How to make homemade wine from apple juice?

Natural wine from apple juice has notonly divine taste and aroma, but still has useful properties, but only in moderate dosages. The apples themselves are endowed with valuable microelements and vitamins, all these substances are preserved in the drink. For its preparation you do not need to be a great winemaker and have special equipment, enough of your desire and zeal. Let's make a real healthy drink from simple ingredients that will complement the festive table and surprise with an unmatched taste.

wine from apple juice

The first recipe for apple wine (from juice)

Prepare raw materials. Fruits (apples 10 kg) choose one variety and only fresh, without wormwood and rot. We wash them, cut them into two parts, cut out the core with bones and put it into the enameled basin.

Let's start squeezing the juice. For this purpose, you can use a juicer or press. Pour the finished drink into a 10-liter glass bottle. Pour there a 1.5-liter jar of sugar and mix. Cover with a gauze dressing and leave for three days to ferment.

At the end of the time, the mash will rise, belowthere will be all the juice. Carefully we separate it and add up as much sugar. We pour the juice back into the can and install the water seal. It is sold in any hypermarket - this is a special kapron cap with a built-in glass and a tube. Leave for about 30 days for fermentation.

home-made wine from apple juice

Note that our wine from apple juice is notIt contains yeast - it is absolutely pure product. The readiness of the drink can be determined by the number of bubbles emitted. When they completely disappear, the wine can be rearranged to the basement.

The second recipe: homemade wine from apple juice


  • five liters of apple juice;
  • a glass of ashberry juice;
  • two kilos of granulated sugar.

All products are mixed well with each other. Due to the presence of rowan juice, the taste of our drink will become even more interesting and will be saturated with a whole bunch of smells. We pour liquid into the container and cover with gauze. Leave for 4 days, then insert the gas pipe. The end of the tube is lowered into a bucket of water. So our wine from apple juice should last at least 60 days.

 recipe for apple wine from juice

The third recipe


  • one and a half kilos of sugar;
  • cinnamon (tablespoon);
  • apples (2 kg);
  • yeast (20 g);
  • two lemons;
  • four liters of boiling water.

Carefully washed and sliced ​​apples,lower in a specified amount of boiling water, and on top of the mass to install a heavy press. In this position, withstand liquid for four days. Then the juice will need to be filtered, add yeast, cinnamon and lemon juice to it.

Leave the fermentation liquid. When the drink stops bubbling (fermentation is over), it needs to be stirred and held for three more days. Next, the juice is filtered and poured into a wooden barrel. So wine from apple juice is stored for 6 months, then it is poured into containers and stored in the basement.

Domestic alcoholic beverages do not lose theirrelevance, even despite the rich assortment presented in the Russian markets. You can make wine from any fruit and berries, it is always tasty, useful and easy. Try, dream and please your loved ones!

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