Printed gingerbread: recipe. Tula gingerbread

Cooking is necessary not only with the soul, but also withfantasy! Then your dishes will fly away from the tables, and friends will vying with each other to ask for recipes for the crown dishes. Why not take note printed cake? Maybe it can be done at home? Or for a good gingerbread will have to go straight to Tula? Why are their gingerbreads famous for the whole world and who came up with this kind of carrot? Let's try to go deeper into history and learn the recipe for a good carrot!

printed boards for gingerbread

What is a gingerbread?

This is a flour confectionery product that is madeon the basis of a special test. Nuts, candied fruits, raisins, fruit jam or honey can be added for taste. Usual gingerbread has a slightly convex shape with a pattern in the upper part, which is applied by sugar glaze. History shows that the carrot was always considered a holiday attribute, as expensive ingredients were used for its manufacture. The name of the gingerbread is based on "spicy", which means that pepper was added here before.

how do printed gingerbread cookies

From the history

The first mention of gingerbread was mentioned before our era. These were honey cakes, very beloved by the ancient Egyptians. The Romans had just completed the recipe: they not only smeared cakes, but also baked gingerbread directly with honey. Over time, honey cakes have been called "lebkuchen". Today it's German Christmas gingerbread that is sold in Belgium. In Russia, gingerbread was called honey bread. They were made with a mixture of rye flour with honey and berry juice. Later the recipe was diluted with forest herbs and roots.

Since the 11th century they began to bring to RussiaExotic spices from India and the Middle East. Then the gingerbread got its today's name. The palette of flavors depended on the test and added spices. Black pepper, lemon, mint, coriander, vanilla, caraway, ginger, nutmeg and much more were popular. The external appetite of the carrot was achieved due to the treatment with burnt sugar.

Tula Gingerbread Printed

From Tula come from

Since the 18th century the production of gingerbread has developedeverywhere. Then for the first time Tula declared herself. Gingerbreads were still considered an elite product, but more affordable. Only one thing is unclear: what is a printed gingerbread?

Here you need to talk about varieties of gingerbread. They can be printed, cut out and stucco. The most common - just a printed gingerbread, which was done with the help of a board. Manufacturers of such boards called znamenshchikami. They worked with a linden, but sometimes they used thirty-year-old birch and pears. The boards were dried for a long time at a natural temperature, and then smeared with tar or wax. Printed boards for gingerbread were covered with drawings made by the artist-carver.

The printed gingerbread had its own variants, one of which was "disperse". Such gingerbread had a semantic function - the guests stayed there long, they were handed over by the owner, hinting that it was time and honor to know.

Cutted gingerbread was made using a metal mold. This species was especially widespread in the North.

One of the types of Russian gingerbread was "roe". By the way, this is one of the symbols of Pomerania. According to the method of production, this is a cut-out gingerbread with the addition of caramelized sugar syrup. All of them are richly decorated with whipped protein mass and dyes.

Tula gingerbread at home

To the whole world

Do you know that in Russia the richestthe range of gingerbread? There are even such museums that are more than three hundred years old! There are exhibits of a similar age, with the original appearance and honey aroma balanced. However, it is not recommended to taste this gingerbread because of its historical value and, of course, stone hardness. Such gingerbread has long dried up.

But our inquisitive people do not confuse suchtrifles and in "gingerbread" museums flock to people from all over the world. So far, the printed cakes are in wild demand. The forms of their manufacture can vary, but the Tula gingerbread is easily recognizable. After all, it is decorated with a print on the front side. These drawings depict fairy-tale characters and oriental ornaments. Sometimes on gingerbread there is a coat of arms of cities or other symbols, often patriotic.

But the Ryazan gingerbread is made in the form of church domes and covered with white glaze. In the dough, add cumin and anise, due to which a special flavor and flavor of the carrot is achieved.

printed gingerbread cookies

We try to repeat

The recipe has reached us and we can trymake a Tula gingerbread at home. The exact proportions, however, can not be specified, since the master-confectioners of Tula keep them in secret and transmit them from generation to generation. But still, focusing on your own taste, you can try to implement the recipe of the carrot, which was baked 300 years ago in the Tula province.

In melted butter add liquid honey and eggs. Mix the mixture thoroughly.

Separately sift the flour and knead the dough on the water with salt.

The filling should choose a simple - apple jam. By the way, it is with such stuffing that the Tula gingerbreads are sold. At home, respect the apples with sugar to the state of thick jam.

Roll the dough in two layers, and in the interval betweenlayers place the cooled stuffing. Now put the potential cake in the oven. Ready-made gingerbread should be cooled and covered with glaze, and then re-sent to the oven, so that the glaze clamped and hardened.

figured carrot

For the beauty of the result

If you learn how to make printed gingerbread, thenIt would be necessary to investigate the composition of the glaze with which the drawings are applied. For her, you need to grind the egg white with powdered sugar, gradually adding to the mixture a quarter of a spoonful of potato starch and lemon juice. The resulting mass should be thick and shiny. Put it in a pastry bag and draw patterns on the gingerbread surface. The glaze freezes very quickly, but for reliability, send the cake to the oven. Today, sweets are made in this way in Poland, Belarus, and Northern Europe. However, the European gingerbread reminds something between the rich cookies and our gingerbread, so you will not find your "native" abroad.

Printed gingerbread cook witha special board, but today it can be bought in stores. Also, the recipe can be complicated by adding coriander, cinnamon, cardamom, nutmeg and cloves. Everything is mixed in a coffee grinder. Ready "dry perfume," along with honey and cinnamon, insist on a water bath, adding sugar, oil and eggs. The mass will swell and foam. This is a sign - it's time to remove from the fire and intervene the flour.

Now we take out the molding board and cut it offfrom the test of the corresponding layer. We knead the layer with our hands, and then we roll them onto two crusts. Spread the board with oil. Best corn, since it does not get bitter with time. One cake is laid on a board and well tuck into a mold. In the middle we lay the filling, and on top - one more cake, which must be joined at the edges with the first. Bake priporoshite flour, and then knife, separate the dough from the mold and lay it on the table. Cut edges and place the product on a baking sheet. On average, baking will take about a quarter of an hour. Ruddy gingerbread should be removed and greased with glaze.

carrot cake

From the city is sweet

Still sweet tooth often mention the carrot of Gingerbread. And what is it good? The cover is really called a city of sweets, as here recipes of special printed gingerbread are passed from generation to generation. Traditionally they are made in small handicraft industries. Sometimes this is a family business and the scale of production is rather modest - about four thousand gingerbread per week. Only natural production is used. No palm oil, and instead of honey essence is added natural honey. But the main difference from Tula - the lack of eggs in the test, as well as an abundance of spices.

Wrong comparison

Often Pokrovsky carrot is compared with Tula,and not in favor of the former. Yes, and this comparison does not correspond to the truth, because this carrot has its own story, which began two hundred years ago in the estate of Count Baskakov. During the preparation, the dough is formed on gingerbread boards and baked for about 25 minutes. In the warm season baked gingerbread in the shape of animals, and for winter holidays - in the form of a Christmas tree or Santa Claus. Decorate products with food colors or glaze of egg whites and powdered sugar. This gingerbread can be stored for three weeks, but it obviously does not lie down, because the aromas are amazing.

Famous and today

Figured gingerbread is very tasty and beautifuldelicacy, and therefore can be presented to his child as a gift. Also it is a good variant of a dessert for a celebratory feast. If you use molded boards, any master cook can become a master-pastry chef. Gingerbread baked for weddings, as a gift or even for a funeral feast. Depending on the occasion, the form of the carrot is created and its filling is determined. Very tasty, but not so authentic gingerbread with condensed milk. They are very sweet, so it's better to drink them with tea without sugar. In addition, the varieties of cream, custard, mustard and, of course, honey are in demand. And the way to create gingerbread is not obsolete, and today it seems again original and interesting.

There are forms that were used onlyonce and therefore became especially valuable. For example, a gingerbread presented to Emperor Nicholas II had on the surface a clear profile of the king, and Tula masters presented in their time gingerbreads with their arms and the Kremlin to Boris Yeltsin and Patriarch of All Russia Alexy II.

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