Magnificent and delicious manicure in the multi-brand "Redmond": step by step cooking

Mannik in the multivarke "Redmond" is preparing for 60minutes. But before you put a viscous and aromatic dough in the kitchen unit, it should be well mixed. It should be noted that such a pie turns out to be especially delicious, if it is cooked together with nuts and dried apricots. But first things first.

Step-by-step recipe of the mannik in the multivark "Redmond"
mannik in multivark Redmond

Required components for the dish

  • Kefir is sparse (you can take sour milk, fermented milk, yogurt or sour cream) - 250 g.
  • Semolina - 1 glass of faceted.
  • Egg large chicken - 3 pcs.
  • Sand white sugar - ½ cup (can be more).
  • Flour sifted - 1 glass.
  • Oil not rancid creamy - 30 g.
  • Vanillin fragrant - a sachet.
  • Fine iodized salt is a small pinch.
  • Walnut, peeled - 40 g.
  • Dried apricots - 40 g.
  • Soda canteen and vinegar food - a small spoon.

Preparation of semolina

Mannik in the multi-brand "Redmond" should startprepare with kneading a viscous base. To do this, you need to combine a glass of semolina with a thin yogurt, milk, yogurt or sour cream, and then leave it aside for further swelling (for 35-42 minutes). Meanwhile, you need to beat the chicken eggs with a blender and pour in the sugar. Then both components should be mixed in one container, putting in the same dishes fragrant vanillin, tableted soda, iodized salt and sifted flour.

mannik in the multivariate Redmond 4502

Processing of additional ingredients

Mannik in the multivark "Redmond" will be muchtastier if for the preparation of such a pie, use the following ingredients: sweet dried apricots and peeled walnuts. They should be cleaned of debris, scalded with boiling water and left in it for 25 minutes. This procedure will soften the components well, depriving them of dirt and dust. After that, a soft and swollen dried fruit should be cut into small pieces, and dry the nuts in a microwave oven and grind them into a small crumb with a blender or mortar.

Forming dessert in a bowl of a kitchen appliance

That mannik in the multivarke "Redmond" does not stick tobottom of the tank, it must be greased with oil (vegetable or creamy). After that, all the kneaded dough needs to be placed in the bowl, and sprinkled with dried apricots and walnuts from the top (you can also add a bit of crushed dark chocolate).

The process of baking dessert

mannika recipe in the Redmond multivark
As it was said above, the mannik in the multivark"Redmond-4502" is prepared in only 60 minutes. To do this, the kitchen unit should be put in baking mode, and set the timer to the appropriate value. After the program is completed, the sweet pie from semolina needs to cool a little in the tank, and then take it out by sharply turning the form over a large plate, cutting board or pie.

How to serve the cake correctly

Ready and cooled manic be cut intoPortion pieces and present to guests on small saucers, along with sweet and strong tea. If desired, you can pour such a delicious and magnificent pie with cherry or some other syrup, jam, jam, flower honey or condensed milk. Bon Appetit!

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