bake pink salmon in the oven, you need no more than half an hour, fry - 20 minutes, cook - 15.

Bake pink salmon in the oven

Another mistake in the preparation of this fishis frying it in a lot of butter. The meat is already quite fat, so in a frying pan it should be poured with some kind of sour sauce, for example, lemon or orange juice. There are several secrets that make it possible to ensure that the fish does not absorb fat in frying. For example, carcass cover for an hour with lemon rings or give a swim in olive oil. Also makes juicy fish marinade from lemon juice, mayonnaise and onions. But frying or cooking still destroys the valuable substances contained in this delicious fish. Therefore, the most useful and tasty pink salmon is baked in the oven.

The meat of this red fish is very tender, with a weakaroma. So the abundance of spices can simply eclipse the taste of the dish itself. This is not an option when you need to give vent to fantasy and sprinkle carcass with all sorts of curry, cumin or Provencal herbs. A pinch of black pepper, a little salt, a splash of olive oil and lemon juice - it's this minimalist set that should be used to bake pink salmon in the oven.

Pink salmon roasted in the oven Photo

In order to protect steaks from overdrying, you canwrap them in foil. To get a delicious crispy crust, it's just five or ten minutes before the end of the process, carefully unfold the sheets of aluminum. It's very simple: the fillet should be soaked in marinade for about half an hour, then dried with a napkin, put on foil, sprinkled with chopped onion. At will, you can attach to the onion semicircles chopped two eggs, cooked hard-boiled. Turn all this into an envelope and bake pink salmon in the oven at two hundred degrees for a quarter of an hour. And then remove the aluminum top, sprinkle the dish with grated cheese and put it back into the oven for another ten minutes, until a ruddy cap appears.

Delicious roasted salmon roasted in oven

Foil is not the only means of savingjuiciness of pink salmon steaks. No less effective method is its preliminary frying in floury breading. The fish must be marinated, rolled and fried for 5 minutes on each side. But the most trouble-free way to bake pink salmon in the oven, along with some juicy vegetables, tomatoes, for example. Or, even better, cook fish with sauce. It can be mixed on the basis of the broth that you brew from the head and tail. If you do not have fish soup, simple water will do. What else should be the components of the sauce? Mayonnaise, onion, cheese (if fused, then from the freezer: rubbed with small crumbs and mixed with crushed garlic), tomatoes. You just need to remember that tomatoes are baked faster than fish, so add them at the end.

And the last remark: for portion pieces of fish cut before shipment to the oven, so as not to fall apart your pink salmon, baked in the oven. The photo of the dish can then be sent to the culinary contest and, who knows, maybe even win the prize.

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