Cooking salad for cabbage young

salad from cabbage young
Probably, many people know the phrase about a cabbage salad: "It's not empty on the table, and if they eat it, it's not a pity." Although in fact, this wonderful vegetable is very healthy and tasty. Cabbage is rich in vitamins, especially ascorbic acid. This vegetable is also good for medicinal purposes. If there are problems in the work of the intestine, then it is simply necessary to consume cabbage salads. Thanks to them, slag and cholesterol are excreted out of the body. Contained phytoncides help to fight with various infections and even with tuberculosis. Cabbage is low-calorie, so nutritionists recommend using it more often in their diet.

For those who want to be in good shape and inwe recommend a salad of young cabbage. There are a lot of vitamins in such vegetables. We start to prepare a salad from cabbage young. It will take about three hundred grams of cabbage, two medium carrots, about a teaspoon of table vinegar, about two tablespoons of any vegetable oil, salt, black pepper to taste, a little sugar. To ensure that the salad of young cabbage was tender, you must properly chop vegetables. We chop the cabbage into small thin strips, do not even cut it, but with a scraping knife, then squeeze it a little with our hands. Carrots rub on the middle grater. Vegetables are laid out in a salad bowl, we add salt, sugar, pepper, vinegar, and fill it with vegetable oil. Thoroughly mix everything and serve it to the table.

salad from young cabbage
Cabbage salad with carrots and sausagesmoked, too, it turns out delicious, but also satisfying. Instead of sausage, boiled meat will do. We prepare the first salad of cabbage young, only at the end we add finely chopped meat or smoked sausage. It does not hurt here and boiled young potatoes. Salad can be seasoned with mayonnaise or sour cream instead of butter. It turns out an original and very different taste.

A good salad of young cabbage withapples and raisins. Initially, we prepare the cabbage in the first way, that is, finely, finely shred, then grind the carrots and apples on a medium grater. Raisins are well washed in warm water. We put all the vegetables in a bowl, add spices and raisins. Mix well and serve. It turns out a vitaminized dish, which is very good to use in the spring, when the body lacks vitamins.

cabbage salad with carrots
Salad from cabbage young you can cookdifferent ways. For example, it is not bad with a boiled egg, boiled potatoes and green onions. Cook as follows: shred cabbage, cut cubes boiled potatoes and egg. Chop the green onions. We put everything in a salad bowl, season with mayonnaise, you can use sour cream. We decorate with green peas and grated yolk. Salad is full and tasty. To it baked pies with meat or fish pies are good. You can add boiled carrots and beetroot to the cabbage salad, then you get something like vinaigrette.

Dishes from cabbage are good in any form. If there is a desire to bring the figure in order in a short time, then you need to make sure that salads, and especially cabbage, are present in the menu as often as possible.

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