Non-alcoholic cocktails: recipes for milkshakes for a blender

Historically, the cocktail was considered a drink,prepared from several drinks, at least one of which was alcoholic. And although not every mixed drink is called a cocktail, today this word is used as one of the synonyms for any "hodgepodge". Where and when the cocktail appeared for the first time, it is not known exactly, however there are a lot of legends about its origin. The first such legend refers to the year 1770 and tells of a certain American host of the bar, whose favorite rooster disappeared. And supposedly to the one who finds the cock, the daughter of this master was promised to be his wife. After a while, the cock, somewhere that had lost its tail, was found and returned to the owner by an army officer. The owner announced the upcoming wedding, and his daughter, who also worked in this bar, was so excited that she began to get confused and mix different drinks. These drinks immediately dubbed "cock tail", which is translated from English as "cock tail".

But today we are talking about non-alcoholicMilk shakes, the taste of which is familiar to everyone from the earliest childhood. Recipes of milkshakes for a blender are quite simple in their performance. You just need to stock up on the necessary ingredients. For example, such a simple recipe for a milkshake called "Chocolate Bunny" requires very little:

  • Ice cream - 200g;
  • milk - 1 glass;
  • sugar-2 tablespoons;
  • cocoa - 1 teaspoon.

All ingredients must be put in a blender bowl and beat. A delicious chocolate-milk shake is ready. Milk for this cocktail can be as cold or warm (not hot!).

Recipes of milkshakes for the blender are veryvarious. To prepare these cocktails used a variety of fruits and berries, but the basis, of course, is milk. Here is another simple recipe for a milkshake:

  • milk - 300ml;
  • banana - 1 piece;
  • ice cream yoghurt or vanilla - 2 balls.

In the bowl of the blender, pour the milk, add the chopped bananas and ice cream. All this whisk for 10-20 seconds, until a thick foam appears. A cocktail is served in a decorative glass.

Milkshakes are very useful for children. Not every child will drink milk as is, in pure form. Therefore, simple recipes for milkshakes for a blender very much save the situation. Here is another recipe for a delicious and healthy milky-egg cocktail:

  • milk - ¾ cup;
  • egg - 1 piece;
  • raspberry syrup - 20ml or fresh raspberries - 2 tablespoons.

All components are connected in a blender bowl andwhisk for 10 seconds at a low speed, then increase the speed and whisk the cocktail for another 10 seconds. Ready to shake the cocktail through a fine strainer in a glass and serve with a straw.

But not all simple recipes of milkshakes forBlenders are suitable for children, because they can contain a sufficiently large amount of coffee or cocoa. For example, here is a recipe for an English coffee cocktail:

  • milk - 250ml;
  • black coffee (brewed and chilled) - 125ml;
  • cocoa (cooked and chilled) - 250ml;
  • Ice cream - 200g;
  • sugar - 2 tablespoons.

Mix all the ingredients in a cup of blender and mix for 1 minute, then pour into glasses.

If there is no ice cream, you can prepare a cocktail without it. For example, here's this:

  • milk or cream - 500ml;
  • fresh fruit (any) - 150g;
  • sugar - 50g.

In the blender, first pour the sugar and grind it. Then add the pieces of fruit and pour the milk or cream. Mix all ingredients until smooth and pour into glasses.

These simple recipes of milkshakes forblender perfectly vary your menu. In addition, preparation of milkshakes takes very little time, so you can enjoy new tastes yourself or please your loved ones at least several times a day. Even a child will be happy with such a tasty and useful dessert.

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