Where and how to store dried fruits at home

Dried fruits are a reala storehouse of vitamins, which will allow in the winter time the body does not remain without useful substances. At the same time, most of us prefer to work on dried products for the winter, which will ensure the naturalness of the product.

how to store dried fruits at home
No matter what kind of dried fruit you areprefer to use in the winter, you need to first learn how to store dried fruits at home to conserve their nutritional properties. There are certain rules that will help answer this question, the main ones are presented below.

Stocking various products, it should be realtake into account their capabilities and the size of their apartment. Accordingly, in order not to bother too much with the question of how to store dried fruits in the home, only a very limited number of them should be purchased. This allows you to use all products before the expiration date.

The best "containers" that can beUse for preservation of "dried" are linen bags, which, in turn, can be done on their own. In addition, if you have such a separate place where you can store dried fruit without space limitations, it is good to use usual glass jars as containers for them. However, in either case, you should carefully and regularly check the selected containers for the presence of insects. Pay attention to the fact that dried fruits also require certain additional storage conditions. The room should be well ventilated, ideally the air temperature in it should not be above ten degrees.

where to store dried fruits
Accordingly, in the conditions of apartment storage, the so-called cold closet or balcony will be ideal during the autumn or spring seasons.

If you are thinking about how to storedried fruits at home, it is also worth considering the type of fruit that you plan to purchase. From this, first of all, the type of container will depend, for example, dried apples and pears are preferably placed in linen bags, but figs and dates should be packed in plastic bags. If you prefer more traditional options - raisins or dried apricots, they should be kept in glass or metal boxes, the lids of which will be tightly closed, preventing air from getting inside and starting the fermentation process.

It's not enough just to know how to store dried fruits properlyat home, should also pay attention to the need for their regular inspection. It will be enough once in a couple of months to go through dried fruits to make sure there are no insects and rotten pieces. Infected larvae should be discarded to avoid further infection.

how to store dried fruit at home
Asking the question of how to store dried fruitsat home, it should be borne in mind that the useful properties in them remain for a period of not more than a year. It is during this period that foods should be eaten.

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